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  1. I very rarely post on the messageboard but felt compelled to after reading the OP. I go and watch Norwich week in week out and this season was the first in many years that we''ve had a capable playing squad suffering from a lack of man management (motivation) and tactical awareness. In Paul Lambert we had a manager who could motivate the players to perform above their abilities and if CH had half of PL''s motivational abilities we would''ve been 12-15 points better off last year. With the same squad going down into the championship what was required from the board was an appointment that was the opposite of CH. Someone to make the most of our current assets (sell the deadwood still) but persuade and motivate the remaining squad members to perform as they should''ve last year. If that was achieved, with the quality of player we have in the team, we would have every chance in the championship. With the appointment of Neil Adams we''ve gone with the safer option. Whilst his record with the youth side is excellent and he ''understands'' the club (whatever value that actually brings) what was actually needed was a man motivator with the charisma and force of character to drive our current squad of under performing players to achieve their potential. What has galled the fans isn''t Adams, it''s that the above is so bleeding obvious and the recruitment process so transparent (in that Adams wasn''t even our first choice Neil) that, at a time when we could reasonably assume to be able to attract actual managerial talent to the club that fits our remit, we''ve ended up with a novice - and one that''s failed in his five game trial run (where it should be noted most reasonable fans afforded him the space to prove his abilities) I''ll support Adams the manager, but will hold the board accountable should he fail, as there is significant evidence to suggest he could motivate a team battling relegation in the premier league (so what chance at championship level?). I hope I''m wrong.
  2. [quote user="NCFC_Edward"]Good appointment i think.[/quote] Meh... ...although I do feel happier than when Gunn was appointed. Now we need to be patient and give him time to get to grips with our team/club and hopefully bring us some success on the pitch...it might not be instant but I''m prepared to wait.  
  3. [quote user="Pompey_88"]Yes one person dragged us to league 1 ? Grow up It was not delia on her own who wanted roeder or grant, she appointed people who made those decisions whose actions HELPED us go to league 1 Your point on lowering shares is a just one tbf[/quote] Regardless of how welcome they might find the change at the top, I''m not sure some other shareholders would be too pleased if Delia deliberatly devalued their stock in the club by lowering the valuation of her stake for a quick sale...not all shareholders are wealthy enough to be able to take this hit in the short term, particularly given the current financial climate...  
  4. [quote user="Camuldonum"][quote user="TIL 1010"] Point 3 of Daphne''s post with regard to the admission that our majority shareholders had no idea how bad it was getting under Roeder had a few bums shuffling uncomfortably on a number of seats. For me Mcnally is a man''s man but there is a lot of work in progressas. Walking the walk is a different matter to talking the talk. The non appearance of the new Chairman sat uncomfortably with me as this meeting had been on the radar for weeks and none of us present last night were made aware prior to the meeting.I hope living in Cambridgeshire will not be a hinderence. Now as far as the man from Archant is concerned i was not impressed at all. Lisa,the man who ran the show was called John Kitson who for those who were not present is a cross between Dale Winton and Alan Carr.Before anyone starts i am not homophobic.Certainly a character but did a damn good job.Employed by Aviva i believe. [/quote] Here is a funny thing.  Both the man from Archant  and Mr Kitson have IP postcodes along with Delia.   [/quote]   I used to have an IP postcode but lived in Norfolk, my missus had an NR postcode and lived in Suffolk... ...without wanting to get bogged in the nuances of our postal system. Was any comment made about that actual details of how the board would start to reduce/maintain our overall level of debt? Reducing the wage bill is always mentioned, however with relegation bringing a reduction in TV/sponsorship/ticketing revenues surely it cannot be significant to use as a stand alone method of debt management? I worry that at League One level our revenue streams are not substantial enough to manage our level of debt and we are simply struggling against the current awaiting a financial saviour.  
  5. Stoke fans are scum; horrible little place inhabited by horrible people. I got punched in the back of the head for no reason whilst walking to the Britannia two years ago... ...it''s the only piece of violence I have experienced at a footie match since a fight between a couple of Arsenal fans broke out in the South Stand at one of my first ever matches...back when Dave Stringer was in charge.
  6. Why''s it taking so long... ...or am I being impatient?
  7. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] Tiffins on Thrope road! best rolls, baps and panini''s in Norwich.. also theres some good eye candy working in there too.... jas :) [/quote] Well said that man; since moving to Liverpool last year I have missed that place... ...and the aforementioned staff...  
  8. No chance...against my better judgement I gave him full support when he was appointed on an interim basis to keep us up. He didn''t, so shouldn''t be rewarded with a permanent contract... ...I really hope I''m wrong and he leads us back to the Championship.
  9. Is it actually going to be much of a loss? For me the disappointing crosses and the lack of fitness in the last quarter of matches always over shadowed his willingness to take on opposition full backs.   The only loss is that he’ll go on a free and we’ll see no money for him; if he wouldn’t sign a contract last summer we should have sold him whilst he still had some value…who made that decision? (the Board or Roeder?)
  10. A nice bloke, and undeniably a Norwich Legend, but he''s not shown enough nous to be appointed our manager...  
  11. [quote user="Steve Ritchie"] ...hmmm... poor grammer, lack of detail. A missed opportunity, IMHO. For what its worth....   Steve [/quote]   I''d have to agree with Steve, a missed opportunity to put together a statement of real coherent ideas and intent. However, I do agree with the general sentiment (overhauling the club behind the scenes, the need for fresh impetus and ideas) but it could have been conveyed in better detail, with more thorough consideration to how we are to proceed and turn around our club...    
  12. Agreed... ...and, as much as I love him, Gunny isn''t the man to lead us back towards the championship next season.
  13. I live 252 miles away in the quiet hamlet of Liverpool... ...even though it''s on my doorstep, I''m really hoping Tranmere away isn''t a league fixture next season...
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