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  1. A hard result to call. I ask myself the following questions... Are they going to attack us in numbers? Do they play expansive football? Are they going to sit all men behind the ball? No, no, yes – and it’s these games we struggle most with as a team. So, I’ll be happy with a 1-0, as it’s not going to be as easy as some would hope.
  2. Skipp... the same player who looks a strong possibility of being in the Championship team of the year? Future Spurs captain (said by Mourinho)? Best young defensive midfield player in the country? Dominated midfield as a 20 year old? That Oliver Skipp?? I think you may be a little misguided in your observations, sir.
  3. The format of the Championship is great and I do particularly miss mid-week games when in the Premier. But the highest league is always better to be in. You just need to be competitive – given the best chance to be competitive and tactically astute in each match.
  4. Erm... Have you not seen the Argentinian national sides of the past 60 years? I don’t think you could ever claim they weren’t fiery or passionate.
  5. This is outrageous. Who the hell is spreading this in the club? If it’s from other players we play against, then why aren’t the EFL enforcing better testing before games? Get well soon Kenny.
  6. Woh... what’s going on? We want 7!! We want 7!!
  7. A draw here would be a good result. Anything more, a bonus.
  8. On a more positive note, well done to all of you who went today. The sound was amazing on the TV, and the commentators positively mentioned you multiple times. I hope I get a chance to go along myself soon. Keep up the good work!!
  9. I think that’s a little harsh. They’ve come to the top team in the league, who are on fire in the form tables since October, knowing they’re no way near as good... they’re not going to try and out play us, are they? Their game plan was to stay tight and defend. Once we scored, they had to chase more and fell apart. I had a look on their forums and their fans were quite complimentary to how we play at the moment. We’re now destroying teams home and away. Including teams in the top half of the league.
  10. I think that’ll be fine, especially as we’ve signed a recent Trade Agreement with EFTA nations, making visas easier.
  11. Looks good on the clip video and has a nice direct dribbling ability – suiting our attacking full-back style of play. But so have a lot of “mythically good” players. I’m sure if our great scouting team have done their due diligence and like him, then they’ll go for him.
  12. The person does indeed have talent. But they look less like a sports club and more like symbols from village welcome signs.
  13. In your opinion. But up until the recently Teemu wasn’t playing at his best. If he continues to play like he did against Blackburn or Bristol City for the rest of the season, I’m sure he would be. What a silly comment, when it’s subjective.
  14. When a player that young stands out that clearly, while playing in midfield; then he will be a very good player. Providing his attitude is correct, he avoids injury and has a certain level of intelligence. The last players to do that in the Championship were Maddison and Mount. Good luck to the lad.
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