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  1. you never even been to carrow road

  2. canaries


    chris martin started at norwich playing up front thats when he scored the goals, but then grant moved him out wide then he struggled.
  3. but at the end of the season IF we ge relegated we cannot blame the ref  you are judged over 46 games.

  4. canaries

    17 enquiries for the sale of Southampton.

    ok then why have we had 16 loan players this season hardly wealthy are we.
  5. canaries

    Re: god will judge you

    bad karma my freind look what happenend to jade goody. if you treat poeple bad or abuse them the lord will judge you.
  6. wizard you need experiance to get up in  this division and not a squad full of loan players, and theres no money at the club
  7. remember our debt is 20 million and rising
  8. canaries

    Tomorrows match

    marcus tudgay good player
  9. i think we will stay up not because we are good though,
  10. its the fans that suffer thats why iam not going to gloat, this could easily happen to us in the future,

  11. butler you are delias spokeman is are debt ok then
  12. canaries

    Pre match beers

    try the woolpack
  13. i know but the words 20 million and rising worries me.