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  1. yeah i remeber i think we were gona pay 1 million but newcastle wanted a little bit more
  2. are you talkin about worthy or duffy? because worthys biggest down fall for him was getting us promoted, after that the expectations from the fans were to high
  3. even money to go down on betfair, no bad odds
  4. i agree with the players your sayin but id may keep ryan jarvis, eagle how on earth can he play a game for norwich he is dreadfull.
  5. im expectin jermey beadle to walk round the corner lol        [;)]
  6. i know we are in a state but norwich are a much bigger club to manage than plymouth
  7. i agree i wont even want megson back here and i doubt many norwich fans would want him as well
  8. if he would leave plymouth for us i think he''d do a job
  9. i rate him as a manager he looked nailed on at one point to be england manager at some stage and even took charge for one game giving david beckham the captains arm band, not a bad judge there.
  10. did you see him in between a pub crawl, oh by the way i see rooney then takin coleen in house of frazer lol
  11. he was once talked as a futre england boss and done really well with the u21''s, maybe he could be the man to try and turn things around!!
  12. unless there is some new backers coming in within the next 2 years we will end up goin down this season or next, harsh but true we probly are the worst team in the league.
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