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  1. [quote user="1st Wizard"][quote user="Intenso"] May I add a further point, that we lost 5-0 to Ipswich and suffered many more heavy defeats. Walker the first did all his dirty washing in the press and then walked out on the club on the eve of an FA cup match. Remember the reception he got when he returned with his losing Everton. [/quote] As oposed to the back stabbers behind closed doors eh?. Its interesting to hear the club speak through its thralls Intenso........interesting indeed!. [/quote] I speak purely for Intenso, having followed Norwich for 58 years, and a season ticket holder for the last 40. I have never met Mike Walker or the Smiths but it is my opinion ( and that it is all it is ) that Walker''s seventeen months of glory was on the back of Dave Stringer, with whom loyalty came as standard.
  2. May I add a further point, that we lost 5-0 to Ipswich and suffered many more heavy defeats. Walker the first did all his dirty washing in the press and then walked out on the club on the eve of an FA cup match. Remember the reception he got when he returned with his losing Everton.
  3. The binners have won two home league games and have been dumped out of the Carling Cup. It is also worth pointing out that none of yesterday''s starting line up were a result of their academy setup.  
  4. Good old Fabian, if his talent was as big as his mouth he would be a world beater.
  5. Iwan Roberts never had a bad game? When I was a lad the sun shone, non stop, from April to October and Dean Coney was the best thing since sliced bread.
  6. The much quoted ''binner''s pompous, self importance'' is the factor which most Canary supporters dislike about our near neighbours and Mr Sheepshank does very little to discourage this opinion. Who said ITFC were the financial role model for smaller clubs and that Ipswich were everybodys second favourite club ? Then again, under Joe Royle, did any team ever score a legal goal against the town ? Their situation is not helped by their local rag that somehow came up with the classic that Ipswich are better than Norwich, because unlike the Canaries, they do not own their ground. I suppose in two years time Teddy Sheringham will sign for them because he supported them as a boy.
  7. No doubt in my mind the best manager has to be Dave Stringer who only managed in the top division.  The contributions of Ken Brown, Ron Saunders, Archie Macaulay and Ron Ashman are that much greater because they took over very poor sides and brought in their own players to bring success to the club.  
  8. What have you started Wiz ? 1. Talking to Ken Oxford at the bus stop on Castle Meadow. 2. Seeing Dennis Morgan cycling along Ipswich Road, after training. 3. Watching Norwich beat Stoke 5-0 despite Stanley Matthews etc. 4. The players painting the Carrow Road fences, in the close season. 5. The excitement of Ron Saunders promotion year and the tension of the games against Millwall. 6.  The Dave Stringer goal against Crystal Palace which effectively kept us in division one. 7. Colin Suggett, Kevin Keelan, Ron Davies, Martin Peters, Jimmy Bone, Chris Sutton, Ken Nethercott. 8. The skills and modesty of Ken Brown and Dave Stringer in bringing good players to the club. 9. Beating Sunderland in the Milk Cup. 10.The Europe adventure. I have only scratched the surface but what a wonderful thread.  
  9. It was a wonderful time to support Norwich and I remember a friend of mine received a serious injury playing in local football and was in hospital when some of the players did a visit, but the matron sent them away ! The team seemed unbeatable and when we played the second semi final game the office and factory came to a standstill while everybody listened to radio loudspeakers. At the end of the day we were so proud of our team who gained world wide acclaim. Now, was I the only one of the current posters who travelled to Highbury in 1954 to see Norwich beat Arsenal, I was very young !
  10. Let''s face it Mike Walker was never again going to be given a side like he inherited from Dave Stringer and Ken Brown. Despite all the money he was given at Everton he was an absolute disaster, escaping relegation on the last day of his first season and only winning one match in four months the following season. Not many ex managers come back once they qualify for a bus pass.
  11. I agree fully with your father and having watched Norwich since 1949 I would say Ron Davies was the best striker ( centre forward ) to play for Norwich. Now my memory may be playing tricks but I seem to recall that Anglia TV, Match of the Week,  featured Ron in the titles scoring against Leeds. I also recall him heading a goal, against Scotland from outside the penalty area.  
  12. I have to agree but Ipswich have, as usual, gone overboard about signing a very average player.  Do you remember Sheepshank telling us that the world of football would be sitting up and taking notice when they signed Sam Parkins ?  Did they sell him on for half what they paid ?
  13. The size of Robert Earnshaw''s contibution is brought into perspective when you realise that this season, before Christmas, he has scored sixteen goals which is more than Iwan Roberts scored in the entire last two seasons of his contract.
  14. How well Nigel summed up the Saunder''s era and I can only add two words - Colin Suggett - in my opinion one of the greatest players to wear a Norwich shirt. Ron was his own man and didn''t suffer fools gladly, which may have led to his early departure from the club and Aston Villa''s gain. I have mixed feelings on John Bond and it was interesting to read recently a comment from Ian Mellor who considered the Norwich team taken over by Bond were treated as second class citizens compared to his beloved Bournemouth imports. He was often critical of Saunders and I well remember what a fool Bond made of himself prior to our defeat by Aston Villa in the league cup final. Certainly our John was a Del Boy and the Player of the Year contest became a joke when we had a winner despite the supporters never having a chance to vote !  While nobody could complain about the signings of McDougall and Boyer it was strange that he paid a record club fee for Drazen Muzinic without even having seen him play. Despite convincing NCFC to give him a ten year contract he walked out on the club and somehow managed to insult Ken Brown. How ironical that Ken went on to be a far more successful manager with a Milk Cup win and a top five finish.  
  15. If the club decide to replace Keith Webb, and is it really necessary, why does it have to be Iwan Roberts. If he has the passion he claims he had for the club why did he want to leave everytime his contract came up for renewal ?  The fact no other club has offered him a job, since his failure to convince Gillingham of his potential, raises several questions. Do we offer Robert Fleck a job because of his impressive scoring record, goals scored at a higher level than Roberts ? If change is necessary the club needs to look the big picture and get the best man for the job.    
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