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  1. percy varco

    Match thread - Newcastle

    Taking too long to get the shot away too many times in the last few games. Is he totally fit? Has he been sussed by other teams and not given space Don’t see many other options though
  2. percy varco

    Match thread - Newcastle

    We just cannot score
  3. percy varco

    Canary Call

    Whats the point of it? Butler is not being a Talksport adjitator he is just defending his NCFC access. Every caller who slates is shouted down. I thought is is a discussion show , not Butlers opinion vs the rest. He is not even understanding Rivers thoughts on loan players as he is to busy shouting.
  4. percy varco

    Frustrating, but so proud of the way we are playing.

    This is not Ice Skating, we dont get points for Artistic Impression. Goals win games not pretty footbalL with no end result. When are these goals going to come?
  5. percy varco

    Still in there fighting - and we WILL improve results.

    We have played like this, too much and not getting results. exactly what is going to make any difference if we do not chsnge. Beating Man City relegates us. Too many harking back to that as our yardstick. It is not. we are not good enough and do not how to get better
  6. Hello Championship. cannot take chances. cannot hit our players in the box cannot defend corners cannot track runners cannot play any other game tactically
  7. percy varco


    We do not seem to have 90minutes of energy. Farke commented on players off to McDonalds after training. All since we got a new Nutrition Guy??? just saying.
  8. percy varco

    Today's Match Thread

    Beating Man City is our problem.
  9. percy varco

    Today's Match Thread

    VAR = RIP spontainious excitement in Football.
  10. percy varco

    Duncan Forbes

    A true legend on and off the pitch. What a character. He used to be involved with a NCFC lottery when he finished playing and always had a word for us Paper Boys when delivering the tickets to the Newsagents where we were waiting for deliveries of the Evening News when it actually was an evening paper!!! RIP Big Man
  11. We have played Liverpool, Newcastle & Chelsea. When the fixtures came out most would have hoped for 3 points at this stage. We have 3 points and did well in the other 2 games. Why the blame game? FFS what do some of you want?
  12. Just switched this on. They are struggling to say anything about us. Do not seem to be able to name any players. Mumbled on a bit about Villa and Sheff U. Nice to see we are under the radar at the moment with Sky.
  13. percy varco

    Favourite Songs Sung at Carrow Road

    Bertie Mee said to Bill Shankley ............... of a time!!
  14. percy varco

    Joe Hart

    No No No. off you trot to America Mr Hart
  15. percy varco

    The Barclay End Flags

    Superb job by ACN & BEN. Well done to everybody involved. Also great to see so many scarves all around the ground. Togetherness! OTBC
  16. percy varco

    Krull Footwork

    Dodgy on Friday night and now cost us a goal tonight. Not a “sweeper keeper’ stop trying to be one.
  17. percy varco

    Krull Footwork

    Dear oh dear. Not a scapegoat comment. Just an observation that in the style that we play Krul is not the sweeper keeper we need just as Hart was not the one for Pep. I prefer him to McGovern but still believe that we need to look for a keeper in the summer who has a better touch with the ball at his feet. This is not trying to cast a shadow on the season. Just a comment. Oh, and appologies for the fat finger trouble with the double L
  18. percy varco

    Leeds v WBA

    Leeds being top keeps the BBC and the football press happy.
  19. percy varco

    That advert for the T-shirt

    Its a glorious item
  20. It is a short carear, the big cash is in the Prem, if a Prem chance comes along most players will take it and it is also what players aspire to for fotballing and cash reasons. Mainly cash.
  21. percy varco


    2 great games!
  22. Sky commentators horrified that thier favourite Leeds are losing.
  23. percy varco

    we've been rumbled

    Anybody could see this from stats and the tv. No need to hide in hedges for this.
  24. percy varco

    Jacob Murphy

    History. We have moved on and for the better.