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  1. HAHAHA.... Same site that said we were getting Ronaldo on loan for a month I Guess :P
  2. technically if we kick it out, we dont get to throw it in
  3. Promotion Is Norwichs'' Knights Unifying Nobility .... LOL
  4. Off topic now.... Wes is going nowhere...... stop the stupid in fighting its silly... save your banter for match day!
  5. Hmmmmmmmm, interesting, yes its too early to get complacent, or cocky. but does it make us look arrogant, I am not so sure. I think the ecstasy of the win creeps up and its all a bit of banter. Would we be singing that if we lost? Probably not, but the mood at Carrow Road at the moment is good, although it can seem deflated at some points .... that lift at the end with those chants leaves the away fans and the team with the atmosphere that carrow road deserves. I will keep singing in the Barclay, I will keep singing these songs. If we go up I will be happy that I did, if we dont, they can all come and see me sing them again next year, I will support in any way and as loud as I can!
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