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  1. As the title says, who did you wan''t after Lambert walked? Hughton was always my first choice (unless Culverhouse stayed, but that was always going to be unlikely). I firmly believe that Hughton is the right man to add stability to NCFC in the Premier League (look what he did with a newly-promoted Newcastle team.) Lambert''s gung-ho tactics could only have lasted for so long and I think we would have been found out after a couple more seasons at the most had Lambert stayed. Hughton DID improve our defence with the signings of Turner, Whittaker, Garrido and Bassong and we are always going to stuggle without them (as we have done). Most of our backups are not Premier League standard, and we knew that from last season - our squad was, and still is to an extent, a pick and mix of Football League players. And what does it all come down to? Money. We don''t have the luxury of replacing our reserves all in one go. It''s not ''negative tactics'', it''s going with what we''ve got. Would any of you have been happy with Steve Bruce?
  2. His date of birth too, he wanted the number 8 but that was already taken. He opted for number 88 as it was a reference to Celtic''s year of formation and coincidentally his date of birth. In doing so he started a bit of a trend - Wanayma took the number 67 shirt in reference to the year of Celtic''s European Cup victory.
  3. [quote user="refjezdavies"]I hope if he were to sign that he wouldn''t be allowed to have 88 on his shirt[/quote] 88 is a reference to the year of Celtic''s formation, 1888. So he wouldn''t have the 88 shirt if he came to Norwich.
  4. This £5 million offer from Norwich for Hooper is just to get the ball rolling. If we don''t get Graham, then I can see us upping our offer for Hooper to 8 or 10 million.
  5. Remember when Rangers offered less than a million for Grant Holt?
  6. ... is set to sign for West Ham. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/20905628 Thank goodness for that.
  7. Either way, Juve or not, bigger clubs are after Hooper. He''s not coming to Carrow Road. If he did come here (and it would be for a hefty fee) it would be with a bigger move in mind, not so long down the line.
  8. So no, it''s not another stupid rumour made up by the tabloids.
  9. [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"][quote user="Scrimmage "]Juventus are interested in Hooper. We''re deluded if we think he''s going to come here.[/quote] Really? Are they really interested? Or is that just another stupid transfer story made up by the tabloids. The same way that Real Madrid were going to buy Victor Moses from Palace and he ended up moving to Wigan. [/quote] It was Barcelona who wanted Moses. Here''s the Hooper to Juve link : http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11095/8341516/Italian-giants-Juventus-have-joined-the-clubs-looking-at-Celtic-s-Gary-Hooper
  10. Juventus are interested in Hooper. We''re deluded if we think he''s going to come here.
  11. Heard from a mate it was Tom Ince. Don''t have anything more concrete to go on than that.
  12. [quote user="lake district canary"][quote user="ridgeman"]I feel that Surman is a gifted footballer but doesn''t fit into our team at present. The question I must ask is why he was given a four year contract at the beginning of the season.[/quote] Because he is a good player. Hughton gave him a chance to cement a place in the team - but after the Liverpool match he can''t get a look in because of the way the team has developed. Does this make him a player on the way out or a player waiting his chance to have another go? We have a squad of 25 (?) and that means we have to have players in waiting. As far as that goes he is waiting. People are still too quick to write off our players. Some people don''t like him because of the way he looks. I ask you............................... [/quote] Spot on. Surman is a decent option to have if and when we revert back to a different formation. He hasn''t put a foot wrong for us but there will be a time when we will not have a need for him anymore, most likely next season.
  13. [quote user="Crispy"]I think we will manage as long as we don''t sell Bassong ... he''s at the base of our strong spine.[/quote] What''s the likelihood of losing Bassong when we''ve only just signed him? Or Tettey? Just interested, are there any players that have left the following window to the one they signed for a club in?
  14. Whoops, lets try that again. BUNN WHITTAKER R.BENNETT BASSONG TIERNEY -------------------------------FOX SNODGRASS----------------------------------- SURMAN -----------------------------HOWSON -------------BUTTERFIELD ------------------------------MORISON Let''s see what Ryan Bennet is like alongside Bassong, give Morison 90 mins and Butterfield his debut.
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