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  1. Article here, with a brief interview in which he seems to have put it all behind him http://inbedwithmaradona.com/journal/2011/1/14/the-curious-case-of-michael-theoklitos.html
  2. I agree, and I don''t see us storming to the the Championship title next year. Having said that, there''s no reason why we couldn''t "do a Leicester" and be play off candidates next year though. I believe Lambert is one of the best managers around at the moment and I don''t think he''ll stay more than a few years. I''m already grateful for virtually getting us back into the Championship. Let''s be honest, we should think of ourselves as a yo-yo team between the Championship and the Prem. In a good season get to the Prem / in a bad finish mid-table in the Championship. This was Worthy''s record, but we felt we deserved better, but I don''t think it''s realistic (as Burnley / Hull / Wigan) will find. I''ve enjoyed this season more than any since our Championship winning one. It''s more fun to see us win, regardless, and the days we can challenge the top 4 or (now about 6) in the country with local youth products are gone. I''d be happy in the championship, challenging for promotion, occasionally making it, then going down. I think the days of us finishing 3rd in thePrem are pre-foreign money/players and we ought to forget that and enjoy the excellant team we''ve got.
  3. As there is no edit facility I would like to point out my last post refers to morty''s not K LO''s
  4. Yes Charlton lost not Colchester as someone else pointed out - not you I noticed, but my mistake. No edit facilities on this forum are ridiculous. You need to face the fact we are the team with the best record in this league. We score shedfulls of goals. We are top of the leugue and have automatic promotion in our own hands. I''ve supported Norwich since 1973 and I think we have a very good team and manager. If you want a team to slag off become an Ipswich fan (if you aren''t one already)
  5. [quote user="morty"]Just back, we were a shambles tonight. Hughes was awful. The whole team just looked bewildered. Something is seriously wrong with Holt, and also Martin. [/quote]   So we won again. We remain th best club in the division statistically over the past clenday year in terms of results - we''ve noe won 10 of 12 laegue games in 2010. Colchester lost at home to Brighton! Are you expeting the Brazil 1970 team to step onto the park and just tease and outplay everyone else? Let''s be honest. Tonight was a great result - if we were Chelski we woluld have Hanson on MOTD going on about the importance of grinding out resusults when you''re not at your peak. Leeds and Charlton are the out of form sides not us. Swindon are flying and Colchwho are still in it. I can''t see anypne else getting in. How about some positive posts about the way we came back against Southen / Brighton / Walsall. That''s where managers really earn their corn  
  6. [quote user="Barclay hero"] The ones with the most to worry about are Leeds, who just cant get a win for love nor money at the moment.  They have the last of their ''home banker'' games on Tuesday against Oldham, who are a bit of a bogey side for the Yorkshire team....they could feasibly end up with one or two points out of the ''certain 9'' Out of the last 23 games - ie half a season - we''ve won 18 drawn 2 and lost 3.  Hardly the stuff of nightmares.  I think some teams have sussed us now - Hoolahan hasnt done a lot in the last few games when he was unstoppable earlier in the season and whilst Smudger is anti-Lappin I think we''ve missed Drury more on the left Im sure we''d all be happier if we were now 10 points clear but our closest rivals have failed to capitalise on our worst results - in fact last week we won when Leeds Colchester Swindon Huddersfield all drew and Charlton lost.  So they''ve gained ONE POINT in the last 8 days - thats all.  8 wins may well see us up (out of 14) - more than do-able and I think we''ll get more than that.  We''re in a blip at the moment - we havent really played well for weeks - but we''ve still been winning games.  Keep the faith [/quote] I couldn''t agree more BH. I don''t know if you''ve seen my breakdown of the top 6 this year on the "Have other teams sussed us out thread" but we''re still the most successful team in the division over the last 8 or 9 games despite the fact we''re not playing as well as before. One defeat and suddenly we''re doomed - it''s crazy. Leeds fans must be the most worried. Their form is terrible and they''ve done the same thing for the last few years - started well / faded into the playoffs and been knocked out. I agree - keep the faith
  7. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"] Sat Mar 13 Huddersfield Town A Sat Mar 20 Swindon Town A Sat Mar 27 Leeds United H [/quote] I agree Arthur, but it will also decide their seasons'' As I posted elsewhere our record in 2010 is better than theirs despite us dipping in form Bring it on I say - we''ll do what we did to Colch to them. I''m more nervous about dropping points to eg Southend
  8. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"]I said it after we played them and I will say it again now.....watch out for Swindon Town....my outside bet to make a late surge for the top 2 places.[/quote] I agree. Looking at the form this year I posted above their form this year is identical to ours if they win their next game. It''s Leeds that should be nervous...
  9. We haven''t been playing well really this calendar year (apart from Col) but have got 21 points out of 27 This year Leeds have got 7 points out of a possible 24 Colchester have got 17 out of a possible 27 Charlton have got 12 out of a possible 24 Swindon have got 18 out of a possible 24 Huddersfield have got 16 out of a possible 24 So basically we are playing our worst football since Lambert took over but are doing better than all the other teams in the top 6 over the last 8 or 9 games. I don''t think it''s quite time for Lambert out demos. just yet.
  10. I agree it would be nice to win the next 3, but I don''t think we should be scared of Huddersfield, Leeds at home or Swindon and rely on assuming we''ll beat the lesser teams. Look what we did to Colchester. I think the "big" games are the key ones as we the best way to pull clear is to beat those around you. Games like Wycombe / Brighton away are really banana skins. If we lose we would be heavily criticised. If we win it''s just expected. The next 3 games fall into that category and I don''t think it would be the end of the world if we lost one. I''d actually prefer us to be playing Leeds at home this Tuesday - I think we''d thump them the way they''re playing.  Someone mentioned the group of death period - I see it as a positive time, when we can pull away.
  11. Hi - everyone Just back from Wycombe. Slight story as I was born in Norwich and and have been a committed Norwich fan for a while (I first remember the1973 league cup final) before we moved to Wycombe when I was a little kid At the time Wycombe were a joke team in the Rothmans Ischmian League playing on a sloping pitch in the middle of town As a kid though I went to all their home games for about 5 years in the late 70s and watched and followed with amazement as they built a new ground and employed Martin O''Neill. I''ve been to Wembley twice as a Wycombe fan and they''re really close to my heart. Norwich though are closer. Today my whole family and some Wycombe mates were there. My brother gave me tickets as a birthday present as we never believed Wycombe and Norwich would play in the same division. I have to say it was a bit of torture sitting with the Wycombe fans but the Norwich fans were supurb. I still celebrated our goal and no-one seemed to mind. The team that did the half time penalty thing are a tiny village team near where I grew up and I watched the shoot-out from next to the away end with a bunch of Wycombe fans. The way the Norwich fans reacted to the half time thing made me proud to support Norwich. Having a great laugh and getting into it - all the Wycombe fans thought you guys\were great. Even giving their keeper a round of applause when he came up as man of the match was mutch appreciated by all the Wycombe fans around me. My brother even admitted it looked a lot more fun in the away stand than where we were. Agree the ground is good but the transport is shit and needs sorting. Sorry for the essay but I felt a bit emotional today.I thought the Norwich fans were great today as ever and I saw the opposition appreciate it.
  12. [quote user="Canadian Canary"] I really don''t understand how he ended up with us.[/quote]   err - 2 words - Bryan Gunn. I don''t see why he should "deserve a 2nd chance. Untried keeper from a Mickey Mouse league. I can''t see Lambert taking any chances with such an important position  
  13. [quote user="Duffman"][quote user="drurys dodgy knee"]that''s the most hilariously short column[/quote] Try clicking on the headline [/quote]   Well spotted Duffman !!
  14. I thought he looked terrible - slow and no obvious drive or fight you''d expect from a defensive midfielder. I thought he looked better when he dropped back to centre back after the red card. With his build (and the lack of other options in that position) maybe Lambert should try and see if he can mould him into a centre back? I thought we played pretty well though - very impressed with Gill and I think he may have scored the goal Martin missed. 4-1 flattered them I thought
  15. Agree. He''ll also be trying his hardest to impress any other clubs who want to buy him. If he''d have been playing all season and done well, his price tag would have gone up a tad. Sitting at the training ground sends out the message he''s not good enough for us (the worst team in the 3rd Division) and no-one''s going to buy him. We need to sell him asap to give Lambert a few pence to spend
  16. Crook and Butterworth will have to go surely - Lambert''s bringing Culverhouse with him as assistant
  17. I agree - good appointment. Young, enthusiastic, nearly took Wycombe to the Laegue Cup Final from Division 4 Also I''ve always thought he''s an interesting character - doesn''t do the standard footballer things . eg going to Germany from Motherwell and winning the Champions lllleague with Dortmund. He also got his training badges in Germany. Makes me think he "thinks outside the box" a bit
  18. [quote user="OutGunn-ed"] [quote user="Canaryfan7"]People get sacked all the time from different jobs. Whether Gunn is ok or not is of no interest to me. I''m sure the money he will receive will soften the blow, certainly for Mrs Gunn "the very talented artist".[/quote] Glad to see the milk of human kindness still flows round your way. Jeez what a hard-hearted, mean thing to say. Come on - let''s be realistic. I know\a lot of people in my work - nexperienced / well qualified / sacked with little or no compo and little chance of getting a decent job Bit of perspective - Gunn will not come out of this poorer. He has never trained as a coach/manager - just fell into the job He has a lifetime of income from the money he''s made / bit of media work / public speaking / ghost written book etc I''m lucky to still be in a job but loads of people are facing a very bleak future - Gunny will not be on the bread line, and he has no qualifications whatsoever other than "club legend" [/quote]
  19. I feel sorry for Gunn My Dad lost his job - he''d have been embarressed if I''d gone on-line and petitioned for him to get a job he isn''t qualified for If he''d then got and failed in that job and I was still trying to raise Facebook support I think he''d throttle me! She''s OK looking but needs to give it a rest IMHO
  20. Also we''re running out of transfer window time. We need things sorted by Monday I feel
  21. Hard to see how it can be a different short list to the one at the end of last season (except without Gunny - so usual suspects will be named again) And they''ll name Crook / Butterworth because they''re cheaper
  22. According to Sports Desk Pete they have a short list   Deja vu anyone?
  23. [quote user="Snakepit boys"]If delia remains it will be Crook or Butterworth for sure! I believe McNally may make this one! [/quote] Surely he can''t just ignore Smith and Jones though or they''ll just withdraw financially if he''s not careful I think Crook / Buttersworth still - which begs the question why Gunny in the 1st place Unless McNally has big plans - ie new investors etc I don''t think Smith and Jones will just let him do what he wants
  24. [quote user="GoldenNugget"]If it''s Crook or Butterworth, this board is a bigger joke than first thought. [/quote]   Did you not think the board were a joke already GN - all my non - NCFC mates think we''re a laughing stock over this season already
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