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  1. One of the worst first half performances I’ve ever witnessed. The team is so lethargic, it’s a wonder why we bothered to turn up tonight. Nobody is making runs, we keep turning on the ball and pass it backwards, which allows Southampton’s high press to move further up, putting us under more pressure. If Farke can’t manage a response for the next half, one wonders what the hell he’s doing?! This is a game we have to at least try to win or we’ll have zero chance of staying up this season.
  2. And there I was, thinking that a “fan forum” existed simply to allow “fans” to express their opinions regardless of what they happen to be. Whether the team wins and people are happy, or loses in terrible fashion, people are entitled to say what they think without stupidly personal attacks like this thread. Today, we were shambolic. Injuries or not, it was totally unacceptable and the team deservedly should realise that. Something needs to change or it will continue to happen, that is merely logical. But emotions play a big part when it’s something people care about and people do react. Let’s not attack each other though.
  3. It’s not often I get emotional, but this is one of those once in a decade moments. Enjoy it lads!!
  4. Good to hear. Just very sad for the Bury fans. In a different world, it could have been us once.
  5. That is quite cheap, especially for a player of his quality, so I doubt Leicester will be willing to lose their key playmaker for just that amount. ...But on a selfish point of view, with a 15% sell-on fee, that’s £12m for us. Just hope we have enough time to spend it after.
  6. Is it me, or is there a constant ‘zigzag’ theme being hinted at in every promo item I see with regards to the new kit? That video from Twitter, random posts etc. I think that’s clearly going to be the design this year. Probably not as pronounced as the Nigeria kit, but that geometric shape.
  7. No way. Chelsea’s kit in reality is horrid. It’s like a Stan Lee design in transition... https://www.footyheadlines.com/2018/10/nike-chelsea-19-20-home-kit.html?m=1
  8. I think the club would be missing a trick not having framed copies of the final table. Us at the top and them at the bottom... As for the season, I think it’s the most miraculous turnaround in living memory, so would be hard to argue against it being the best season as a fan. Bravo to all.
  9. A superb performance. We are so lethal playing away from home, as our counter-attack play is quick and precise. We play the triangles better than anyone in the league. I said to my friend that it wouldn’t surprise me if we won 3-0... so close but for Bamford. Good work lads.
  10. I totally agree with LDC on this one. Maddison is too good a player not to make a team better. The squad has finally clicked this year, but he’s the type of player that can get a win or point when the team is having an off day.
  11. Most definitely. One of the most naturally talented players I’ve seen play for us. If you can boss the game at such a young age, then you’re destined to be a top, top player. Not to mention one of the best dead-ball specialists ever to play for us. It also helps that the exact position that the England team currently need is a “floating 10” that can actually score. Kane and Maddison sounds a formidable front line. Good luck to the lad.
  12. It is, as always, amusing how the intellectually lacking state something as ‘fact’, yet give no clue as to substantiation. That could be argued to be 100% fact. I see nothing that makes me think we are any better than last year, nor does logic state it would be when very little has changed... regardless of what your opinion or your cheap insults say. Thank you.
  13. Were you expecting anything to change for the better? - Same guy in charge, who hasn’t shown any inclination of being a good manager at this level. - Having sold our two best players and replacing them with cheap, unproven mercenaries who haven’t played in the English league before. - Same woefully inept board members, who are more interested in keeping the nepotist status quo than reaching an ambition and acquiring additional money to spend on the club. - Last year of parachute payments; having completely wasted our financial advantage over the two previous seasons. - A chairman who is more interested in building his tv career as a bafoon - wrestling in America and dancing Gangnam Style. - No clear idea of where we should be, how to get there or why it’s all going so horribly downhill. Alas.
  14. I’ve noticed it too. It seems to affect all mobile devices when accessing any article. I keep getting some dreadful LeoVegas digital advert that freezes the loading, making the site virtually unusable. Come on Archant, it’s 2018... sort out your mobile responsivity or get rid of this fault ad platform.
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