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  1. [quote user="Kathy"]I''ve put some on the Pinkun Facebook page too. Not as impressive as yours though. It amused me your stewards thought fit to frisk us on the way in. Its nigh on impossible to throw objects onto the pitch at the Withdean![/quote]Lol! Away fans used to be housed up the other end in one of those two stands opposite where you sat. It was a much better view there. Still you''ll never have to visit Withdean again in all probability. Next time we''ll be at Falmer.I''m off to join the Pinkun Facebook group as you''ve all been so kind. There is a European Football Weekends Facebook group if any of you like your foreign football trips. You''re all welcome of course!
  2. Cheers chaps. The Hammer mascot thing was actually meant to be a microphone I think and it was something to do with Sport Relief. If you click on the photo of your fans it enlarges the image. I took the photo in ''Colour Accent'' mode which means it is all black and white aside from all your yellow and green scarves and hats. Worked out quite nicely that one.
  3. Cheers to all the Norwich fans I met yesterday. Sorry about the view, it really is embarrassing. Anyway, there is a report and photos from the game here:Brighton v NorwichAnd just in case you missed our Q&A with the Norwich fans earlier in the week, you can find that here:Norwich FansSorry for just posting up the links. They are both a bit too long to post up in full.Enjoy the rest of the season!Danny
  4. Thanks once more for the comments above and especially to those who''ve left comments beneath the actual article. 100% appreciated and no mistake. Over 4000 people have read that now which means the word about NCFC has spread far and wide.I''ll post up the match report on Sunday. I''m sitting next to the away support (on your left) so I''ll make sure I take plenty of photos of the away end so you can pick yourselves out.All the bestDanny
  5. Cheers for the comments, much appreciated. It was good fun putting it together and great to see those old photos.
  6. I''ve posted up a new article on Norwich City today ahead of your visit to Brighton on Saturday. Thanks a million to those of you on this website who helped ou. I think you''ll love the photos if nothing else:http://europeanfootballweekends.blogspot.com/2010/02/norwich-city-fc.htmlNorwich City I hope one of the above links works. It''s a bit too long to post up on here.Please feel free to comment underneat the actual article. You don''t need to register or any of that gubbins.All the best and see (some of you) on SaturdayDanny
  7. [quote user="barclaybabe"]i will be up for it, as im going[/quote]Just to say it''s not photos from this Saturday I need. Old shots of fans, good times etc
  8. Hi,I had a great response to the questions and the article will go out this week on the site along with the answers from some of you Norwich fans. I have another favour to ask though (sorry). Do any of you have any photos that I could use to accompany the piece? I need about five or six shots of your fans, Carrow Road, anything really that you think will show you off in a good light to the rest of Europe.Please get in touch if you can help, it would be really appreciated. I can offer any advice on fans travelling to Brighton in return. Pubs, food or anything you need to know.Cheers Dannywww.europeanfootballweekends.co.uk
  9. Thanks AJ, the PM''s now work or rather I now know how to work them. Anyone who wants to give it a go either PM or email me and I''ll choose the best answers to represent NCFC with.I wish I could offer free Dukla Prague away kits for all those who reply! I don''t paid for running the site though and I refuse all offers of adverts. There are enough people ripping football fans off as it is, I don''t want to add my name to that sorry list. EFW is a public service [;)]
  10. Great stuff lads! I can''t seem to access my PM''s on here so maybe you can drop me an email. Then the audition process can begin [:D]
  11. Hi,My name is Danny and I run the European Football Weekends blog. I''m covering the Brighton v Norwich match for the site on Feb 13th. Is there anyone on these pages who''d like to answer a few questions about your club? If so then can you let me know and I''ll be in contact.European Football Weekends is read by over 10,000 a month and recently won a When Saturday Comes Web Award. So you''ll be getting a bit of publicity, not that you need it of course. Cheers! [;)] Danny
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