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  1. [quote user="Barclayman"]wow thanks Banana for the heads up. As a season ticket holder and Norwich fan of 25 years i simply had no idea what the score was.[/quote]Please, ACTUALLY die.
  2. [quote user="Salopian"]One win, one draw, I think - so four points.[/quote]Thank''s for pointing out that was four points, I was confussed for a second and couldn''t work it out myself.
  3. [quote user="ryan1992"]make cobholm look like heaven [/quote]Obviously no nothing about Cobholm then.
  4. Lmao what a loser you are.Please tell me, PLEASE tell me in detail HOW DELIA SMITH IS RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR CURRENT LEAGUE POSITION.I''m not pro delia, in fact i''m anti delia, i''m just MASSIVELY bored with the same losers spamming "Delia this Delia that" when they really haven''t a clue why.
  5. My best mates younger brother applied because of the reason "the club has to reply" and he has framed the letter, he''s only 14 or so. But massively clever for his age, and a big part of FITC and that stuff.. was an impressive C.V and application he sent in too!
  6. Hopefully maybe some other players can be braught in at Christmas time, and he can go out on loan again to get EVEN MORE experience..
  7. GJP, personally, of  course this is my opinion and not all will agree, he may have tried cutting in.. 6/7 times? And only once did he manage to get a shot off, and that was from so far out It may have not been a full back he was trying to turn inside of but a winger/midfielder.  A class winger, cuts inside of full backs, and does stuff from there. I personally don''t think that he managed to do anything after cutting inside..
  8. Harry Redknapp said "The club got a good price for a player in the last year of his contract" Pompey rated him highly, good player. Would like to know how much they paid for himHate this "Undisclossed" crap
  9. Just got back from Game, live in Bradwel near yarmouth. Acle straight had construction work on and bad traffic in yarmouth mean a near midnight arival! Blimey!Anyways, was lucky enough to attend the game with former Norwich player Andrew Howell, and former canary now Oxford United defender Damiann Batt, and both said the same thing. Our centre partnership looked Rock Solid. Nelson and Askou may not have all the pace in the world, but nothing will beat these two in the air. Askou is very confident on the ball, very composed and doesn''t constantly resort to the "Doherty smash," so many times he had the chance to hoof away as a striker closed him down, but calmy rounded him, or knocked it out wide to Lapin. Looks like him and Lapin have a great understanding and looks very promising. Spillane didn''t have the best game ever, but him and Lappin as full backs equally make up for the lack of pace at the back with their great fitness levels and ability to cut in behind the full backs to cut out the pacier (?) strikers. VERY promising in our opinions, and should cause great competition with drury and semi both on the bench. Another thing we all agreed on was the lack of a "spark," Russel looked great for his first game in a long time. Wanted the ball, showed a good touch and look interested, was clearly unfitt but looks like he''s really going to shine in this league. Hughes again impressed, where sadly Whaley didn''t. Most playerrs have their "selling point," pace, a good cross, the ability to beat a player, shot etc he seems to have none of these and seems to be.. well jhust so average. Hope to see more from him as he is a much better player than this. In regards to the other flank in this 4-5-1/4-3-3 formation. Well, Chris Martin CAN NOT play out left. Looked sharp when cut inside, and through the middle and finished excellently for his goal. Goran Maric, well. I think alot of these other posts are a bit harsh.. this guy has not played a full game for.. well god knows how long. Yes his touch was sloppy, but he looked a dominant figure in the air. If Cody and Martin can start scoring regularly, and of course goals coming from Midfield and Defence, with reserve team action and sub appearances he will be fine COVER for Holt, but wont be getting an extension on his 1 year contract.Deffo missed McVeigh imo, and feel that should we lose players like Hoolahan, Holt, Hughes, we''re going to HEAVILY struggle to score goals, and this is a worry. We need the winer transfer window imo, and hope for no injuries.Alnick in goal was solid, made a WORLD class save. Can''t wait to see this on T.V because at first it seemed a point blank header destined for the top corner, maybe it wasn''t as point blank as  Iremember, but I was onb my feet appluading that save for a while. His catching is a bit of a worry, as he does seem to opt for the punch more often. But on two occasions, made 2 SUBERB punch-clearances that Marshal or Green would never had even attempted and cleared a potentially dangerous situation.Ratings: Alnick: - 6 -     Great save, could of got a higher rating should he have chosen the catch rather than the "slap" on the odd occasion.Lappin: -7-  Outstanding, looks a great captain too, works brilliantly with Askou, hopefully can find some one who he can work as well with on the Left Wing.Askou: -8-  *MOM*  Won EVERYTHING in the air, made ONE mistake but was a mislip on a VERY wet pitch, could of happened to Vidic. Excellent.Neslon -7-   Nothing wrong, solid looked Dangerous along side Askou in oposition box. Spillane -6-  Not best game, think he didn''t suit formation, doesn''t work with Whaley. Overlapped a few times and no one was prepared to cover. Hughes -7- Creative, good passer of the ball.. AND DOESN''T PASS BACKWARDS!Russel -6- Looks like he''s going to be a very good player at this level, even though un-fit and out of practice the quality level in touch was clear to seeAdeyemi -6- Quiestest game so far for the lad, VERY unlucky not to score a 50 yard lob. Still a great prospectWhaley -5-  Didn''t offer much, Can not get past a full back unless he''s running at him, crossing was poor and wasn''t much of a threat.. needs to improveMartin -7- Played well, but needs to work on technique and touch, can''t play out wide on the left, looked a great threat when in the middle. Maybe more suited to a Gerrad Role than upfront?Maric -4-  Once fit, used to English football will be good cover for Holt but that''s it.
  10. [quote user="IncH_HigH"]You could have just posted this as a reply on the thread it''s aimed at.[/quote]You could have just kept this thought in your head, and remind slilent.
  11. Would be a great signing for us, great experience at higher levels.
  12. Can''t believe ANYONE would want us to lose, unreal some of these fans we have.. well I use the term "fan" loosely. I don''t care what teams are in any tournemant, I want to see us win what ever we are in! It will prove we (are not THE best) but one of THE best teams in these lower leagues, and maybe help towards proving the fact, to other supporters, WE SHOULD NOT BE HERE. It gives us a chance to play fringe players, and youngsters. Giving them valuable experience, and MASSIVE confidence should they go on a cup run vs lower teams, playing FULL STRENGTH squads. When Norwich "fans" critisise this cup it just proves they have probably never played football, or actually know anything about the GAME it''s self, but just watch it and htink they''re some sort of high power. You Make me Cringe.
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