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  1. I''m a bit of a latecomer to The Fall - far too late, and this is my first proper taste of them (which l''m thoroughly enjoying). That sounds pretty typical from what I''ve read - ''if it''s me and your Gran on bongos, then it''s The Fall'' Any recommendations from their HUGE back catalogue!? I''m thinking... The Real New Fall LP (Formerly Country on the Click)
  2. The La''s The Fall - Heads Roll DMA''s - for Now Briefly listened to a bit of IDLES but need to give them a proper listen at an appropriate volume.
  3. My first experience of ifollow last night and I have to say the quality of the picture was great, no freezing or buffering and properly synced Radio Norfolk commentary. My only gripe was that I''d hoped to use my HDMI/Lightning cable to mirror the stream from my phone onto the TV - but that appears to have been restricted.
  4. Whilst it''s always pleasant seeing the scum humbled I seem to remember them getting thumped by a lower league side last preseason and then staring the season in decent fashion. In almost every aspect, preseason isn''t an indicator to much.
  5. I love Ivo as a character, and can see why he would be made captain on that basis. Unfortunately he''s defensively suspect and going forward he flatters to deceive. Rarely gets past the opposing full back or delivers any quality into the box.
  6. The Football Lads Alliance is evolving into another English Defence League. The sad thing in my view is that the EDL was initially only set up to counter Muslim extremist demonstration groups in Luton, and I can fully appreciate why the need was felt to counter that rhetoric and appreciate the concerns folk would have about it. But instead of retaining any kind of integrity it attracted BNP members, racists, bigots and morphed into a right-wing street movement devoid of the focus and aim it began with. Sadly, the FLA is going in the exact same direction.
  7. like/dislike or upvote/downvote buttons please. Often can''t be bothered to post just to state that I agree with something.
  8. This is taken from a My Football Writer article by Steve Cook but sums it up perfectly for me... ''The land of milk and honey is actually a land of angst and money. The top flight is, for all bar a privileged few, a continual grind to gather enough points to earn the right to do it all over again.'' For most clubs the financial importance of retaining a Premier League place trumps everything else in football. The other competitions are an afterthought and have lost their significance. The development of homegrown youth and managers is stunted due to the immediate and extreme pressure for results. Even if a club of our ilk has a great season and qualifies for the Europa League it''s immediately disregarded as an unwanted distraction from the importance of Premier League survival. I understand the short-termism from owners and directors due to the financial implications of relegation but football is no better for it. The Championship may not offer the same standard of football but as a competition it''s far more open and enjoyable than the Premier League.
  9. [quote user="Spillay"]I stopped buying programmes years ago, probably around the early 2000''s. Just too many adverts, interviews that seemed manufactured/doctored and a lot of repetitive guff. One of the best fanzines imo was Y''Army, cracking read that was.[/quote] Exactly this ^^^ I''ve not even looked at one for a good 15 years so have no idea if they''ve improved but they used to be a waste of money if you''d read the local press. With the internet-based content and team updates etc available via social media platforms I''m surprised clubs haven''t pushed for the lifting of this requirement sooner in the current climate - I can''t imagine they generate a profit for many clubs nowadays. The project that saw different artists take on the covers this season was pretty cool... but still didn''t entice me to buy one. Annoys me that it''s too bulky to put it in a pocket, so you''ve got to carry it about too.
  10. The intent is clear to see - building the play with a possession-based short passing game that will work the opposition over. My hope is that it''s still a work in progress because we fall short of creating the necessary opportunities... - Movement seems to be lacking for much of the time. Players rarely seem to run ahead of the ball and overlap. It''s one of the issues of playing wing-backs, and our midfielders only rarely take the chance to make runs ahead of the striker. - Individually too many players seem slow to move the ball, not helped by the lack of movement. - As soon as an opposition team sits deep and shows a lack of forward momentum we struggle to break them down. Looking too positionally rigid and predictable. - Nelson Oliveira is not ideally suited to the system - but has for some time been our only decent striking option. Cameron Jerome was even less well-suited on a technical level. I think Farke needs a team of his own design, likely to take clearer shape after the next transfer window, before we can truly judge the effectiveness of his tactics. They''re so specific and rarely implanted at this level of English football.
  11. I remember that Blackburn game... so miserable in every conceivable way! Green had a bit of a nightmare too as I recall!? Utterly depressing. The only positive from the day is that the pies were top notch. Think I missed the start of the second half to eat a second one - must''ve been comfort eating!
  12. So many to choose from, but how I''m feeling right now... Best - The 4-1 win at home to Ipswich under Lambert in 2010. They were supposed to be going onto big things under Keane whereas we''d just been promoted from League One. But we thumped ''em! A Holt hat-trick and a lovely chip from Hoolahan made for a perfect day. Atmosphere electric, as you might imagine. Worst - A 3-2 home loss to Forest in 2008 under Roeder comes to mind. They were a relegation rival, so it was important in that respect, but we just never turned up. Both our goals were OG''s and I remember thinking during the game that relegation looked very likely. It was so bad I left early (I never leave early!) and missed the last two goals - there was just a feeling of dejection and inevitability throughout the whole miserable performance. The Colchester game just felt numbing and bizarre like nothing before or since.
  13. That''s true enough Ricardo, but I suppose the job still had to be done. We did at least remain on the front foot and in compete control, as opposed to dropping back and inviting pressure from Boro, which even with 10 men and some talented individuals they would still have been capable of applying. Absolutely agree that we need to start creating and scoring more - but I guess all managers will tell you the defence has to be sorted first. Currently I still don''t see us troubling the playoff positions but I''m hopeful we''re building and heading in the right direction.
  14. Great report as usual Ricardo - I always enjoy reading them each week whether I''ve been at the match or not (well, especially if I''ve not!). I understand what you mean about a dearth of excitement but I personally felt really satisfied by how we totally dominated the ball and didn''t allow Boro'' to get into the game. It was a welcome change from nervously hanging on and repelling attack after attack. I think it was one of the clearest examples of how Farke wants us to set up and play - just total dominance of the ball and game in general. It''s great when we''re ahead but perhaps not troubling enough for the opposition when we''re behind. I guess we just need to work on creating more meaningful chances now, but I remain hopeful that we''re moving in the right direction.
  15. I can''t say I''m a huge fan of having too many loan players. I suppose in this case, if Edwards can get his head down and show a maturity and work ethic to compliment his reported skills then we could have a very useful player for the last few months of the season. If not... he''s back to spurs with nothing lost on our part.
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