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  1. I''ll see if I can make it.  If I do I shall clap after every sentence I''m happy with.  If by the end I am not satisfied, then it will be a very long boo
  2. Badcanary

    Medical happening now...

    [quote user="Joanna Grey"]A reputable source on WOTB said a medical was scheduled for a player. He was not sure of the date or time.[/quote]He also said that week it could either be a new signing or existing player and that we should know more by Tuesday (just gone)  Was announced on Tuesday that Rudd signed a 1 year extension. 
  3. Why didn''t you wait until you got the match tickets? You can get a group 4 ticket at £25 any day (including day of travel) plus anytime train on the day.
  4. Badcanary

    Shock! Horror!

    Are they the tickets sent back from Fulham as they did not take there full allocation?
  5. Badcanary

    Ryan Bennett injured?

    [quote user="Badcanary"]could be why one of the Murphy brothers have traveled.[/quote]Error  Just re-read the title.Was thinking Elliot not Ryan.   Sry my bad. 
  6. Badcanary

    Ryan Bennett injured?

    could be why one of the Murphy brothers have traveled.
  7. You can guarantee that Holt will be rested. How do I know? Well just put a bet on him to score first.
  8. Badcanary

    Capitol One Cup ticket update

    Swansea? but then I guess you are. Being a loyal supporter as you say
  9. Badcanary

    Capitol One Cup ticket update

    Mungo are you going to the Swansea game? Ive applied for tickets. Gona cost around a ton including transport. Don''t think I''ll be able to afford the cup game. Is that acceptable?
  10. Badcanary

    Capitol One Cup ticket update

    I didn''t go and not sure if I can make the Villa game either as I may be going to Swansea. (Can''t afford both)  Do I pass as a loyal fan?  However when we got relegated to division 1 and we got offered the choice of the season ticket rebate which was £60. I was one of the fans who opted to let the club keep it.  So I kinda have a share in Grant Holt. Do I pass as a loyal fan?
  11. Badcanary

    Capitol One Cup ticket update

    Season ticket holder in the Lower Barclay and I''m not going.  I had 2 choices. Spend £30 on the spud reserve game or save up for the Reading away trip which is going to cost a £35 ish for the ticket then travel and beers on top. Simply could not afford both but if anyone fancy buying me a ticket for the cup game I will happily go.
  12. Badcanary

    Ref! Made me smile....

    [quote user="Phyxius"]You missed out the part where Earls Colne missed out on promotion that season by goal difference.[/quote]Cup game
  13. Badcanary

    Is this Tweet true?

    "Norwich: Are the only team in

    Europe''s top 5 leagues yet to receive a single yellow or red card this

    season, despite committing 40 foul"

    Have we had a card this season?   If it is true then Europe here we come!

  14. Badcanary

    Kane or Jackson?

    I bet £100 that neither player will start for Norwich nxt week. Also add Holt to that.
  15. Do you work for sky or PL. If thats the case then we don''t have tv''s in Norfolk yet.