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  1. All of them are like that pal, I agree very strange design, huge flaw in my opinion.
  2. We will have a new kit every season now pal, it''s the way football clubs work nowadays, the coming seasons kit has not been released yet probably due to not knowing for sure who will be here (to model it) and not wanting to repeat last seasons cock up e.g RVW marketing campaign.
  3. Unofficial WBA forum certainly aren''t keen!
  4. Was thinking the exact same thing this morning, funny how the club have always stated Adams will still keep a job within the fold too, assistant to Lennon perhaps? However would Lennon want to work with a DoF?
  5. Reading between the lines I think he was upset to see Holt go, not just because they got on well, Holt was a huge part of our club and the lost identity line confirmed that for me, also agree with above he doesn''t seem to think much of Hughton, couple of sly digs in there, good lad! Him or Howson for skipper next year I think.
  6. Linked with a move back to Watford in this mornings red tops, speculation of course but if theres any truth in that we need to sort the manager out and hijack that deal, if we do lose Hooper he would be the perfect replacement, knows the championship and proven in that league, maybe figure out a swap deal with RVW going to Udinese on loan?!
  7. Sterling work again Mason, really wish we dropped this errea manufacturer, imagine a remake of the adidas pinstripe kit, that would be worth the £40-50 they expect us to shell out season after season!
  8. the way this team are playing we deserve championship football, hughton has sucked the life and confidence out of every single player, why wait to sack him, whoever steps in will do a better job than hughton, say what you please, he''s done here.
  9. Distinct lack of anything coming out of Colney, not looking good I''m afraid, Going to be a rough ride 2nd half of the season!!
  10. No/No...Why keep him if he wants to leave, doesn''t get played anyway, totally pointless and avoidable fiasco.
  11. Surely with hughton''s *supposed* THFC connections we could of had him or Holtby in the club by now...Think we are all clutching here guys.
  12. Mancini vetoed the move, he doesn''t want him.
  13. EXACTLY who we need to finally feed the strikers with something other than a cross coming in from a wide position, Imagine Holtby and Howson pushing on with Fer in front of the back 4, far too attacking I know but can''t a guy dream?!
  14. RVW is a spin off the last man / through ball striker, none of which we are doing for him, we are so one dimensional in attack it hurts, get the ball push it out wide, put a horrendous ball in the box which 9/10 the keeper collects, but yeah it''s all RVW''s fault, I will admit he looks a little slight, but people need to get in their heads the guy is not like the strikers we''ve had the past few seasons, however he has better movement then all of them put together, we need Howson back to provide those runs with DECENT passes.
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