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  1. I'm trying to find the article that mentioned Spanish transfers in are being taxed 100% of the fee in response to covid. It would explain why we have a crazy loan offer. Regardless, this must happen for the good of the club and I'm sure it will. Simple too much damage will be done done if it does not. Best of luck Maximilian, go play with the big boys!
  2. Just popped up on the pinkun home.page. Why is the title of this post not the headline! @Rabbit hole You deserve the honour. They writers copy most of our content anyway!
  3. I read that what ever transfer fees Spanish clubs pay out at present they have a covid tax of the same fee. That explains the loan approach to me. Next up, Webber. He wants to put himself if the shop window for when the big boys come calling. So how he deals with this is going to be really interesting to me. Handy he can speak Spanish...
  4. Hey Alex, hope all is well. We are looking more fluid...
  5. Just spinning white circle here..
  6. IFollow, any commentary? First time on it. It's some chore to navigate that site!
  7. The team sheet is still fine on pen and paper!?
  8. Hi Doomcaster, I heard your house is for sale, how much is up for? I will pay you double.
  9. I think you will find if we have a placenta on the bench, someone should be in hospital. Placheta is on the bench.
  10. Suggest we set up a fund to buy pinkun.com from the asset strippers. Would be the first time I spent any money wisely with a stripper!
  11. Without doubt my favourite thread! The original pinkun long thread. I'm off to eat some really great strong cheddar and my favourite crackers... Cheese Board !
  12. Ok. You are in Ben's shoes.. Take the business you work for then look for the AC Milan in your business, you have got to be happy they are looking at you to bring on board. I struggle to recall any English players moving to directly AC Milan. What a place to master your defensive skills, where defences are that, they defend. Good luck Ben, I hope you get the luck we would all need in our careers to pull this one off, big steps, dare and make it happen. You will have a few of us with a new Italian team to follow. Plus Milan is a hell of a place to enjoy life. On the Milan side, if true, clever move. If he rocks it, in 2 years, Man U will pay £80m. If he does not, he is still worth £20+m.
  13. Anyone for Martin Braithwaite? Barcelona are looking to offload February signing Martin Braithwaite, 29, with the Denmark forward not in manager Quique Setien's plans for next season.
  14. This season has been pants. So how about the first time a religated team does the double over exiting champions.
  15. I will miss games south of Leicester... Otherwise we go into a league we can win, or even get relegated again, it's that real. The EPL is just a bore.
  16. We just had 4 players In the opposition box!
  17. We need to steal a goal before half time. But it is not going to happen.
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