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  1. Can’t really take over Trafalgar with 20 fans and a bin lorry, though.
  2. As amusing as that would be, it’ll be an absolute nightmare for getting there. Both teams going via Liverpool Street and on the Met Line. Logistical nightmare for the police. But let’s be realistic… they’ll never get to the final.
  3. It will mean more friendlies abroad… as then, less fans will understand the other. Lowers the offence risk ratio.
  4. Ben the kNapper, wake up and do your damn job! This is woeful. And if it wasn’t for a single piece of brilliance and Hull being dire, we’d be in trouble.
  5. We truly look terrible. Other than Rowe’s individual piece of brilliance, we haven’t looked like threatening their half at all… let alone, their goal. it’s embarrassing, to be honest.
  6. Literally, the only piece of quality all game. Jonathan Rowe, you are him. …And I dread where we’d be without him.
  7. Probably not used to seeing a shot hit the target.
  8. Don’t worry, it’s not usually like this. We usually have an attacking free-flowing style (if the manager is right and the Sporting Director isn’t a toxic, narcissistic charlatan). You’ve joined us as a fan at one of our low points… things can only get better! OTBC
  9. The amount of empty seats, although not surprising, is painfully sad to see.
  10. I’m hoping we start trying Fisher, Warner and Hanley (once he’s up to speed). Thankfully, I very much doubt Wagner makes it past Monday.
  11. Why is our defensive line so high?! We’re being undone by long balls and counters. A total flipping disaster.
  12. Never say ‘never’! The prime example being Neil Doomcaster. He spearheaded the worst ever years of our club’s history… but resulted in him becoming chief of the SPL.
  13. It sounds like a sort of ‘gardening leave’ to me. I’m guessing the club are trying to negotiate an amicable termination, rather than a forced one – which then triggers the need for termination pay (which we don’t have). But what a total mess and a catalogue of bad decisions and appointments. Good luck, Ben Knapper. If you’ve got what it takes, then this certainly is the environment to test it!
  14. It was a good game tonight – very close in most parts, regardless of the possession stat. I sat with my mate who’s a Fulham fan, who was impressed at how we played the ball around. Our fans made it a great atmosphere (even over from the far side). Some of my thoughts: • Hwang’s miss in the first half was shockingly poor. At least hit the target! • Placheta caused a lot of problems for Fulham, so I was surprised he was subbed off. • Fisher had a great game. Solid, composed and had Willian in his pocket. • McCallum, on the other hand, just isn’t good enough and let far too many crosses and through runs passed him. • What a signing Sainz looks! Must start the next game. All in all, a good performance… especially following Saturday’s disaster.
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