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  1. I won a pair of cinema tickets with my golden goal apparently its a 1:20 win ratio so worth a couple of punts and last week was 2 seconds of £500  
  2. I think Becchio has a future at the club and can offer something to have scored as many goals by jan is a quality striker we have - remember we only have 3 strikers and we need 4 encase of injuries
  3. I agree grantroederdisaster he was a best average and I would rather oli be given more of a chance he was slow fell over alot had a golden opportuntity for a shot but just doesnt have the skill
  4. [quote user="baldyboy"]what is this lovefest with Lazyboy Martin? He was awful today and his finishing was Sunday League at best, all the crap people gave Jackson the other day should now be given to Martin!!!![/quote]you obv have little idea about football Martin was a top performer today and wilbrams was sunday league
  5. policing was poor not in the right places and mixing at the end almost resulted in a blood bath
  6. [quote user="Fellas"]I agree with all the sentiments on here. There was 0 policeman outside the jarrold straight after the final whistle (they were out by the holiday inn). An old bor got shoved by a leeds "fan" and it got a bit edgy. It was clear that the Leeds fans were being let out, I could see them leaving the gates. A couple of them were swearing and being abusive, policemen again just looking on. Cars were coming down Carrow Road from Yarmouth Road, causing more disorder. Quite frankly the police really have to look at themselves, a really shoddy job today. There has only really been two games where the police have needed to be active: Millwall on Boxing day (for obvious reasons) and today, and they did a bad job tonight. I guess all that money we spend on policing is value for money...[/quote] Yer I saw a Leeds fan getting in peoples faces and trying to get a response and it was about to spill over just at the back of the Jarroldd and the police were no where they all stood the wrong side on the hotel saw a kid get spat at by a 40 year old skin head they where aweful policing was rubbish none seemed to no what was going on
  7. why so many people still holding negative attitudes ?Granted we arent out the woods yet but any win away from home is worth being happy about
  8. [quote user="lappinitup"]Mark Garfoot (sports scientist) has left too. Didn''t our last sports scientist David Carolan leave to go to........... Colchester? [/quote]Yes the same person who reportedly destroyed all the clubs player data when he was sacked!
  9. Whats happened to him has he left the club cant find hime on the official site? http://www.canaries.co.uk/page/ProfilesDetail/0,,10355~34040,00.html
  10. are we already the laughing stock of league one ? I wish him the best but just confirms to me that my decision not to renew my season ticket was just
  11. lets make use of the youth system Rudd is a qaulity keeper and needs the number 1 shirt! would the u19 sqaud have got norwich relegated last year probably but we would have still saved 2m +
  12. this was the only positive of getting relegated getting rid of that over rated GK that actually cost us at least 6 points through his errors
  13. this was the only positive of getting relegated getting rid of that over rated GK that actually cost us at least 6 points through his errors
  14. he is terrible i almost poop my self everytime i hear his name on the radio, and i was hoping the biggest ray of light to come out of this relegation is that he would go as ive lost count the number of games he has cost us !http://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/content/sport/story.aspx?brand=ENOnline&category=Sport&tBrand=ENOnline&tCategory=Sport&itemid=NOED04%20May%202009%2011%3A40%3A02%3A930please activiate any release clause or just go some where else and get them relegated 
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