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  1. Oooh Delia is putting a new structure in place.... How wonderful. Lambs to the slaughter. Time to force her out
  2. [quote user="True Grit"]Hopefully this means the club will take him on.[/quote] Shut it
  3. I reckon it''ll be a cool £2mil to get rid of Moxey and this wont come out until the AGM where no one will give a hoot apart from a few keyboard warriors..... Such is the Norwich way
  4. Ok. It''s not identical. But we have a manager who''s not really doing it with a horrendous recent record and everyone else is looking at us with complete disbelief as to why we haven''t sacked him!
  5. Remember when Blackburn had that p. poor manager from their youth team? Steve Kean I think it was. Remember how they persisted with him for so long despite the fact he got them relegated and he had little to no managerial experience? Remember how he should have been sacked but for some reason the chicken men persisted?That''s us now that is
  6. I set up a new account,I thought I might be coy,But after 3 posts of crap,It''s clear i''m a bell end not guitarboy
  7. [quote user="Buh"]We were poor, but it''s how you react to it. There was a sense of unity, resilience and good natured support around me at the stadium in wake of the goal While on here some were calling Neil Adams names. That''s what makes a fan. If you give up after 40 seconds what is the point I ask you? Anyway, don''t want to get into this, I''m more than happy to talk about the awesome football game last night. Backing away from this slowly[/quote]Speaking of which Bluh. Isn''t that the 3 Billy Goats Gruff coming? Hadn''t you best get out and stop them trampling over your bridge?
  8. [quote user="Ice Cold Pineapple Soda"]Probably Buh. He''s stupid like nobody''s business.[/quote]Aye, that he is. Class A Pillock
  9. Taken out by the "Dr of Thuganomics" Joey Barton. Maybe he said "Give that to your mate Johnson"
  10. First it was Trigger. Then Rik Mayall, now Robin Williams has died. What a depressing year it has been.
  11. [quote user="Buh"]Did anyone listen to it? Did it have the usual plethora of brain dead, yokel freaks on show? I listen to it for entertainment purposes and thought after yesterday it would be good There is literally nothing funnier to me than a 100 year old man who is his own sister and brother so furious he can barely speak phoning a live radio show from his shed.[/quote]I think you could well be considered one of these judging by some of your posts on here
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