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  1. What I can''t understand is people moaning about the ''unfair'' ticket sales by the club. Tickets were available for season ticket holders, current priority members and anyone else who wanted a ticket on the condition that they paid up for a priority membership before buying tickets. No reason to be paying a fortune off a tout or moaning that you couldn''t get a ticket.
  2. Simple answer is don''t be mug enough to buy them. Let them be stuck with them and therefore out of pocket. Nobody is forced to shell out £300 for a ticket. Presumably those who are encouraging people to sell tickets like this are those who didn''t want to spend £20 getting priority memberships.
  3. Denying a clear goal by the use of a hand or arm, straight red, one match ban. Nothing new there.
  4. Tickets arrived yesterday, 3 adult, 1 concession (U17) exactly what I ordered
  5. A word of caution and of course I might be wrong but the advert says priority memberships now on sale for 2015-16 season. As Wembley game is end of 2014-15 season, will they actually be valid for buying tickets Wednesday night?
  6. Mine flicked back to 65+ too, but I changed it again before confirming order. Made sure I had 3 adults and 1 U17 and confirmed and paid. As you''re going to be upgrading and therefore spending more money I''m sure they''ll sort it.
  7. It was that easy, no problems with upgrading tickets. If you''ve confirmed order and paid for the wrong grade of ticket I guess they''ll class it as customer error and you''ll be stuck with them.
  8. Upgraded my father in laws ticket from 65+ to adult, he''s away on holiday, no problem at all. Check all boxes and prices are correct after updating your basket.
  9. Queued for over an hour, chose tickets, clicked buy, then I got system error your session has closed. Empty basket, no tickets, no chance of getting 4 together where we want to sit! Fuming!!
  10. Chose my 4 seats, clicked on buy, then it comes up system error your session has expired! Now back to start of queue again!!!
  11. Took me about 5 minutes online to order and pay for my 3 season ticket seats for home leg last night.
  12. As someone who has experienced Gary Holt as a manager and coach, all I can say is, if he''s as good as he was then, it''s an excellent appointment.
  13. Going to be a nervous game against Villa, but I believe we''re going to win 2 out of our last 3. Had City down to finish on 44 points several weeks ago.
  14. I''m a season ticket holder, in fact I buy three each year. I''ve not gone to any cup games this year. Why? Because after spending over £800 on those three tickets in these tough financial times, I have to be very careful where I spend any more money. By not going to the earlier games I can now afford to attend the Tottenham game if I choose to. I wish like some preach on here money was no object but for hard pressed families like mine it is and will continue to be for quite some time.  
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