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  1. http://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/norfolk-property/see-how-a-norwich-city-footballer-lives-as-his-house-goes-up-for-sale-1-5379539
  2. I really don''t see the point of him in the team. He provides nothing. He has one speed which is ''meander''. He is not strong enough on the ball. His passing is limited at best and also, his set pieces are only good enough about 1 in 10 chances. I used to say the same thing about Dorrans when he played, but i''d gladly have him back right now!
  3. I went and there was nothing really new to report to be honest. Other than what is in the papers. Bassong made a really heartfelt speech along the same lines as his now released letter. I would note that Naismith wasn''t there either. I do like how Steve Stone and Stuart Webber seem to get on really well, and it seems that this relationship will only help our club. It''s too early to say if this system will actually work, but everyone is certainly on board with it. It was a very relaxed atmosphere to be honest and it seemed a lot more relaxed than when Alex Neil was here. That''s just my view anyway.
  4. It''s looking likely that Snodgrass is jumping ship this January for a fee rumoured to be around £10m. Just wondered if we had a sell-on clause when we sold him to Hull??
  5. Another member of the Pink''un message board elite?!?
  6. If you''re saying I''m pathetic by genuinely not knowing that he had done this before, then you are the pathetic one and one of the reasons that a lot of people do not post or visit this board any more. Certain ''posters'' who believe they''re the authority on here!
  7. Not all of them are. If we are buying / loaning the player IN then yes they tend to be, but if we are selling / loaning out, then they happen wherever is convenient to both clubs, and, the buying club tend to say where they want them performed. I believe Victor Valdes'' medical for his move to Besiktas (now cancelled) from Man Utd, was being performed in London as per Besiktas'' request.
  8. Not necessarily. Medicals can be performed at any medical facility, as long as representatives from both clubs are present and happy with the results.
  9. Looks like Ryan Bennett is off somewhere. He''s been posting pictures on Twitter around the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital, maybe having the medical there?
  10. I went along. Nothing of any note really apart from what was already known re: Brady and Wisdom and that they are looking to sign 2-3 more. Good to see some video footage of some memorable moments in FCR history. Also great that money from the evening was raised for Age UK, in particular the ''Still On The Ball'' initiative which uses football as a sort of memory jogger, working with mainly males with dementia. Duncan Forbes'' wife and son were there and god a well deserved round of applause for this great initiative. Everyone was making more out of Hoolahan not being there than they should''ve. He wasn''t there as his wife was ill. Also, Alex Neil arrived late due to attending a Premier League Managers meeting where he said the only thing of note was that the Offside rule is going to get even more complicated! Overall though, it was a good night.
  11. The programme was really good I thought and I found it really moving. It showed that no matter what your mental / physical capabilities are, there''s always a place in this world for you. I have to say, when his mother passed away, I found it incredibly moving how he dealt with this sad part of his life. "I''m doing well aren''t I?". It''s a must watch for anyone I''d say!
  12. When I did it in League 1 vs Leeds, I hit it once and won 2 free cinema tickets (Odeon). I think if you hit it twice it was a signed football, 3 times was £100 in a N&P Canary Account, 4 times was a signed shirt and 5 times was the cost of your season ticket or something like that! The highest scorers from the season took part in a final challenge at the last game to win a holiday or something but not sure if they do that anymore! I''m just glad they brought it back rather than that rubbish inflatable ring thing!!!
  13. How about another slant on this one. Lambert sacked, finally takes over at Celtic where he seems destined to end up and that leaves the way open for Lennon!?
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