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  1. currently the players listed below are out of contract at the end of the season and Norwich must surely keep an eye on a few. give me your thoughts : Manual Almunia (arsenal) - very unlikely and to be honest wouldnt really want him Luke Young Nigel Reo Coker (Aston Villa) John Carew - still all seem unlikely to me however John Carew would be a great Target man for us. think he is more likely to go to a club such as stoke though. Seb Larsson - linked with him before and i think this is more likely, would like to see him in a city shirt. Kevin Phillips - being linked with him, think this is not PL and he wouldnt be interested. Benjani - wages to high and becoming a bit of a has been Jason roberts - big hit or big miss! Richard Kingson - would be great cover for JR, however dont seem this to be likely. David Vaughn - possability but also being linked with the likes of WBA. Johan Elmander - NOPE! Seamus Coleman - playing well for Everton, yet still not offered a new contract, i think he would be a good buy for the canaries :) Victor Anichibe - still yet to perform on he big stage... however he could do it at a club like ourselves. Zoltan Gera - Personally not a fan, however could be the winger were looking for. Shaleum Logan - Man city youngster, not going to break into the first team, possability. Michael Owen - anything is possable, but i will onl believe this when i see him in a norwich shirt. far to expensive..... as about notiable in the united side this season as bin laden has been for the past 10 years. Sol Campbell - hes a gooner and looks a gonerrrrrrr Ricardo Fuller - looked promising in the prem at stages, however our club is about consistancy as of late, i reckon he would be a good buy. Rory Delap - LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG throw, that is all. Simon Cox - Hasnt cut it, championship player at most. Robert Green - think id love him back here, but JR needs to be given his oppertunity and greeno wouldnt settle for the bench, Stephen Caldwell - would settle in nicely at the centre of our defence. and a quick look at dortmund shows that : dede - defender antonio da silva - midfielder are both out of contract at the end of the season. could PL pull some strings?
  2. bruce currently doesn''t manage a team and lives dotted around countries. he has a house in ludham that is currently for sale, in the village i work in. very nice house actually. yes anyway he came into the bar with his wife last week i think it was so may still be around at the momnethowever hasnt been into the pub again. so may have gone ack to denmark. unsure of this. although i think he would be a great manager.afterall gunn cant lead a team into a brick wall let alone a title.
  3. could he have got it more wrong. choosing norwich over any other club because he wanted to get promoted with a club to the premiership. what a clever person
  4. [quote user="CANARYCHARGE"][quote user="pickle"]someone must be able to. hiw about regulaar posters on here. like jas. how bout it? u know the club well and was at the meeting today with all the questions. ???[/quote] the facts are there!! we had a protest today, how many turned up??? unfortunately people talk the talk but tend to not walk the walk! [/quote]   however 1 day to organise, and 30 people turn up. between now and wednesday is basically 1 and a half days. thats enough time to alert authorities, media etc. and round up enough people. tell friends/family and possibly a much bigger turn out? all we need is organisation
  5. someone must be able to. hiw about regulaar posters on here. like jas. how bout it? u know the club well and was at the meeting today with all the questions. ???
  6. So can someomne take charge and actually organise something?
  7. well someone take lead (because i have no idea where to start) and round up everyone. i will definetly be there whenever the next one will be
  8. Can someone, maybe with experience, actually organise a propper protest. Maybe for thursday night with time to actually organise and alert authorities of the plans. Then we can actually have a real protest that we might be listened too. anyone interested?
  9. A once great club.  that has been killed by the board.     R.I.P                   N.C.F.C
  10. wrong should have gone to carl ikeme for the best ever spill ive sin in my life. OR andy durso of course. can''t forget that blinding performance that has probably shortned evrysingle one of our lives by about 10 years through stress
  11. carney is the biggest pile of balls ive ever seen in my life. my left nut could play football better than that Kn*b
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