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  1. Love the fact Accrington v Fleetwood is off due to international call ups but Ipswich v Shrewsbury is on!
  2. I can clearly remember in the seventies turning up to Carrow Road (parked behind the old South Stand I think) and the excitement of seeing the TV trucks and realising you were going to be on the tele that night or the next afternoon on Anglia.
  3. I would have thought the advertising budget part of my purchase forms a very small part of the product’s cost.
  4. I’m certain I’ve never bought anything as a direct result of an advert on ITV, but obviously I’ve bought things which have probably been included in the ad breaks at some point, even as simple as going in Sainsbury’s then seeing an ad for the shop the same evening. But to suggest I’ve therefore paid for that advert is pretty tenuous, as I would have already received something more tangible for my monetary outlay than 90 seconds on prime time tele.
  5. Surely I could watch ITV all day, every day and not a penny would leave my bank account would it? Can’t see how we are paying. Other than emotionally as the adverts are so tedious. BBC all day long for any live football, hate the way they go to a break just after the teams walk out.
  6. Probably still at the time when there were a large number of ‘away’ fans more prevalent in home sections, can’t imagine many home fans applauding an opposing substitution, regardless of the player’s reputation, can’t dispute Gerrard’s quality. I for one am glad they clamped down on the local glory hunters turning up, scattered throughout the ground on the ‘big match days’.
  7. Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich, but close enough to CR to hear the crowd.
  8. Another 9/10. Interesting the three answer choices on final question. I suppose they are all similar type clubs/stadiums?
  9. Has anyone had the email yet for the ST holder codes?
  10. Stayed at a very ordinary hotel in Jersey about 1983 with an ex girlfriend. Downstairs in the hotel was a function room where they held ‘entertainment’ each night. The host was Shane Richie in what was probably one of his earliest jobs. He took a shine to us (maybe her only?) and gave us a copy of a single he had just had made! Saw ex Lib Dem MP, while he was still on the tele regularly, at a tube station after we played away to Charlton, probably in the 80’s. Stood next to Steve Bruce in the toilets at The Buck at Thorpe River Green. Can’t remember the year but he still played for us. Usual polite nods were exchanged. Had loads of contact with football people of many levels through previous job, weirdest one was Roy Keane while he was still manager down the road. Pleasant but intimidating! Also Jeff Sterling and some of the Saturday football pundits on the Friday night at a hotel in West London.
  11. That’s it. Anyone else see my point? (or Steipi’s point!)
  12. Stiepermann was so thrilled with the third goal he quickly tied fishing line to his genitals and gave them a jolly good tug. Check out the photos doing the rounds, EEN and the Sun is where he is performing! I can’t do the link but hopefully someone can.
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