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  1. How can you say that when we have half a new team this season? Our football may well turn out to be sexy as hell.
  2. Have we bid? Haven''t we bid? Who knows. McNally likes to do his business in private and I''d say if we are close to getting him then we won''t know until a few days before. This one could rumble on for a week or so yet. I''d like to think he''d chose us over QPR but as everyone knows, money talks.
  3. Price wise does that mean that Wanyama is 3x the player Fer is? Guess we''ll find out part way through the season 12.5m seems a little much though for someone who looks decent, no more.
  4. He was linked with Wigan last week as a replacement for Kone. That was a sky sports story I think.
  5. [quote user="Bert sneakers"]Thank god one the names has put pen to paper, hope this persuades a few others we are ambitious enough to sign for. I hope we add Hooper soon. Really pleased with the Fer signing, good times to be a Norwich supporter.[/quote] This could indeed make a few of our targets look again. Now we just need that quality striker and we are just about there.
  6. So this must mean we can''t compete with Ajax in wages. But we were tempting so we must have been close. Good times ahead.
  7. [quote user="FramCanary"]Seems as though we were unable to reach agreement on personal terms; http://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/2892/transfer-zone/2013/07/13/4114344/norwich-reputation-not-the-problem-for-alderweireld-says[/quote] [URL]http://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/2892/transfer-zone/2013/07/13/4114344/norwich-reputation-not-the-problem-for-alderweireld-says[/URL]
  8. 25 caps for Italy suggest that he''s no slouch. You don''t play at a team like Juventus upfront for a few seasons if you''re average. He looks quality to me and I don''t see it as a gamble seeing we only have 2 strikers right now.
  9. I''m sure Hughton still has a mind to sign him. We''ve been chasing him far too long for us to give up now. And it''s nice to see that we have a bit of money to back it up unlike Hull who had one bid knocked back and gave up. Now its just a case of "does he want to come here?"
  10. Very mixed messages out there right now but I''d say if the player hasn''t been over to take a look then it probably won''t happen. He''s obviously holding out for a bigger club. No harm in trying though. I like the new ambition Norwich have shown in trying to sign tis type of player. It''ll certainly improve our reputation.
  11. Looking at the money on offer to Prem teams next season with the global rights going haywire, it''s imperative that we stay in this division at all costs. What though must all those other teams blow us feel like. The Derby''s the Lecister''s the Cardiff''s. etc. I can only imagine the gap is going to increase and its going to be harder to compete for the promoted sides. Not just that but I predict that the demoted sides will crash and burn through the divisions more often. Just like we did.
  12. We know only too well what it looks like at the bottom of the championship. Everyone is expecting them to get out of trouble but I may just have a giggle if they get sucked down to league 1.
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