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  1. [quote user="Johnny Stump"]Has any one who works been given a bottle of drink at Christmas by a supplier, been taken out to lunch, treated to tickets for a show or a sporting event? Is there really much difference?[/quote] If those are linked to you then giving that company preference or them getting influence over your decisions that could then come under the Bribery Act 2010. Davo
  2. [quote user="pete"]Followed by wins against Wolves and Ipswich away and make Carrow Rd a fortress. [/quote]   This is the crux of the matter. The vast majority of fans will be happy as long as we''re back winning games. We could sell Fer, Pilkington, Ruddy, Olsson et al. and as long as we replaced them and won games the crowd would be happy.   Davo
  3. It''s been a few years but I can''t really remember any pubs that I would recommend to any one. If I remember rightly we just got some beers in the ground. If it is possible I would suggest dropping the car off in Central Birmingham and having a beer there and getting the metro into Wolverhampton. Davo
  4. Porto have had great success at doing this but Benfica do it too to a certain extent. Lazar Markovic, Nemanja Matic, Angel DiMaria and Axel Witsel have all been sold of big profits. Given Sporting Lisbon''sreported financial problems I am not surprised they haven''t followed this model but then they do have a very good youth academy.   I think the one thing that makes Port unique in their success is the sheer quantity of players but I supposewhen you can get into the Champoins League ever year and nearly always get out of the group you are going to attract top South American players who will be willing to use your club as a stepping stone to a bigger move.   Davo
  5. [quote user="canarywales"]If he is any good why did we let him go before[/quote] Maybe just maybe for the same reason we let Dion Dublin go? Or maybe it was the same reason we let Cureton go? The point being just because we let him go does not mean he will be good enough and it doesn''t mean he wont. Davo
  6. In the 2006/7 season AFC Wimbledon fielded new signing Jermaine Darlington previsouly of Cardiff City in three games. Jermaine was ineligible to play because AFC Wimbledon (then of the Isthmian league) didn''t realise that despite Cardiff playing in the English leagues their player registrations were in fact held with the Welsh FA and not the English FA. The outcome is they were deducted 3 points and fined £4,000. Is Sunderland''s error any different? I believe the player in question had previously been on loan to a German side and hadn''t been registered properly when he came back. Davo
  7. I am surprised this is the first mention of Mata. He is an awesome player but I guess as he''s not playing for Chelsea this season he''s being forgotten.Suarez is great and all but I wouldn''t want that kind of player at this club.Davo
  8. [quote user="nutty nigel"] I''d like to see another Tettey. The back four always take the flack but often they are exposed and have too much to do. [/quote]   Agreed Iwould like to see someone come in who has the ability to read the game, can tackle and can pass more than 5 yards. I don''t thik it''s a conincidence that we don''t look as solid this season compared to last season where we were playing both Johnson and Tetty in front of teh back 4. Howson and Fer are playign well but they don''t offer as much protection to the defence.   Davo
  9. [quote user="Buh"]Do all other clubs have to compare new players with players of the past? I think they do to be fair. I just find it unfair in a way. I just want the new players to carve a new legacy if you know what I mean.[/quote]   It''s they way things are. A player becomes a star or a legend and the next generation are compared to them. That player then hopefully becomes  a star or legend in their own right and the next generation are compared to him.   Hopefully one day we will have a youngstr or two who will be the next Redmond or Murphy.   Davo
  10. [quote user="The Frisbee Hyena"]I''m pretty sure in every American team sport draws count for nothing. And there''s quite a lot of them.[/quote]In the big four sports in the US there are no "Draws". All four sports play overtime (extra innings in the case of baseball)  if the scores are tied at the end of the match. Overtime is normally sudden death with the first scorer taking the win, except in baseball where it carries on forever and ever and ever until one team falls asleep and the other team has had more fat blokes run in a square after hitting a ball than the other team.Even in the NHL when the game goes is drawn at the full time they get a point for a "draw" and the eventual winner gets 2. Funny that there seems to be a growing movement for a scoring system much like we have in football.Davo
  11. Excellent news. At least now I won''t have to listen to that Irish tw@t during England games.Davo
  12. All the best Herman and all you PUPs. This week I too am going for FC Twente V NEC home win.Davo
  13. Sorry I am so late I have been away a lot with work, which on the plus side did include 1 night in Nelson''s County.Yeovil V Forest - Away winDavo
  14. [quote user="PurpleCanary"] As for saying that £2.1m figure in the quote from Bowkett for internal debt is right, no it isn''t. The correct figure, as I said, is £3.1m.. I suspect either Bowkett misspoke, as American politicians say, or it is a misprint. In a separate sidebar piece the EDP itself gives £3.1m as the right amount.[/quote] Is it not possible that Bowkett got it right? If as he says we are budgeting to pay this debt off this year couldn''t they have already paid some of it off? Three and a half months have elapsed between the fate of the accounts and Bowkett''s interview. Whilst I would like to think that this kind of debt would only be paid off at the end of the season rather than during it could happen. Davo
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