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  1. I don''t know who you are that is correct but I do know what you know - a big fat ZERO
  2. REC for once I agree with you. Spin spin spin. His record so far as a manager is truly awful. Less spin and more results is the order of the day
  3. The wolf has actually got the ball in the back of the net. Wonders will never cease
  4. Will/would be a key player for us next season. If we sell him little ole norwich is our new/old strategy. Time will tell
  5. It is clear we are in a total pickle how we are going to get out of this death spiral god only knows
  6. What is clear is the negligent actions of the board are causing division between the fans. The appointment of a non-manager, appointing a binner who then leaves us the minute someone else shows a bit of leg. Hanging onto hughton to long. It is one PR fuck up after the next. They are a joke and must go and go now
  7. A pity but I just can''t see the wolf adjusting to the championship. I liked his character but he just wasn''t a great buy. Not one of Hughtons better decisions
  8. For a bit of fun as it''s way to early to be calling it but who do you think will be the 3 teams to go up I am going for Derby Fulham and the mighty Canaries. Who are your three?
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