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  1. Another 9/10. Interesting the three answer choices on final question. I suppose they are all similar type clubs/stadiums?
  2. Has anyone had the email yet for the ST holder codes?
  3. Stayed at a very ordinary hotel in Jersey about 1983 with an ex girlfriend. Downstairs in the hotel was a function room where they held ‘entertainment’ each night. The host was Shane Richie in what was probably one of his earliest jobs. He took a shine to us (maybe her only?) and gave us a copy of a single he had just had made! Saw ex Lib Dem MP, while he was still on the tele regularly, at a tube station after we played away to Charlton, probably in the 80’s. Stood next to Steve Bruce in the toilets at The Buck at Thorpe River Green. Can’t remember the year but he still played for us. Usual polite nods were exchanged. Had loads of contact with football people of many levels through previous job, weirdest one was Roy Keane while he was still manager down the road. Pleasant but intimidating! Also Jeff Sterling and some of the Saturday football pundits on the Friday night at a hotel in West London.
  4. That’s it. Anyone else see my point? (or Steipi’s point!)
  5. Stiepermann was so thrilled with the third goal he quickly tied fishing line to his genitals and gave them a jolly good tug. Check out the photos doing the rounds, EEN and the Sun is where he is performing! I can’t do the link but hopefully someone can.
  6. No worries there- wife keeps that and she’s staying in Norwich! If that’s even still a thing I wouldn’t imagine they’d even bother getting out of bed on a Saturday morning for Norwich.
  7. Normally head for the toilet at that point! Like to leave a gift.
  8. Just wondering if any/many using the train on Saturday? I believe it’s around 20 minutes walk from Stratford so am thinking the 12.00 train, gets in at 1.45 should be about right. The 12.00 train is the latest direct service that will get you into the ground in time. Has anyone done this walk? Is the much around the area to see, Olympic legacy and all that? Or better just to head to the ground?
  9. I tend to agree that a degree of co-ordination helps. From my spot near the back of the South Stand very close to the River End I get quite a good perspective of overall noise from The Barclay and the Snakepit, both separately and together, as well as around the ground in general. Clearly, as we all know, the atmosphere has improved beyond belief in recent months. However I’ve often noticed how songs/chants loose some effectiveness when they are not synchronised, starting in one area then being picked up halfway through. Although the general noise level is there it is less effective. There were a couple of times during the Newcastle game when I did notice OTBC being sung late in the game very much in unison. There was clear ‘silence’ between the lines which is not normally noticeable although this was maybe more luck than judgement with no planned linkup in place. Unfortunately many of these Ultra leaders are found in the continental style stadiums where they can find a prominent standing spot at the front, often on a purpose built podium type thing. Not really practical at the front of the Barclay, what with people moaning they can’t see or Health & Safety issues in the UK.
  10. How unique is this issue across the Premier League do people think. Most away grounds will be limited to around 2500 to 3000 so almost every club must have a supply and demand issue. Have the club got the system wrong or is a similar membership scheme operated throughout the league? I suppose it’s like any major event, festival, concert. If a product is decent there will be a demand.
  11. we were upstairs- would have liked to stop longer at Birchanger- quite fancied a burger!!
  12. was also in the torch and queued longer for a drink than I did for my match ticket!! wonder how the service was in Crystals? Anyone else wish we could do it all again?
  13. we were on the second bus out to. Were you upstairs or down?
  14. i agree zip, clappers etc, anything organised by club is tinpot. Fan led/organised support is not- Dortmund/Legia Warsaw etc. hardly tinpot/happy clappers. Although those clubs often assist fans with earlier access to stadium/finance for banners etc. Don''t think we could ever come close to that level of support/effect but we can do ourselves proud tomorrow no problem!
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