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  1. [quote user="Yellowbeagle"]Every keeper in the bottom 6 sides last season made errors, it going to happen whoever is in goal for us due to the workload, over the course of a season i dont think he''ll make anymore or any less than anyone else. [/quote] Damm Straight!!! Ruddy''s our No1...SUPPORT HIM!!!!
  2. [quote user="ThorpeCanary"]The OP wasn''t saying what you can and can''t predict for this game, I think he''s just hoping we avoid the attitude of expecting a comfortable win - one that could cause the attitude to turn the air sour in a similar way it did against Doncaster if things aren''t going to plan.[/quote] Thanks ThorpeCanary that was exactly my point!
  3. Preston Saturday then!   Hope were all not gonna get too carried away in that we are playing the bottom side and think its an easy 3 points or that its going to be be at least 4-0, only for it to still be 0-0 after 30/40 mins and for a small number of our so called fans start grumbling that we should be hammering these, and then start to shout absurb abuse at our own players for any mistakes they make god forbid (If only they were robots), for example a Ruddy miskick, even though he''s be brilliant for us this season, that won''t stop stupid comments from a couple of morons near me.   Don''t care what anyone says i''d take 1-0 win right now.
  4. Ok i admit he''s not the best player we''ve ever had but do i really have to put up with the tw@ats around me constantly shouting abuse at him for the whole 90mins EVERYTIME he touches the ball! Grrrrrrrr!
  5. Its up there along with Man Utd/Middlesboro from the Prem days, but mine has to be the 3-1 win against Wolves in the Playoff 1st leg! I''ll never forget the look some of the away fans faces!!! Ha Ha 
  6. [quote user="CANARYCHARGE"] his mistakes out weight his good points[/quote] What an idiotic thing to say! Surely he would be dropped if that was the case! Don''t get me wrong, Rudd will be No1 some day but i have full faith in Ruddy!
  7. FFS will you people shut the hell up about Ruddy! ALWAYS picking on the bad points which to be fair there have been few, He''s has made some superb saves and EARNED points for us in many games! He could make 100 world class saves but i bet if he made 1 mistake there will be some one who will be like ''Oh though Ruddy should have done bettter today...blah blah BLAH!!!!'' Get a grip!
  8. The 2 for £19.50 ticket deal from the Sun is all sold out, just found out there was only about 100-150 ticket available for this! All a bit misleading really, would have thought they would have made more available!
  9. [quote user="horse suckers united"]Oasis - Fu*king in the Bushes[/quote] 100% agree!!
  10. Jeeezz never ruddy happy are we, moan when we have a big game and not on Sky and then moan when we are on Sky abeit at 11.30 kick off!! Doesn''t matter for me as i''ll enjoy a pub brekkie with a couple of pints......nice!
  11. Is this just for the Sat? If so i''d go for "You Love Us" by Manic Street Preachers"
  12. Right i''m just gonna say it........I really LIKE the Football League show! (Not that Lizzy thou...something about her!!) I think what the BBC has done for Championship/League 1 & 2 is brilliant what with online aswell, especially compared to what we had before with that ITV''s dross!!! Yes it frustating we don''t get that much coverage at times..but we have been the game of the day a fair few times aswell! Who knows next season the BBC may well pick up the Derby game Live!!!
  13. [quote user="Eadienhucks"]When played them a few years back when they were relegated,not the iwan hat trick match,a season or or so later,they were agreat bunch of lads who sang some funny songs taking the mick out of themselves..Hope they stay in biz[/quote] Agreed! I was at that game, when the news came through we were in the play offs they gave us a massive applause! One of the best set of away fans i can remember! Looks like they may have a buyer so really hope all works out for them!
  14. "If i hear any Norwich City fan moan or criticise during next weeks game i''m gonna personally kick your arse!!!"  Cool, come down to Barclay Lower block E, there''s 4/5 lads down there you can get started on!!!  Ha Ha
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