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  1. [quote user="colneycanary"]Juan what are you on? Hoolahan is now our best player by far. The playmaker and under Gunn he was doing a lot better than when Rodent was here. If it wasn''t for his injury we might of escaped relegation. When Hoolahan got injured our form went rapidly down hill! That alone says it all.[/quote]   wow, now im really filled with confidence
  2. Hoolahan''s horrible, ill drive him to his new destination! Lightweigh, one footed, slow!
  3. [quote user="The Chirp"][quote user="Irish Canary"] [quote user="The Chirp"]the southampton game when we lost 4-5 was amazing! I think Robins scored a hat trick after coming on as a sub... and Ken Monkou scored a header at the death... I think those three points kept them up. It''s the only game i can remember when i left feeling happy even after losing.. It was just such an amazing game of football... [/quote] Snap. I too recall leaving the game with a bizarre feeling of contentment despite losing the game - all the more bizarre due to the fact that I believe we were 3-1 up at half-time. Did Le Tissier also bag a hat-trick? Fantasy football all round..... [/quote] Le Tiss did score a hat-trick... a free kick, a half volley and i forget the other... I remember he also set up the winner! It was a fantastic game of football played in glorious sunshine... shame we didn''t win but... oh well! [/quote]   and a penalty.
  4. Difference between trying hard and abiltiy. Unfortunatly he just isnt good enough for me!
  5. [quote user="Lambo"][quote user="CDMullins"] Creating what exactly??? chances for the oppostion when he trips over the ball or gets brushed off the ball. [/quote]   Statistically we won most of our points last season when Wes Hoolahan was in the side. I personally looked through the results and line ups from last season and like i say the vast majority of our wins came in the games Hoolahan started. If Roeder hadn''t kept leaving him out at the start of last season and then if he hadn''t missed our run in i firmly beleive we''d have have stayed up. [/quote]   Forget looking at stats after a match, watch him play. He played a fair bit of football towards the end of the season and did nothing.  
  6. Creating what exactly??? chances for the oppostion when he trips over the ball or gets brushed off the ball.
  7. Start supporting another team then, with no pri-madonas, no ambition and that are realistically only going to come 8th, like..........Norwich.   Behave, you''d rather be in the premiership
  8. we8WBA you are an idiot.   everyone would swap places with Wolves.
  9. Id be happy to see Wes leave, doesnt cut it, no pace, no end product cant and wont kick with his right!   Just not good enough
  10. [quote user="jbghost"] Makes perfect sense when you have a quality young keeper who is probably a year short of beig ready for a regular first team place. Gives you a season of experienced cover whilst you blood the young keeper as games allow. Gunn is doing alright with his team building. Stop slagging everything off just for the sake of it. [/quote] Perfect sense his selling, maybe replacing him with a loanee and then spending the money on the squad however, we shall be spending it on new pillows and throws for the hotel rooms
  11. I dont think its for him, if he would have wanted to do it, he would be somewhere!   Loves his punditting, and obviously doesnt need the money.
  12. Following on from a thread about the re-release of some of our better moments on DVD, i must confess to watching quite alot of them latly,some of the Commentaries really stick with me. "Its the big man, its the Welsh man, In Cardiff, for Delia and the Boss, Norwich stare at the Premiership" Iwan puttin us 1-0 up at the Millenium. "Haha this is just like watching fantasy football" John Motson after Mark Bowen put us 2-0 up in Munich "Well he either scores spectacular goals or important goals........and thats ones both" Another Gossy vs Munich moment. I can very vaguly remember our UEFA cup run, but i was thinking to myself how unlcuky we were with Goss hitting the bar at Carrow Road (Then Crook blazing over) and Ekoku putting just wide early on at the San Siro. Could have been so much different.    Although i am anti board, Delia, Gunn and think we have a terrible team, im getting so excited for the start of the season.   OTBC
  13. Haha you have to love Wikipedia, we were signing Dik Kuyt earlier!!
  14. Hopefully...... With Semi, Cureton and Russell on it
  15. Matt Jansen fell off a scooter!!   Ronaldo''s was hardly a crash, just a bump!   Tevez was scalded!
  16. [quote user="CT "]Gunny was right with Cody.... Go for it Gunny [Y] [/quote]   on what do you base that?
  17. [quote user="robzilla"] Yep agree with that too, for a club which prides itself so much on its academy set up, etc the lack of youth players we have brought through in recent years is shocking. All I was saying though is some incredibly poor decisions on the playing front in that first half of the premier season cost us hugely and another season in the prem with the income it would have brought would have saved all this whats going on now   [/quote]   Malky was worth 4-5 to goals a season at their end, i remember watching us play, having corners and think ''I wish Malky was there now'', like wise Iwan coming on as sub with 10-15 mins to go.
  18. [quote user="Jimmy Smith"][quote user="ryan85k"] [quote user="Jimmy Smith"][quote user="Buzz Killington"].... Dele Adebola has been released by Bristol city. Could he do a job?[/quote] He could do a job, and i''d have been happy with him. If sheff weds are priced out of a move for him though, i''d rather not. Whilst he''s good, i don''t think he''s outstanding. Therefore i''d only give him up to £5k per week at a push. He isn''t gonna be the one who would get us out of this league. [/quote] 5k? I wouldnt give any player 5k, thats £250k a year. If our wage budget is £3m this year, then thats 1 ninth of our wage budget. Try 3k, thats a bit more realistic, considering Stefanovic probably takes 1 sixth of our wage budget. [/quote] Hmm, he''d be the option instead of Alan Lee, i expect we''ll offer him around that. Older players usually get more money, as do bosmans. Hopefully we''ll only need around 11 senior players anyway not including Cody and Rudd and that. That means we can afford £5k a week for a target man. It''s a twelfth anyway. [/quote]   Have you spent the last couple of days playing football manager??   You have no idea how much wages anyone is on or how much wages anyone coming to City would want.
  19. [quote user="Jim Kent"]I think this is tough. First of all the bookies don''t get a lot wrong. The truth is no one really knows what will happen next season. We suspect we will have a season of transition. But we could finish in the top two depending on who we buy. Bookies should do research, because they employ people to do that job. And if they don''t it makes you wonder what these people are doing. However, I do have my doubts, because there was a game towards the end of last season when Jamie Cureton and Chris Killen were 7/1 to the score the first goal. Jamie hadn''t been near the first team for weeks and Chris was back in Scotland. As to what the odds should be: Well I think Leeds should be the favourites followed by MK Dons and then we should be a group with Millwall/Scunthorpe, Charlton. I personally can''t see us finishing top two, but time will tell.[/quote] Bookies dont base there odds on possible team selections, nor do they sit down and evaluate every price. Prices for players to score first are based on the odds (to win) of the club they play for.
  20. [quote user="book end"][quote user="lincoln canary"] nice one crofty show a bit of loyalty to the fans who have treated you so well and helped to award you with player of the season. fcuk you un loyal money grabbing b**tard i hope you break both legs and have to retire from the game. judas scum [/quote] You sir are out of order. [/quote]   Agreed, useless anyway though
  21. Chelsea were poor??? They kept Barca to one shot on target in 90 minutes (which was an absolute screamer). and Kept a clean sheet at Nou Camp. They had 3 stone wall penalities turned down. (I dont think the first one on Malouda was) It would be interesting to see what you Chelsea-haters would  be thinking had that had been Norwich and them decisions had gone against us. And how you would be feeling had that be Lee Croft shouting at the camera and Jamie Cureton chasing the Ref. Over two legs Chelsea played 2 very good games, should have had 3 penalities, scored a cracking goal. They were very unlucky and eventually lost to a stupid away goals rule.  
  22. bbc i player wont work? any where else to listen?
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