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  1. Jewell Bruce Grayson Allen Newell Dublin Taylor Tilson Pulis Mabye dave penny or paul ince    
  2. couldnt agree more...he has acheived nothing in the premiership...just more trouble for us now leicester havent got a manager
  3. How would you feel about newell coming to carrow road...apparently was at the game against bristol
  4. Jewell would be great. will be great if we get him here.. .wouldnt be suprised if  liecester try to get him after megsons departure
  5. paul jewell looks more unlikely...manderic will probably try and get him in now
  6. jewell also my first choice...have a feeling newell could get job
  7. who on earth would want gary megson for the bolton job. he''s only just come back into managing
  8. IMO it would be much helpful for the board to say which manager we are going for instead of just telling us nothing...we need a proven manager intrested in what others think
  9. [quote user="sydneysider"]Wenger had never managed in England et al[/quote] this is because wenger had some decent players
  10. I live in thorpe marriott...roughly about 5 or so miles
  11. i dont think we will go down. but cant see us going up this year.
  12. where is peter grant going now
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