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  1. Maybe we’re doing a partnership with M&S?
  2. If we launch the kit and say “for sustainability, we’re keeping this shirt for two seasons”, then I’d buy it. Just like the good old days. I’ll just have to keep the gym up so I don’t outgrow it during the two years.
  3. That’s exactly it. American investors tend to get a foot in the door, before going ‘all in’. I assume that they’ll start with 18% and then gradually try to acquire the rest. I’m sure they’ll have big plans and will likely want to increase the capacity substantially, earlier rather than later, to increase the revenue coming in and return on their investment.
  4. Sadly, 3-1 to the Hammers. Bring on August already!
  5. Careful now, let’s keep this clean.
  6. We can only dream. A total charlatan! Maybe he’ll like Everest so much, he’ll stay there… along with his wife… and the rest of our unambitious board.
  7. I don’t think anything will go to Coventry, as they had a sell-on fee clause when we sold him to Leicester. There was no “sell-on sell-on fee”. I think he’s a bargain at that price, as he’s a type of player that can create something out of nothing and score free kicks. Priceless in the Premier League. And when compared to £83m for Maguire or £93 for Pogba (just to name a few)… well.
  8. She’s reached that stage of utter delusion. If she thinks that we (the fans) are content with how her and Mr WJ are running things, then she’s away with fairies. It’s irritating to see them treat the club as a country club or comfy hobby. We want competitive football at the highest level, which (however unfortunate) now requires financial backing. Stick the “self sustaining” BS up your proverbial, Delia.
  9. Totally agree! Why do we leave it so late? It has to be a confidence/effort thing.
  10. Accountability. None of them care and clearly the management don’t have much discipline in the ranks. The fear of being dropped isn’t there and, quite literally, the club from top to bottom is run more like country club than a ruthlessly competitive top-tier sports team. We do the same things over and over again, and yet expect a different outcome in the Premier League. Cue Einstein. The board have to be changed for this level.
  11. In all the years that I’ve been supporting this club, this has to be the most embarrassing top-flight squad/mess we’ve ever assembled. Gilmore is garbage… yet still gets picked. One can only assume we have it in the loan contract that he has to play a set number of games? The other recruits, bar Rashica, are terrible. Webber has to go, and if he had any self respect, he’d actually resign. Two attempts at the Premier League and the inevitable same result. There shouldn’t be a chance in Hell that he gets a third attempt. The board seriously needs to look at themselves and stop treating the club like a jolly country club. Be competitive or get out. And now for a stiff single malt to cheer me up. Cheers.
  12. I really do think this is worst top-flight squad we’ve ever assembled. If Webber escapes accountability for this mess, then it’s an absolute travesty! Just embarrassing.
  13. I find strange how we keep playing the ball out wide, whenever we get near their box, just to cross it in to a sub-six-foot lone striker. Predictable and wasteful. If we’re going to play that, surely put a big target man there?
  14. This is a really bizarre one and I hope we get something out of this in return. Otherwise, why are we doing Bournemouth a favour?! Ok, we get him out of the dressing room, but I hope they at a minimum a) pay all his wage; and b) have a set buy incentive included.
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