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  1. RIP Pat . . . I could''nt have wished for a better head steward since working at the footie . . . Will miss you :o( Love & thoughts are with his family x x
  2. 211203 . . . question for you :o) If the Jarrold Stand is the quietest part of the ground . . . Then how would you describe the City Stand?
  3. [quote user="Harry"]The Stoke site are still showing a Saturday 3pm KO. [IMG]http://smileys.on-my-web.com/repository/Laughing/lol-034.gif[/IMG][/quote] So is the Canaries site . . . At the mo
  4. I''m sorry TheCanaryFan . . . I hope I''m wrong for your sake
  5. [quote user="Lord Horn"][quote user="Blooberry"]Am almost certain its going to be a 1.30pm kick off[/quote] On what basis do you make that assumption??? [/quote] Because I''m a steward & we got told on saturday to be down there at 11.30am for what is a 99% sure 1.30pm kick off
  6. Am almost certain its going to be a 1.30pm kick off
  7. Got myself a ticket . . . Sitting outside [:)]
  8. [quote user="grantroederdisaster"] Terrible news!   The only young lady turnstile operator I can recall in the lower Barclay was the attractive blonde with glasses. Was this her? [/quote]   If you go onto the evening news website & type in Jayne Walker in the search & click on the link . . . It will come up with a really nice family photo & the story that the evening news covered.
  9. Jayne was usually found in the region of working turnstiles 12 or 13 Lower Barclay with her Mum Liz.
  10. Can I just mention the very sad loss of Jayne Walker (Turnstile Operator/Steward) after a short battle with cancer. She was only the very young age of 28 & leave behind a husband & 2 young children & rest of immediate family.    May you rest in peace . . . You will be sadly missed  
  11. Its because if the bottle is full of liquid with the bottle top still on it can be used as a missile & thrown but if the top is removed & if the bottle is thrown . . . which I seriously hope it is''nt!!!! . . . the liquid is then free to spill out & do less damage if someone got hit - hopefully :o)
  12. I''m a steward & have worked the 4 of the last 5 Open days & we were told at out briefing before the last home game that it was''nt looking possible this year coz they were having trouble fitting one in . . . Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
  13. Unfortunately there won''t be one this year as Club are unable to find a spare available date to hold it.
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