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  1. Frank were you at the game? As I''m struggling to understand where the negativity has come from RE: turner? Both CB won everything in the air and only made the one very costly mistake. Personally thought Hughton got it right today. Today we needed someone with pace and quality to come off the bench which we don''t have.
  2. YF thank you I thought people would instantly know its a version of the Anderson song from a few seasons back. The last line definitely fits into the tune when sung correctly.
  3. It would be good to get a few new songs going and the bloke deserves it, he has been a rock since arriving and will only get better the more games he plays.   Seb Bassong song song songNever gets a tackle wrongSeb Bassong song song songClears the danger all day longTo the left ,To the right, In the Air or on the deckHe''s the man f**** grand and he sh**s on FER DIN HAND
  4. Mine is 53 I believe at 27 so happy with that. We have some small rules amongst my friends who support other clubs. 1) your club has to have been playing 2) League or Domestic Cup only. NO FRIENDLIES
  5. Both good points. To be fair doesn''t that sort of person fit the ''Lambert Type''. Never in the headlines for the wrong reasons, works hard. loyal and maybe he will get the itch to prove himself at a higher level. I wouldn''t be put off to much with that point.
  6. Unlike the other post which is purely speculation i have some facts regarding Peter Wittingham. The information comes direct from Cardiff football club   1) PW is available and the price they want is 5m 2) PW doesn''t want to leave Cardiff 3) Three clubs are in the hunt us, West Ham and WBA 4) No deal was near before the weekend No need to get to excited on this one yet. Not sure where BW got his info
  7. Me and my mate are away season ticket holders and probably won''t go this one as we are there this Saturday. Keen on our tickets will garantee you two?
  8. For all those wondering what happened to this wing wizard......   Here you go   http://www.burytimes.co.uk/sport/8478129.New_career_for_former_Bury_and_Preston_ace_Whaley/
  9. Hucks Thank you for this gives a great honest insight into the club and players thoughts. Got the impression there was much more banter between you and Dean than the interview documented. I was at the villa away game and could remember thinking he looks bigger and slower then on the tv. Glad he went on and scored goals. NW great choice for next interview.
  10. The point on the full backs is spot on. I lost count how many times Russell Martin failed to complete a pass in the Watford half and then got caught out being to far up the pitch. More basic if you play a diamond you NEED a ball winner/ physical pressence at the base of it!!
  11. Don''t know why this is even up for debate. Wes is technically the best and most creative player we have. Yes he will hold on to the ball too long at times and try and do too much but that is the same with all players in his mould. Anyone at the game should notice Wes usually holds on to the ball when there is absolutely nobody moving infront of him!!
  12. He scored against the scum..........he scored  another one.....   My opinion is I think it should be proper gent and great leader
  13. Scott Mcdonald was playing well at the end of the season and will benefit from a bigger striker next to him. I would definately get him on a each way bet if his odds were 16/1+. Boyd scored 7 in 16 for Scotland and also scored a bundle at Kilmarnock  
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