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  1. Obv we want a Norwich view point but this guy was having one, seems to be the only one in the ground who saw a ''actual headbut.. definate sending off - i know what i saw and Warnock is delusional '' . Arrogant and poor assesment of the situation. ! Who cares tho, great win !
  2. A lot of ''pundits'' have been talking about Holt putting himself about, i think its a matter of time until he gets sent off !
  3. QPR backed there manager with funds and they have ferdinand and barton on 60k + a week. I, for one would not want those kind of players at our football club.
  4. When we have the ball benno and pilks go wide and tuck in without the ball. If we can get benno and pilks the ball i think we can win however if we cant supply them and they go missing, may be a tough day in the capital. First 15 mins always crucial, there confidence is low, so starting well is crucial
  5. -------Ruddy------- Naughton --- Martin --- Whitbread --- Tierney Bennett ---- Fox --- Crofts ----- Pilkington Holt ------ Morrison
  6. Thank you very much everyone who has completed so far. It is a Business Degree dissertation at KCL with the main topic of conversation ''Barriers to female fans'' as a result of links to the club etc it was deemed the best way to get information from a football club and fans was to use Norwich as a pilot to a further study to the football league as a whole ! Thank you
  7. Hi there i would greatly appreciate your help on a NCFC dissertation looking at what NCFC does for female football supporters For Female Fans : surveymonkey.com/s/V76DRYZ For Male Fans : http://surveymonkey.com/s/V2ZZPHN Thanks a million OTBC
  8. 48 games 28 wins 8 draws 12 defeats Cheers
  9. Listening to BBC Coventry and Warwickshire and coventry have called an announcement at 12pm its snowing badly now and meant to continue intill 5pm. Surely can''t call it off this late
  10. Just heard cowling talk on col utd world and he said that a decision has been made and they want it to be made public but we don''t, so looks like col u are happier with the decision than we were
  11. Whats he like ? Does he go to any of the games / care of how we do ?
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