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    Come on Sarah

    The crass stupidity of a Nationalistic attitude over international cooperation. Racism and xenophobia of the right wing nut jobs costs job and lives.
  2. Why would you not take an off the shelf app already available from Germany unless you cared more about nationalism than lives and jobs. The crass stupidity of nationalist exceptionalism being prioritised over the benefits of International cooperation. Germany and the UK had local testing and tracing. Germany built on what they had while UK was obsessed with creating their central privatised model from scratch. Pragmatism versus Brexit boy ideology. Competence over incompetence. Anither classic example Germany invested in expanding its ventilator manufacturers while the UK government ignored theirs and went to a vacuum cleaner manufacturer. The Brexit government is a sad joke.
  3. T

    Time to go, fat boy

    I liked Boris as a comedy turn and chief bike monitor but as PM he is a sad joke. I guess if you want the international community to portray the UK as thick fat and racist he is the ideal representative as demonstrated by the UK overweight and Brexit vote figures. Quite why people think the elite will really have their interests at heart is unclear. but to be fair he is a skilled conman. He is not in the same league as Trump but shows similar traits. Labour needs to bring Momentum under control to be electable a and the Conservatives party needs to be reclaimed by decent reasonable people. I suspect they are just waiting for the Brexit shambles to play out. I doubt the Tory MPs will allow him to survive to the next election if they want to stay in power.
  4. I follow the news in both countries and have seen test and trace in action in Germany from back in February. It is sysstematic in Germany run by existing local health professionals There is a comprehensive testing programmes at the borders. There is comprehensive testing readily and quickly available. There is an app. There is a map of the country on the main news outlet showing the number of daily cases per municipality with automatic restrictions above a threshold. There is a competent government and functional healthcare system. I am therefore far more comfortable that Germany is picking up and dealing with a greater proportion of cases. I’m not sure how many deaths you want and how much hit to GDP you want before you believe that the UK has an incompetent government. I’ve always said that I do think UK is trying to do the right things but Germany is doing it quicker and more systematically with people following the rules more backed up by a better education system, a better healthcare system, better infrastructure, a better political system and better leaders. The UK needs an urgent enquiry and a review and benchmarking of its fundamental structures. Brexit merely highlights that there is a fundamental problem with the education and political system. Covid has highlighted how the UK is systematically and fundamentally behind other countries. No wonder the desperation to hang onto some some lyrics because Britannia doesn’t rule the waves and it is not the land of hope and glory and won’t be until it moves on from the past and fundamentally reforms.
  5. Germany has a lot more comprehensive test and trace system and local monitoring and restriction system and a decent leader and political system so if anyone thinks UK is anyway on a par they are delusional. I like Boris as a comedy turn and chief bike monitor but if anyone thinks Brexit is a good idea then they are not intelligent enough to be leader in a crisis and so it has proved.
  6. Sure I understand some people should be very feeling very guilty if they have any decency and are clutching at straws. But it is no reassurance for people who have lost loved ones and work and for those that care about anyone apart from themselves. No rational person should be reassured that the UK is led by an irrational ideological Brexit government with one of the worst health and economic records in the world. They are incompetent to govern the country and need to be replaced. i watch the News in both countries and there is just no way the track and trace and organisation is on a par. Not unless you think that a non league team and Bayern Munich are on a Par But I can totally understand that if you are more concerned about the nationalistic government that you supported than people’s lives you could delude yourselves that things are on a par.
  7. If you just ignore one of the worst death rates and economic and the complete shambles of the Brexit government and select a few convenient statistics then the UK is on a par with Germany. But you would have to be a despicable shamelessly apology of a human being to ignore that if.
  8. I'm not left wing and have no problem with a reasonable tory government but any decent honsest reasonable intelligent person must see that this brexit government is completely incompetent and should want them out. Time for decent tories to push for a decent tory government before more lives and jobs are unnecesarrily lost.
  9. The price for a brexit government who prioritises jingoistic nationalism over lives and jobs is worth paying according to Ricardo and the RWNJs I still think lives and jobs are more important.
  10. Clearly Some people think over 50000 excess deaths is a price worth paying for a Brexit government but not something any decent human being would agree with
  11. It is all just noise. What matters is why the UK has one of the worst performing governments in the world. The UK needs an emergency coalition government based on ability rather than nationalistic idealoogy because the current PM and government is clearly not competent.
  12. I appreciate that you should be feeling guilty for helping facilitate one of the worst performing governments in the World but your feeble attempts to deflects and deny this are totally pathetic. I’m not sure how may deaths and economic hits it would take for some people to admit they helped facilitate an incompetent government. and all the resulting excess deaths and job losses and accept and apologise for their contribution to the abysmal UK performance.
  13. Credit to Boris for getting a personal trainer. Not affordable for everyone but fully support the notion of setting a good example that the UK needs to get fitter.
  14. The Norwich Nostradamus needs to get some new tea leaves because they manage to completely misjudge every situation. Brexittees good to lead the country. Nope worst performance in the world Sell shares. Nope mine are above pre Covid levels Football won’t happen Nope Better German performance only temporary nope Racism not an issue Nope Climate change not an issue Nope And no doubt many others There really is no fool like an old egotistical fool
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