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  1. Very sad news, condolences to Wooster’s close ones. RIP
  2. Number 4 signing in too! Have seldom posted as it did seem that anyone with something positive to say was shot down in flames and anyone with something negative to say was shot down in flames! However I agree, the quality of discussion - and banter - has improved recently, to the point I might come out from under my rock more often.
  3. If you take the players in the squad and place them in a sensible position (e.g. NOT Dorrans at centre back or Jerome in goal) then are at least 10,264,320 potential combinations - slightly better odds than picking the lottery numbers!! Anyone feeling lucky?
  4. [quote user="have my howson it"]Think of it as this. Whittaker should be embarrassed. Neil had to change it up after 19 mins to cover Whittaker as the game plan was to get Jacob attacking. To only then get subbed after 45 mins himself. Whittaker should not ever play for us again to be honest. Let''s hope Martin gets back ASAP to cover pinto[/quote] This!
  5. Although we have signed five players this window, in effect, there''s only (probably) three new faces in the first team squad, with Jarvis already here and Godfrey presumably going into the development squad. With AN''s "one or two more" (which I think is actually likely to be three more - a forward, a goalkeeper and possibly another defender) would five or six new players (20% or 25% of the squad) boost or undermine the confidence of the existing squad members? I personally think and hope it will be morale boosting but put the idea up for discussion.
  6. Think there''s a good chance of movement in the goalkeeping department - one in, one out
  7. It''s easier to look at it the other way round: you can name a maximum of 25 over 21''s of which no more than 17 can non home grown
  8. The law of sod states that we are certain to draw Col Who in one of the cup competitions this year- that''ll be a good atmosphere!!!
  9. [quote user="swindoncanary"]The only teams to finish in the top three of the Premiership are as follows Man. utd. Arsenal Chelsea Liverpool Aston Villa Leeds Notts Forest and Norwich [/quote] And Blackburn? The SAS years
  10. A "Where are they now round?" would be good - lets face it, there are plenty of players from recent history to choose from!
  11. The big problem with all this easy talk on the subject of ''who we should offload'' is that a) someone else actually wants them; and b) the players themselves wish to move rather than sit on their current contract.  The alternative could be to terminate their contract by mutual consent but this has a cost implication when it comes to getting new players on board.
  12. [quote user="First Wizard"]No, Steve Tilson for me, he knows this division.[/quote] How about John Tilson?  
  13. Excellent work CUSDP...........................................And the next snippet of information is?...........
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