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  1. [quote user="zemas tendon"] I love Mungo!! [/quote] Was it you who touched him inappropriately ?   I claim my £10 ...you are Jimmy Saville !
  2. [quote user="Hoshke1"]I''m off to Villa Park this weekend to see our boys attempt to follow up Saturday''s fantastic result against Lambert''s new team. While his departure and litigation-packed aftermath have left a bitter taste in the mouths of many fans, I still feel Paul Lambert deserves resounding cheers and applause when he shows his face this Saturday. I''d hate for my fellow travelling supporters to let themselves down by showing animosity to the man, who has had a major hand in an unbelievable few seasons for us. I will be eternally grateful for the most recent 3 chapters of our footballing history. I hope this is reflected by our greeting of Lambert on Saturday.[/quote]   OkOk Paul ,,, so you dont want us to  give you stick ..we get it !   I think you will be disappointed ..... Judas
  3. [quote user="Boris"][quote user="manbearpig"]I''m sorry but the club have to act now. I was all for Hughton to get the job but how wrong was I. It was always going to be a hard season for us the way the fixtures come out but this guy doesnt have a clue on what to do. Not buying a striker, keeping Ward and letting go Ayala, signing Turner to name a few but what really does it for me is his subs taking of Holt for Morison? Really? Hows that gonna change anything? He has to go and go now as we have an international break coming it gives us time to get someone else in. I would like to say welcome back Holty thought he was back to his best today shame on the rest![/quote] eh game was already dead end after moro come for holt and after holt press 75 min + nothing strange in this sub Big boost for us is that Holt again have conf and goals also many players back after inj hope bassong is ok after late subst and now we have 2 weeks who can back the confidence and turn season. pity next oponent is arsenal and we seems struggle against such world class players hope to keep in the game all the time at least .. [/quote] What did that all mean ?
  4. I think that if Bassong is not back for the next game .. Russell Martin  should go to CB , Elliot  Bennett to RB , and Tettey should start , maybe to replace surman in the  Midfield..any thoughts ?
  5. [quote user="Sing Up The South Stand"]The thing for me is, not many teams will beat Newcastle on their patch this season. Realistically it''s not one where we were ever likely to win - and actually we weren''t far off getting something. I can understand people being concerned, but it''s not time yet. I''m convinced we will do Liverpool next week. It''s ridiculous how many good chances we''ve had that just haven''t gone in. Clearances off the line, fantastic goalkeeper saves, hitting the woodwork, penalties we should have got. There''s not much you can do about that, if we were skying all our chances or not having any I would be way more worried.[/quote] Very good point .....we just have to be a little better than our luck ! It will come ..soon I hope ...and next week would be great :)
  6. [quote user="Bor Bor Bor"] Now right from the start, I must say I''m very pro Hughton. And even if we were relegated, then I for one, would still want him here, this time next year. But would other clubs be as tolerant as I believe we are, or sack him?. Fifth from bottom, with no wins, and looking in trouble, and there are I believe, quite a few clubs who would get shot of him, even at this stage of the season. But as I said, I wouldn''t replace him. If anyone can lead us back to the Premiership again, its Chris Hughton! And that''ll do me just nicely, thank you.  Let the other teams implode and panic. We''ll just plod along quietly, and to hell with what others would do, or think, yes?   [/quote] Fifth from bottom ..looking in trouble ? Are you a half wit ?
  7. [quote user="City1st"] It appears as if the cringeworthy HI DE HI style proclamation of the cuckoo clock shriek was rather toned down today   unfortunately the usual boggle eyed, saliva spraying happy clappies rose up and bellowed away as if their were auditioning for the part of a scared damsell in a 1960''s Hammer House of Horrors film     [/quote] Oh Yeah !! cos F**k me ..we wouldn''t want any body  joining in with the oldest football song in the world if they don''t  fit "your " perfect image of a supporter !! P**t
  8. [quote user="can u sit down please"]Laudrup won''t change the Swansea appriach[/quote] Sorry to disagree ...... but watched the game and he very much has ! They looked like us from last season .... very aggresive ...very direct .
  9. [quote user="djc"]Its cheaper to hire and fire, than lose all the income from being in the promised land....[/quote]   Exactly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. [quote user="can u sit down please"]I bet he''s not going to change the approach. He will stick with what his players know, adding people that will fit into the system.[/quote] Cusdp ....who will not change ? Laudrup or Hughton ?  
  11. [quote user="ncfctilidie1080"]I live out in Charlotte in North Carolina [/quote]   AHHH! So  a NASCAR fan now ? I have spent a lot of time down in fort lauderdale , and previously in Dallas , I always think its strange to come in from the pool at 9 or 10 in the morning for kick off ! :)
  12. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]We didn''t win a game in our first month back in the prem...Lambert wasn''t good enough, holt was struggling and the defence was poor.... 9 months later no one cared about any of that..... Let''s give Hughton a chance..... Improve on last seasons position and half of you moaners will be having an orgasm at the way the seasons gone.... We will look back at this weekend and laugh[/quote]   I am sure that every last one of us who is unhappy right  now is praying that you are right Jas .........well except for Wiz !
  13. Unfortunately I agree with a lot of what you have written . I was one who thought that CH may just be the man we needed , and that he had slipped under the radar of others ......not quite so sure ......and now I too am hoping that my present  feelings are ill founded .   BTW ...where in USA are you ?
  14. [quote user="Buzz Killington"]Im not going to harp on more about the result yesterday - it speaks for its self. But after such a humiliating first day, it''s very apparent that something''s needs to be said or done. The club have said nothing. I''m seeing most other clubs linked with more and more players, and some are real quality. There seems to be nothing at all coming from our club. Some news regarding a player might help people forget about the absolute hiding we got yesterday. Or a statement to reassure fans that we are ok, and heading where we want to head. That sort of thing. Maybe some people higher up are realising that this is not the case. As long as the silence goes on, fans will make up their own minds.[/quote]   I totally agree with you BK .... and the response that you are getting to your original post here from the likes of Gp and Morty are starting to get a little monotonous .... like they are the only people who can see a bigger picture and that we are all idiots for feeling that something has gone badly wrong over the summer ,,, and that some drastic action needs to take place on ALL fronts ... another post is questioning our purchases this summer ...and some releases ...... and some possible targets as suspect to say the least .... bring in players that are no better than we had ...sending out players that could do a job ....and targeting players when we have adequate cover in a respective position,,, I am shitting myself that Hughton is not the right man for us .....................AND I  WAS ONE WHO WAS TRULY PLEASED  when his appointment was anounced , so unlike Wiz , it is not an ongoing but  building feeling that we have got the wrong man .
  15. [quote user="Gingerpele"]I saw him getting forward? And also, Howson was at his best last season when he wasn''t bombing forward. His contribution in the middle, rather the final 1/3 was what he did best.[/quote]   Sorry GP .... but the other posters and commentator are right .... yesterday he looked very unfit. The commentator often said "Howson is just standing again with his hands on his hips " and during the Borussia game , he was missing for 15 minutes at a time ,,, not even touching the ball .Something has  gone badly wrong over the summer, we can surmise all kinds of reasons,,,, its nonsense to say that the  poor showing during pre season were" not important" and that " pre season is purely  for fitness and tactics training " .....but the fact is that after yesterdays showing it would seem that none of that actually happened ! Howson was not the only one who stood out as poor and hapless .... but the others have no defense against just criticism either.
  16. [quote user="Across The Pond Yellow"]Here''s another possible explanation, the players come on the forums to see what people see, see that a majority of posters expect us to go down, and get disheartened, and couldn''t play. [/quote] T**T
  17. I watched mod lst night ....and Michael Laudrup had Swansea playing like us last year !!! None of the pointless passing constntly for the sake of it ,,, more a full blooded attack ...................ah yes .....I remember those days !
  18. [quote user="morty"]Good, common sense post[Y] I do wonder how we got away with our barnstorming tactics last year though, we did ship a hell of a lot of goals. So I can totally understand why he needs to tighten things up a bit. It clearly needs some tinkering though. [/quote] "Some Tinkering "  give me strength ................nothing about how we played today ..... or for that matter in the pre season .....has worked in any way !!!! it needs a major f****ng  overhaul ... !!!
  19. Ha Ha you are laughable !! I think you will find it was 32c for Fulham as well !!
  20. Unhappily admitting that you echo my feelings exactly CP .... but  when he was appointed , I really thought Hughton was going to keep us pressing forward ....lets hope that he will choose different tactics and players and be less negative after seeing this today .
  21. So the posters on here ...you know who you are ! Who told the more worried of us that we didn''t know what we were talking about ,,, and that the pathetic pre season displays were of no importance ... are you going to apologise ? I think we took some unwarranted stick due to our concern . I think after todays display we can see that we don''t have a functioning " team" on the pitch , and the starting line up was obviously flawed , I for one hope that we don''t have this to look forward to all year ....and I was one of the people believing Hughton could take us to the next level, not so sure now ....please let me be wrong .
  22. WTF ??? I despair reading some posters on here     [quote user="City1st"] The thing is can we find space in the 25 man maximum squad we are allowed ? At the moment we have 22 players (without C Martin) Assume two from Crofts, Barnett, Lappin and Barnett and yes he might stay but I think it would be under the belief that we can develop him further as i''m not sure if he is up to it at the moment   ps we will have Rudd, K Smith, Francomb and Adeyami all hitting the vital age of 21 after this season     [/quote]
  23. [quote user="Gingerpele"]Why does anyone with positive opinions have to be blind? Why do so many people have to try and find an excuse to devalue others opinion?[/quote]   What ? like you just did ?
  24. AND ....... A very dissapointing 13,000 actually turned out ...maybe they knew something I didn''t ..the ones who didn''t bother that is .
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