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  1. Thanks for the replies guys - amazingly, one turned up on eBay 2 days after posting and Ive bought it. Been looking for years!
  2. Hi, could anyone tell me where i might find a large one (1989-92). I have one but I was 8 at the time and its a squeeze to wear now! Only need this one to complete my wearable collection from 1986 - so willing to pay a lot! Have checked the usual sites but no joy for a long time. OTBC!
  3. Hi, does anyone know when this will be this year? I think its normally early/mid April. With Villa game moved, I think probably Cardiff? Waiting for AST renewal too, but next tickets not due until 2nd April! Cheers!
  4. I don''t think you accumulate any points as an AST holder. Ive had one for 12 years in a row and my points total is.... 0! I would ring them and get them credited if you''ve decided not to renew this year. Your purchase history will show you''ve been - can check online.
  5. Positives come and go very quickly with this club. Blind loyalty, often stupidity, remains forever - unfortunately. Bring on Ewood. OTBC
  6. Ill be at every game again from Derby. 13th consecutive Away ST, and 18th home. I reckon I pass your test?...
  7. Education? Work? Can''t all be in agriculture or work for insurance companies...
  8. I do the same for home games on a Sat, tend to miss a few midweek at home due to work, but go to all away. Let me know if you fancy joining up any time next season. (I go from Denby). Going to be a few more mid week treks!
  9. Anyone paid for theirs yet? Sent form 2 weeks ago but heard nowt... Yes, I''m bored of the off-season already!! :o)
  10. I go home and away from Derby. Not too far...
  11. Not too bad, 9pm. Palace was worse, stayed up until the early hours in a dodgy bar to watch that blinder!
  12. Hi, Not sure if this is workable as a plan B but Im a ST holder in the lower barclay and have just been sent to Japan by work until 22/4 so won''t be attending unfortunately. I know I can sell my ticket back, but not sure if I can transfer it to an individual? Anyway, would be willing to transfer it at face value (whatever that is!) Will be watching nervously in a bar in Nagoya somewhere!! Good luck, OTBC!
  13. Def no email, will go in tomorrow to ask why. Had AST since 2004 and this is the first one Ive missed, wouldn''t mind but I wanted my Wembley shirt signing fro framing! Will prob write to customer services.
  14. Did the invites come with a ticket? V annoyed!! Cheers for the reply
  15. Does anyone know if this happened last night? Seen a few comments about it. Will not be impressed as haven''t had an invite this year... (AST holder). A bit of a morgue yes, but a good way to get the shirt signed each year!
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