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  1. I love your satire but at some point this man has to be held accountable for his decision making which has led to directionless and tasteless times recently as a city fan. No?
  2. He got lambert right but all the other appointments since have been a disaster. I have no idea who this bloke is so we can only hope that McNally Knows something I dont. Maybe he just decided he wanted to go scottish again. I would imagine it was simpler than that - he was cheap no doubt. If he doesn''t get it right (yet again) then he really needs to go ruin someone else''s club.
  3. Well put. 40 years myself and just tired of NA excuses. Everyone at the clubs favourite expression (guided by some PR numpty no doubt) is "it''s not good enough". Well we Don''t want to hear that false "positivity" any longer. Are they all gonna still be saying this when we get relegated? Because that''s the form we are showing at the moment. It frustrates me that we were a "bigger" club than Swansea and Southampton only a few years ago but now look at us. It''s an incompetent board with no direction or ambition that''s got us to this point. We have no philosophy at the club and we are going nowhere. As for Delia - I''d rather her than an eastern despot who changes our colours to blue, but she''s got to stop counting the pennies and start showing some (meat) balls. Well said and keep the passion and criticism going or McNally will continue to pick up his inflated salary and do nothing. M
  4. Oh and let''s just have the canary on its own and get rid of the castle. Too messy.
  5. Well said my man. I too think it was his fault. What happened to the Dave that everything is the keepers in the first box. He should have been in balotellis face.
  6. I might have missed an announcement but are we getting a new kit this year? Or are we not allowed to have one now we are in the lower leagues?
  7. I agree with the sentiment but at what point do you think we should moan about bad decisions or lack of action at all? We are living this mess because we don''t complain enough in my opinion? The simple matter is that In January when the supporters could see that CH was going backwards we could have appointed a decent Manager (poyet for instance) and stayed up. But we didn''t because Hughton was a "nice guy" and a pal of the board. Now we could be in the Championship for some time. But, Adams is in and I hope he does well. But if he doesn''t I reserve the right to have a go at the people in charge again.
  8. If he cuts out distribution he won''t be able to pass
  9. I think it was a mistake to get rid of holt in the first place. He would have given us a bit if steel. Let''s face it he wouldn''t have been worse than that preening, lazy p@&£k RVW. As for Wes - he''s not as good as he thinks he is
  10. Of course he made the choice. He is in charge. He takes the plaudits when things go well and hides when things are going badly (as he did for most if Kat season). He''s a politician (but not as good as he thinks) and he hides behind this image of being a puppet just in case the decision doesn''t work out. He treats us like mugs.
  11. Who on earth would want to buy him? He is useless and we would make a horrible loss .....
  12. The word "rethink" would suggest that this lot actually think about anything. I would suggest that it''s "my way or the highway" when it comes to McNally.
  13. The point if this board is to strengthen mcanally''s position - the man that fiddled while city burned and who now presides over a shambolic appointment.
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