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  1. http://www.sufc.co.uk/page/player/LiveMatches/0,,10418,00.html   Listen here as canaries world, quite frankly, sucks ass.
  2. I agree, I found - and still find - the incident extremely unsavoury. I can honestly say that a part of what I used to feel regarding this club died when Gunn was sacked. I wasn''t pro-gunn, anti-delia or from any other sort of camp. If I wanted to support a team of cutthroats who will grasp success at any cost I wouldn''t support Norwich in the first place.
  3. I''m shocked at the delayed knee-jerk reaction of it. Even after the embarrasment of last saturday I was still tipping us for the playoffs as I think that Gunn et al had assembled a reasonable squad. I feel rather torn at the moment. This isn''t the club that I knew and loved - and not because we are in the 3rd division. Something is amiss and I know not what is. :/
  4. What I''d like to know is exactly why the goals were conceded. It needs in depth analysis, I''ve heard nothing on Radio Norfolk (I went downstairs for a whizz, and when I came back we were 3-0 down) as to how the goalscoring opportunites came about for colchester. It''s all well and good bemoaning our luck as exiled norwich supporters, but I want to know WHO on the pitch, lost their man, switched off, was in the wrong position, played someone onside etc etc etc... I want a scapegoat. And I consider myself to be liberal. Scapegoat someone and drop them. It has to happen or we will suffer this again.
  5. Erm. Erm. Erm? I think my point is well put.
  6. [quote user="SS"]vs Sutton United - not a bad game for those who remember it![/quote] Haha mine too. I remember not seeing any of the match, despite standing on (and subsequently breaking) my lunchbox at the time!
  7. I must confess DEB, you annoy the hell out of me, so if you''re trolling, then congratulations.If not, I suggest you take up some form of hobby you enjoy, as I don''t think you''ve ever exhibited a single positive sentiment in all my time lurking these message boards.Surely you would enjoy life more if you found ways to mitigate any dissapointment you have regarding NCFC, instead of spewing morose drivel onto this board?  Or is your aim to depress other posters such as myself?  (Note, the content of the complaints doesn''t annoy, more the frequency and continual negativity)The above post certainly won''t effect change at the club - at any level - so what is your motivation?And yes, I enjoy using poncy words, and am above ALL criticism due to my insane awesome-ness ;) ;)PS - The accusations in this post can be aimed at other posters other than DEB.  You know who you are :p
  8. [quote user="The Ginger Twins"][quote user="Dave"][quote user="The Ginger Twins"] We dont wear yellow and green like you muggy lot. We wear designer gear and would kick your muggy arses. You lot must have seen or heard of us. You carry on living a muggy life with your thermos and egg sarnies you vegtables. [/quote]I have never heard of you, and after you log off I hope to never hear from you again.  Would your designer gear be bought off of the Sunday Market by any chance? lol[/quote] Window licker. [/quote]When cedric and cecil have a ''tinge of gin'' they magically transform   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.to "THE GINGER TWINS""lol"PS - I don''t mind if you say you want to beat us all up, just gives more time for mods to trace your ISP and send it to the Norfolk constabulary (which is VERY easy to do)
  9. [quote user="Loan City Fc "]Same old Norwich , put in a bid so small its laughed at , watch us end up with donkey scummer Lee.[/quote]I really enjoy Loan City FC''s continually dreary, unfounded, and closet-scummer posts, they really make me feel like my life is, well, better than his (hers?)... ;)Sorry, but !SERIOUSLY!  have you ever considered NOT being miserable about EVERYTHING?  (yadadada - when the board leaves...zzzz)
  10. [quote user="I am a Banana"][quote user="JuanVelasco"] [quote user="colneycanary"]We now have an extra 720k to spend on players because of those who didn''t claim their rebate. Will the Clingan sale be added to this amount? I''m just wondering who we will sign now? Grant Holt? Andy Bishop? Dickinson seems like he is going elsewhere now. Who else is there?[/quote] We dont have 720k extra to spend on players. We actually have 720k in total to spend on players, including the three that we have already signed. [/quote] your an idiot!!! [/quote] Ah, irony is my favourite flavour.
  11. [quote user="Jen_Jen"]Don''t Get The Big Fuss Over Alan Lee. He Wasn''t That Good To Be Fair.[/quote]   *cries* Please stop it!
  12. [quote user="Jen_Jen"]Lappin Said At The End Of Last Season He Would Stay Whatever Happened. And Seeing As He Has Just Married, I Don''t See Him Moving Away.  :)[/quote] I''m probably going to hell for being mean to a young lady but: Please Stop Writing The First Letter Of Every Word In Capitals!  ARGHHHHH!!!!!    
  13. We''ve all heard things regarding Mike Walker, but the guy writing the article just spent 4 years behind bars for involvment in drug smuggling of some kind.I would tend to be a little sceptical of what he has to say.
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