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  1. [quote user="Zak Burger"][quote user="Tj"]  Makes me laugh anyway, especially when he gets his hexes out [;)]     [/quote] Just be glad things aren''t bad enough for him to resort to his male chicken and his crystal balls, don''t want him getting those out thank you very much.[/quote]   That is a terrifying thought [:D]      
  2. Quite fond of Wiz myself.   He''s been described as many things on here but not a Ip5w1ch fan   Makes me laugh anyway, especially when he gets his hexes out [;)]    
  3. Was over the moon when Holloway did''nt sign for them, just because he''s such a top lad. football needs people like him.
  4.   Just came across this. Nice story   http://www.in-cumbria.com/norwich-star-grant-holt-funds-football-kits-for-pupils-at-his-former-carlisle-school-1.1008709?referrerPath=news-archive
  5. Doris from Melton is 94 you know [:D]   Classic.
  6. Managed to get invites for me and the kids to the film UP at the BFI on the south bank in London a couple of years ago.   Walking down the red carpet, my 7 yr old daughter wanted to take a photo of me and number one son. So we stood there with daughter standing infront of the paparazzi camera in hand telling us to stand closer, left a bit, right a bit etc... after about 30 seconds I enquired to daughter what was taking so long?   After a few standard "it''s the big button on the top" and  "press it down a bit till it goes beep" etc. I noticed the paps were killing themselves laughing, I looked to the right and Daniella Westbrook was waiting with her kids, I turned aand said "can you hang on? daughters trying to take a blurry out of focus picture" which made her and the paps laugh even more. One of the paps then took the camera and told daughter to stand with us and he''d take the photo. So their not all bad....   Once inside we met Trinny and Suzanna, Johnathan Ross, and Gail Porter (whose even better close up). and a few more celebs.   Got into the Cinema managed to get the kids settled and decided I needed a quick loo break before the film started, went out of the door and bumped into Bear Grylls, I apologised and started to walk off when he started talking to me about him being the head of the scout moment, he was even wearing a woggle!!   Bu this point I was bursting, so I made yes noises and continued to walk to the toilets......Mr Grylls however continued talking and started to follow me to the toilet telling me how important the scouts were, his role was and what a honour it was...   This continued in the toilet, while I stood at the urinal, washed my hands, and walked out with him still talking.  If he was''nt ex SAS and to be honest a really nice guy I''d have told hime to p*** off. I eventually managed to give him the slip in the cinema and sat down to watch the film.   After the film had finished I did my own SAS style black ops trying to avoid him ducking behind pot plants and advert boards with the cream of British Celebs wondering why this man and 2 kids were commando crawling down the red carpet [:)]    
  7. Thought I''d have a quick look on their comedy site and saw this   http://www.twtd.co.uk/forum/236191/jewell-sacked/#27 Nothing confirmed but........ [:D]
  8. Hoping we''ll get that 1st win today.........[;)]   Going for a 2-1 Snoddy and Holt      
  9. TotallyaAgree Purple, a minutes silence followed by applause, giving a mark of respect and celebration.          
  10. [quote user="Lord Horn"]The Only Way Is Earlham[/quote] [Y]   Sprowston Abbey
  11. What is your Favourite Norwich memory? It could be anything, not just that best goal or winning promotion, just a personal memory which sticks.   For me it was taking my son to his first match when he was about 6 years old, it was someting I was looking forward to for a long time.   Walking to the ground with him in our Norwich shirts on a cold Tuesday night was fun and seeing his anticipation build as we got closer to the stadium. His reaction when we scored and the crowd noise was fantastic, a mixture of shock at the level of noise from where we were in the Lower Barclay and excitement of Norwich scoring.   What really makes it my favourite memory was the walk home, him bouncing up and down with excitement all the way up King Street and me trying to keep hold of him in the crowd.   Another lifelong Norwich fan on the books. Something I''ll never forget [:)]     
  12. [quote user="rock bus"]One of my favourite goals was Marc Libra on his debut against Man City at home. It was just about his first touch where he lifted the ball over his shoulder, turned and then hit it on the volley in to the back of the net (or at least thats my hazy recollection!!) Really thought it was the start of something special Was particularly important from a personal level as I was sat in the stands next to my Man City supporting brother! [/quote]   I was in the River End with a perfect line of sight to watch that go in, I remember Stuart Pierce literally going psycho right infront of me. I also remember jumping up and spilling my drink over the woman in front and looking all sweet innocent when my teenage brother in law (at the time) caught the flack as it was his Teacher, damn she gave him a b*llocking [:D]         Happy days [:)]
  13. As the title suggests, what was the best goal you''ve seen Norwich score, and the best goal scored agains us at a game you were at?   For The Jerry Goss goal against Liverpool in front of the old kop, still sends shivers down my spine.   Against Cyril Regis''s goal against us in the 82 FA cup game, I was 11 years old with my Dad, we were almost level with him when he took his shot, still remember my jaw hitting the ground as the ball went in...... totally gutted and impressed at the same time. [:)]    
  14.   Seems as if he may not be eligible to play...   http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story/_/id/1151501/michael-owen-left-in-limbo-over-stoke-move?cc=5739    
  15. Didn''t see anything on SSN website just now. Was it on the info bar on SSN Channel? Really hope this isn''t true,  Wee need a striker.    
  16. I know Glenn quite well, infact I think he owes me a pint!!! Next time I see him I''ll ask him if he''s got any photos from the old days.    
  17. Pleased with the way we come back from last week. Ruddy, Defence, midfield and up front all look like the team we should be. While teams been excellent. Unlucky if we don''t get the win.
  18. Great cross, close from snoddy, how we haven''t scored yet!!!! Tony Fernandez dosent look too chuffed either :)
  19. Hills off. No surprise. :) Jacksons got to score again.
  20. [quote user="HoltsDerbyDayHattrick"]Great tackle by bassong.[/quote] Bassong''s been very solid, keeping qpr quiet.
  21. Jacksons very lively, can''t see us not scoring again. Hopefully befor half time. :)
  22. Lovely goal. Well done Jackson :) I can start to breathe again now. [:D]
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