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  1. Oh come on McNally get on with it and appoint somebody!
  2. Sounds perfect to me he will no doubt fly the plane himself and land it in the middle of Carrow Road where Delia and McNally will be waiting for him to sign his contract, now that would be an entrance come on Lennon!
  3. Can''t see any other explanation for the delay sure West Brom is the obvious choice, but why would Norwich put off delaying appointing a manager when the two other candidates (Malky and Zola) are out of a job and Adams would have been appointed last week if it was him, am keeping my fingers crossed that its Lennon!
  4. Nah I was just hoping someone would say McNally was on the phone to him finally getting this sorted out now or never!
  5. So what does everyone think Neil Lennon is up to at the moment?
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