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  1. I to am rather miffed by the moving of the extra ticket goal posts! gonna miss the reading game charlton was to be my consolation!
  2. had a canary called Foxy after Ruel Fox when i was a kid!
  3. another post play off hanger on jumps ship! I''m quite enjoying this relegation threat! see ya later mind the door on the way out!
  4. stay up or go down! i''m crying when the moment comes!!!
  5. I remember getting gubbed 11-0 as a kid! I think stopping the game at 9 would have been worse. like getting defeated by knock out! we lost to the same team a fortnight later 2 - 1 which felt like a victory!
  6. 17 thousand loyal fans vs 17 opinionated people on a message board! sorry children!
  7. We do seem to have a large proportion of fans expecting to see Man U every week or something. there for the moaning before the game even gets started!
  8. I agree with the caller yesterday, I don''t rate fotheringham but acusing him of not trying is off the mark! the crowd reaction was wrong! If it were me i''d of walked down the tunnel sticking two fingers up out the door and not come back! one player does not deserve to be singled out!
  9. My heads not in the sand, I have eyes I can see for myself the mess we are in! I''m just not willing to throw the towel in like the rest of you! I can''t for the life of me understand anyone accepting relegation when it hasn''t bloody happened!
  10. I''m going with Anger at the Idiots who continue to fill this forum with negativity! It doesn''t look good but many teams have got themselves out of a lot worse and will continue to do so long after the dust settles on this season!!
  11. For crying out loud if we go down we go down but put the white flags away until it is a mathematical impossibility that we can survive! you (Supporters?) make me sick! You''d have been great company in the trenches!
  12. It will be nice in a way to get rid of the post play off wingers and go back to the old days of 18/20 thousand people that actually want to be there! the rest of you can get back to supporting Man U!
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