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  1. According to Wikipedia he''s 6ft 6.5 inches tall!
  2. Going down to L1 will not bring about any good change. The Smith''s are surely not going to want to sell NCFC as a L1 club and make a massive loss on their investment. They''ll hang around as long as they can in the hope that we can climb back up the slippery pole to the Championship. We won''t be able to afford a decent manager next season so team Gunn will stay on. Half our squad are loan players the likes of which will not want to return to a L1 club on loan or sign permanent deals. We''ll not resign Shakell or keep hold of Croft and a handful senior players will be sold to balance our books. All this leaves us with a cash strapped board, an inexperienced management team, a load of youngsters and no transfer budget. Gunn will bring in a load of free agents and have to play the kids in a league which is even more physical than the Championship. So in conclusion I can''t see anything good about going down. Let''s just hope Plymouth do us a favor and our boys can muster up one last final push over the top.
  3. In the press conference picture who''s the big man on the end of the row in a cream suit. At first I thought it was Ian Crook, but surely that''s not the physique of a high performance manager.
  4. Roeder out! After this he has to go. I can''t believe the players have any belief in him or themselves. What does it take for him to get the sack? if it''s defeats against Barnsley, Southampton and Doncaster then we may as well kiss goodbye to the Championship.
  5. Oh thank goodness, I''ll sleep easy tonight...
  6. Oh S**t the bed. Please tell me he''s cup-tied and can''t potentially knock us out of the FA cup. Lots of ifs buts and maybes I realise but usually these things come back to haunt us. I wonder what Jamie''s up to. Probably sobbing into his norwich city duvet and pillow set. The club he loves just don''t want him and to add insult to injury we have a feather weight Italian and a little chap with low batteries playing up front tonight, steady with those kicks Marshy. But hold your horses! Rusty''s available again to play up front and not score again but that doesn''t matter cos he got physical presence, why didn''t we just keep Chris Brown, it suddenly all makes so much sense, doesn''t it? Loosing the will...
  7. [quote user="Sing up the river end "][quote user="WeAreYellows49"]If some of us fans can see it, and outsiders can see it, why can''t the rest of our fans see it? [:^)][/quote]It''s yellow and green blinkers.Don''t forget Delia saved our club,she would never lie to us or stop any investors.She ment well and has the club at heart ,but sadly she has no idea how a football club should be run.[/quote] Did anyone else see the BBC documentary on Alan Sugar on sunday night? He admitted that becoming chairman of spurs was a huge mistake (10 years wasted) and he found himself in a business environment and circle of people he had very little knowledge of. Rupert Lowe at Southampton is another example of someone meddling where he shouldn''t. These people want to be involved in running football clubs but have no idea what they''re doing. Yes we need investment and Delia has done a lot for the club but it''s time she went back to what she does best, cooking.
  8. "Simon knows that long-term he hasn''t got a future here" "And he accepts that. But I would have to say that I have to give him a lot of credit because he is a model professional." "He''s a really, really honest lad; he''s working hard and he deservedly came back into the squad. I wouldn''t be worried about playing him if I had to." So what is Roeder''s problem with Lappin? The quotes above contradict each other. It either means he doesn''t rate him or he''s being stubborn because he slated the guy after the Plymouth game and is his little reminder to everyone about how bad the club was under Grant. If it''s because he doesn''t rate him,  he''s not a good judge of players. I always thought Lappin was one of our more technically gifted players and there''s really not much between him and Patterson, except that Roeder signed Patterson. If it''s his stubborness (which is my suspicion) then this man is not fit to be manger of anything let alone our football club, yes our football club not his. There''s been alot said about his treatment of players (Huckerby, Cureton, Hoolahan, Lupoli etc) but the whole Lappin thing stinks of a stubborn idiot who has zero man management skills and is dragging the morale of players and fans to new depths. The only reason we won against Ipswitch is because it was a local derby the players knew they could not afford to loose. They (the players) got themsleves up for that game, not Roeder. The exact same team played against Forrest and look what happened, apathy. I think Roeder is loosing the dressing room and the more he puts his foot in it with these kind of personal comments in the press the sooner he''ll be gone. I''ve been on the keep the faith side for a long time and I''d hate to see us change our manger yet again but this man is too much for me to bear.
  9. You couldn''t be more wrong. Helguson is a target man, despite being 5''10" he''s got a great leap and is very good in the air. He''s very strong, ultra competative and a real handful for defenders. He''s tech is good, he''ll hold the ball up, scored plenty of goals when he played for Watford in the Championship and he''s excellent at tacking penalties. The only negative I can see with this signing is that he''s struggled with injuries and not had a lot of first team football, but then this was true of Kennedy and he''s proving to be a great signing. I say sign him and make sure we can return him if he gets injured. [quote user="4-4-2"]Never fit, and not a out and out goal scorer, correct in what your saying not a target man. The only thing that links him with Roeders comments is that hes a man not a boy. I''d be really dissappointed if this is true. What would be the point in having three loans as forwards?, It looks as tho he is going to spend his money on a defender who will nver play and waste money on a loan for the most important player in the team. Sorry Glen, if the papers are right, wrong move I''d say. Loan and CB and buy a decent forward, GAMBLE for once Norwich, dare you!!! [/quote]
  10. Phew! I was sat here in a right panic wondering if David Marshall was prepared for the match on Saturday. Thankfully the official site has put my mind at rest.
  11. So Cardiff sign yet another striker (Eddie Johnson), probably with the money they''ve saved by off-loading Fowler and JFH. I really hope we don''t sign the latter, we''ve signed young players with good experience so far. It''s frustrating not to get instant results but I still believe Roeder is building a quality side. It may not bear fruit this season but keep this lot together, make some of the loans (Kennedy, Lupoli) permanent and we''ll be a serious contender for promotion.
  12. Good, now drop fozzy, and play Russell, he''ll drive the midfield forwards as opposed to sideways!
  13. Now I don''t like to see any player get injured but if Russell plays instead it could be a blessing in disguise. Last season we won games when Rusty played and lost games when he didn''t. Perhaps Clingan and Fozzy are too similar? what do you folks think?
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