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  1. That was the first time for a while Pukki has struck the ball with force in a shot. I think Pukki has lost some of his edge since way back to the foot injury. Yes he is missing some service but there have been enough chances this season that the two plus years ago Pukki would have scored as he was sharper.
  2. Against 10 men. Defo 2 points lost. We should have been more ruthless and shown much more desire and bite
  3. Same as it ever was. Sideways and no final ball. this squad isn’t good enough
  4. V poor against 10 men. zero creativity. Very lazy play
  5. Agree. So dont understand why we sacked Farke if we didnt have a replacement lined up with pen in hand to sign, as Villa appeared to have with Gerrard
  6. Debate is dead here. Welcome to Pinkun Twitter
  7. ……..is leaving Liverpool at the end of the season, just as Webber’s contract ends. Webber back to Liverpool and Farke to Liverpool U23?
  8. My mates mum made christmas crackers for Tom Smith on their kitchen table. I think this Smith chap has a good business history
  9. Krul is nowhere our list of top 5 problems, probably not even in the top 10. Gunn could be part of the problem in paying £5m for a back up keeper where the money could have been spent better else where, posibiliy Ajer?
  10. There is a buyer somwhere for everything. It is about a deal being right for both.
  11. Why? Some Americans bought Ipswich. not saying it is going well but they found a buyer so there will always be a buyer its only if Delia will sell.
  12. No thanks. Dont need another nicey nicey
  13. No bite at all. Ginoulous made scapegoat again. Williams mistake for the 4th. There is zero pride within these players
  14. A bustling team that want it more. Simple as that
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