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  1. Can someone actually tell me what either of them are bringing to the team at the moment? Howson scores the odd goal or two admittedly but Dorrans can''t even pass forwards!
  2. Just for fun, what does everyone expect to happen tomorrow? For me; IN: Mbokani Gayle CB Winger/Am OUT: Grabban Hooper/Lafferty Elliott Bennett Andreu
  3. I''m more shocked we turned down £5.2 million
  4. To get rid of Hooper, our best finisher for me and to potentially replace him with Murray or Walters and keep Grabban, worries me muchly! I don''t see what we''re gaining out of this, I can only assume Hooper has asked to move.
  5. Can see him being given a Wes sort of role a lot more next year. Personally think he''ll be pushed up further and we will sign another big CM to put next to Tettey.
  6. Block 212, someone had a good connection amongst our mob. Also anyone on Level 2 is classed as "Club Wembley." http://www.wembleystadium.com/TheStadium/StadiumGuide.aspx
  7. http://www.canaries.co.uk/cms_images/wembleymap132-2457044.pdf For arguments sake, the stage is down our end of the ground. I''ve sat in blocks 501 or 526 and that was okay, not great. Just saying from a personal point of view, everyone is different...
  8. Should we progress, I would go for a Cat 2 ticket. I''d happily go behind the goal in Cat 3, but, wouldn''t want to run the risk of ending up on the side in the upper tier Cat 3. Have been to a few concerts there and even at the front of the upper tier, that''s far enough away.
  9. [quote user="nutty nigel"] I''m not surprised. I fully expected it. Season ticket holders come from all over the country. If it had been a Friday night I think even less would have claimed there seats. Oh and Lakey, some of the come even further than you 20 odd times a season... [/quote] Some people gave hassle on here that I couldn''t make the Friday night game against Boro from here in Hull. The same would have been had Ipswich been a Friday night. Some people also on here will probably also give me grief i''ve paid my £25 and shall be getting the 5:50 train from Hull so I can get to the Coach & Horses for breakfast. Either way I can''t wait!
  10. [quote user="ruthers1"]I''ve been telling you all season what a fu**king liability Russell Martin is - team of the year my ar*e![/quote] Haven''t been far behind you! He has been caught ball watching and his lack of physicality doesn''t help.
  11. Week games are just not possible for some people... So using that is a low blow. See you at Rotherham though?
  12. [quote user="Herman "][quote user="JJ"]The TV doesn''t lie... what an awful atmosphere tonight.[/quote]I''ll wait to hear from the people that were there as the TV and it''s sound crew can be pretty inaccurate.[/quote] The expected response... try dealing with the smoggies come monday
  13. Possession doesn''t matter if you don''t do nothing with it. Corners and free kicks mean nothing as we can''t beat the first man half the time.
  14. We can''t break a team down, yeah we had all the possession but that wasn''t in the areas that mattered. Bottled it.
  15. [quote user="Bor Bor Bor"]Judge him over 90 minutes. Not his best first 20 but it''s not over yet.[/quote] Whilst he is our CB, we will not be going anywhere. Ball watching is his finest attribute and it cost us tonight again.
  16. The TV doesn''t lie... what an awful atmosphere tonight.
  17. Any idea what parking is like around the ground?
  18. [quote user="Jimmy Smith"] Is it easier to have tougher opponents at home and easier opponents away or vice versa? [/quote] I really believe our away form will become key! I worry at home with the onus on us to make a game of it, we could be very suspect to good breaking teams such as Derby and Boro. Hope i''m wrong though...
  19. [quote user="Darth Catbeard"]I''m not placing any stock into the odds right at the moment. I''d just expect Rosler to be a bit closer, I was wondering if I''d missed some article about him taking a break from management or something Nutty because like I said, unless Phelan does well in the meantime there is no other candidate that comes close.[/quote] My problem with Rosler is he struggled with a good squad at Wigan, with quality in it, so why would here be different? For me if the money was right for Howe, I believe he''d come, it''s a fickle thing but if you have it you''re an attractive option! And in this league we probably are in the top 3 for budget. If not I believe Warnock would soon sort out who is committed to the cause and ruffle a few feathers. The biggest problem we have is the board... They''ll want a yes man.
  20. We have to throw the kitchen sink at Eddie Howe!!
  21. [quote user="Levi Stubbs"]I can confirm that he said it TWICE in his interview on Radio Norfolk. Truly appalling, but just goes to show the complacent attitude that prevails through the management and board of the football club!!!![/quote] Why thank you Levi!!
  22. If you get the chance to relisten to the interview, it''s there to be heard.
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