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  1. [quote user="Darth Catbeard"][quote user="DanielHammond"]I was just wondering what people thought of ally mccoist? Hasn''t been mentioned yet and he has experience at a big club as well.[/quote] Sure, if we want our warm ups to be piggy in the middle, our shooting practise to be firing the ball at the managers arse while he moons them, no restrictions on diet, no tactical approach whatsoever, a manger who showers naked with the players, never gets mad and gives the team tea and biscuits at half time..... I know you''re just offering an opinion but that has got to be the worst shout ever[/quote] just an opinion buddy, just seems that every other manager is on the bookies list apart from him. I would still go for lennon. Just pay the compo for him and if he takes us up then that will seem like a very good investment
  2. I was just wondering what people thought of ally mccoist? Hasn''t been mentioned yet and he has experience at a big club as well.
  3. The only reason they are doing this is because of the away supporters party after the west brom game on Saturday. If it was being done because they cared about the fans then fair enough but its not. Its only being done to cover themselves when they have to meet the supporters who travel thousands of miles who should be, quite rightly, hacked off with this seasons performances away from home. I have been invited to go to this away party and I''ve decided not to go because I can imagine myself getting pissed off with them and the answers ill get when I ask them why haven''t they performed all season. I only wish that this season is over now and that they would refund all of the away games I''ve been to the last season and a half which wont happen. Anyway RANT OVER!!!
  4. This is the best thing that''s been on the forum for weeks! Haha
  5. He would be my choice if hughton got sacked. Did an amazing job at villa. At Sunderland I thought he was unfairly treated by the fans and the board and if they had stuck with him they would have survived no problem!
  6. Nutty - I honestly don''t know why this is. It could be this "sheep" mentality but for me this is the way it''s always been. Unless of course were getting beaten 5-0 (Fulham,Liverpool) then ill quite happily sit down and shut up!!
  7. Stand if you want to stand, sit if you want to sit. It''s all a part of the game. I stand for 90 mins at the away games I go to which is most yet at the home games I sit for 90. There is no risk and the club won''t get any punishment otherwise most of the clubs in England would need to get fines as well!
  8. Thanks Ricardo! That was the point I was trying to make when I started this thread
  9. Holt was awesome for 60mins on Wednesday. He is NOT the problem
  10. Angry and disappointed. This window promised so much but delivered so little. Hopefully in the summer we spend every penny!!
  11. [quote user="Graham Humphrey"]Behave yourself Daniel... remember I still have your QPR ticket...[/quote] Are you telling me you''re not the least bit angry with the transfer situation??
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