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  1. Yes. Anybody that says otherwise either enjoys watching the dreadful performances we''re churning out week in week out and/or wants to see us plunge into a relegation scrap.
  2. [quote]"I''m very much losing patients" All the proof we need that the NHS is broken. Somebody call the Daily Mail![/quote] Ha! As if that happened.
  3. [quote user="andyc24_uk"]Utterly pathetic. Only Redmond and Ruddy can take even the slightest credit from that performance - Not one of the others deserves their wages after that diabolical performance. Turner''s foul for the penalty was stupid and unnecessary and shows why we need to bring in a better centre-back ASAP; Garrido ballsed up virtually everything he did; RvW needs to work MUCH harder and not just wait for the ball to be presented to him on a plate (although his header was the only thing that can even remotely be considered a ''highlight'' from Norwich''s point of view). And the last 5 minutes were just unacceptable - I''d sooner watch Ipswich than a Norwich team displaying that little effort and passion. CH needs to give them the hairdryer treatment.[/quote] None of them looked like they had a clue what they were supposed to be doing. Hughton has A LOT of work to do by October if he doesn''t want things to turn sour.
  4. That was hugely embarrassing. Absolutely pathetic, gutless display. The fact that I have actually logged into this site for the first time in years speaks volumes. Our ten worst performances in the last five years have all come under Hughton. I''m very much losing patients, for me he has until the start of November to turn things around. If things haven''t improved significantly by then, he must go without wasting any more time, plummeting us towards a very difficult relegation battle.
  5. [quote]Wes''s man of the match interview from the Players Loungs, thanks to Dan for the clip. What a goal!!! Wes is a legend, fully deserved the man of the match award.http://www.huckerbysboots.com/[/quote]From the Gunn Club ;)
  6. [quote user="morty"]Just as well the OP doesn''t look a real cock now.Oh, wait.....[/quote]What, was Ruddy not awful then? Two simple saves ended up as goals today. Still another great performance from the rest of the boys.
  7. Declan Rudd just has to play next game.
  8. [quote user="Largey"]Surely that would mean he has another year on top of this season?![/quote]How do you figure?
  9. No, he wasn''t booked for that. But Barnsley did receive a free kick because of Shackell''s apparent lack of fitness.
  10. The first link is an incredibly poor piece, littered with spelling mistakes and inaccuracies, along with a string of blatant lies. I have never read such a blatantly biased and inaccurate match report and that''s coming from somebody who often reads reports from the BBC! Shocking stuff.
  11. Barnett had a good game today and certainly looks solid. Definitely want us to bring him in on a permanent deal if at all possible.Following on from an earlier comment, if we have indeed signed ''the black Gary Doherty'' (which is a strange comment given they''re such different players) then we''ll have done well.
  12. Can''t see how anyone can defend Roeder. Yes, he saved us from relegation by giving the players the kick up the arse they needed, but then proceeded to continue to kick the players arses on a daily basis and generally act like a cock and go on to leave the club in a much bigger mess than what Peter Grant left it in ( at least Grant had the decency to admit he was out of his depth).It speaks volumes that he is hated by both Watford and West Ham fans, most of which that I know still claim that he destroyed their club.
  13. [quote user="Lrrr"][quote user="JTG"]00:30 SS1[/quote]I think that will probably be a repeat of the Chesterfield-Boro game[/quote]Oh yeah it is. What a tit.Sky are showing goals from some of the game, hopefully our will be shown at some point.
  14. [quote user="I am a Banana"]what was he ever brought for? last season he was on the sub bench most of the time, and this season he looks like he will be doing the same [:^)] I also dont think he has much quality as his crosses swing into the keepers arms and he doesn''t attack players often he will get the ball, do a few tricks and then stop [:^)] [/quote]Stop talking crap. I swear you do it deliberately.McNamee delivers some real quality balls into the box and has the ability to take his man on. he also has a nice touch and can pick a pass.He was obviously bought to provide width if and when Lambert wants or needs to change the system. I believe he can have a role to play this season for sure, just a pity he''s not right footed.
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