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  1. There is no doubt that the UK has failed to deal well with Covid-19. The only debate is why and the sooner that is had the better given this is not going away anytime soon but the UK government even fail to do that. A culture of incompetence.
  2. There are existing open source corona virus apps already available in other countries. Why on earth doesn't the UK use them. There doesn't appear to be any logical reason than yet again political ideology being more important than people's lives and the economy in the UK. Not as fundamental as the inability to sort out PPE test, track and trace, schooling etc but just more of the same government incompetence.
  3. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200403-how-to-overcome-racism-and-tribalism The fundamental reasön for Brexit. People are inherently racist but rational people suppress it. Four years on and no brexiteer has ever given a rational justification for Brexit. Why? They don’t have one. They just have their racism. Cummings and his campaign knew it. In the end Brexit is simply racism over reason.
  4. If you took the best politicians from each party the UK could have a good government. Unfortunately none of the current government would make a best X1 based on ability. You might give Boris a Gig as an after dinner speaker but I wouldn’t employ any of them in a business Setting based on competence.
  5. As a white Caucasian I can’t fully understand but I have most certainly experienced regularly the feeling of prejudice and you are not one of us and it does make you feel sick on the stomach. It is one the of the reasons I hold the views I do on a certain other matter. Universally it has been from the older generation and not from the younger more international younger generation so hopefully.it will reduce over time. Just yesterday had a great meeting of minds with an Argentinan on a video conference which simply wouldn’t have been possible until recent technology. Ultimately we have much more common as humans than differences as nationalities and skin colour. Some weak minded people need to divide into tribes to feel strong unfortunately.
  6. No Just against racism
  7. Well then people shouldn’t deny racism is a problem when it is clearly endemic in U.K. society and attack people for being against racism
  8. I fully agree on the track and trace Even if overwhelmed should have expanded local capacity so it was already available when numbers down and it if it was rapidly expanded at start as in other countries than this would have been effective. Also private testing capacity was available but chose not to use it. Also corona tracing apps are available. I know I have one on my phone but again the government has gone it’s own way and looks like not available until September. Each time the government has looked to develop something from scratch rather than use what already available and working in other countries or in the UK and develop and expand those existing capabilities costing deadly delays. As the Guardian expert letter is pointing out it is a structural problem with the government ideology and approach that underlies the whole disfunctional nature of the UK government with poor leadership which needs urgent review but yet again the government wants to delay and dither rather than address issues. You can point to specific issues but fundamentally you are always likely to have specific issues occurring when you have a dysfunctional Government with dysfunctional leadership. The problems are just going to keep recurring. Put simply Boris and his cronies aren’t suddenly going to become more intelligent or more competent.
  9. So much for the hard rights attacks that racism wasn’t a social issue. That really aged well.
  10. The brexiteers defence of the deadly abject performance of the Brexit government has become so desperate that you can only wonder if they think having one of the worst death and economic impacts from Covid 19 is something to be proud of or they have no shame whatsoever. If you pursue a course of brexit against logic reason expert advice with no plan after 4 years you can hardly expect the government to be competent to deal with a pandemic and so it has proved. The brexiteers are getting what they want at a horrendous cost to U.K. society. but apparently as long as they get what they want the cost to society doesn’t matter. It is worth it to them in their perverted view of the world.
  11. So now that your if has been answered I can only assume that you fully agree and accept that the problem is down to the government. if the government isn’t responsible for governing the country then perhaps you can explain who is responsible for governing the country. Who’s responsible for one of the worst death rates in the world. Who is responsible for ignoring expert advice and preparing for Brexit rather than a pandemic? Who is responsible for running down PPE stockpiles? Who is responsible for the lack of testing ? Who is responsible for the lack of test and trace? Who is responsible for the poor communication? Who is responsible for Boris not attending Cobra meetings? Who is responsible for Boris and the governments poor performance? Who is response for Cummings vists to Durham and Barnard Castle? Because it seems according to the hard right the government is not responsible for any of this so it is not clear what the government is responsible for anymore and if not what is the point of them?
  12. Save me even more time if people like you wouldn’t seek to dismiss and make excuses for a government responsible for 60000 excess deaths and one of the worst death rates in the world. Clearly you think that is acceptable and glib remarks are a suffecient response to that. I don’t.
  13. Germany is surrounded by hotspots. 48pc of all German cases have been traced back to Austrian apres ski which was a super spreader for Europe. Germany was one of the first countries to experience significant cases from China before the UK due to close manufacturing contacts with China. I’d agree that it helps that Germany had over 5 times the ICUs and PPE stocks and that was a government decision but also Germany used the private ventilator testing and tracing capacity that it already had and expanded from it rather than the UK whole flawed approach of trying to build everything itself centrally from scratch rather than use develop and expand what was already available in UK and elsewhere. Not an intelligent approach in a crisis. Poor preparation and poor execution in the UK and it just continues and will continue when you have incompetent Brexit ideologist leaders. Does any seriously think Boris is competent and Cummings is trustworthy? Others may be happy to simply dismiss deny and make excuses for a government that has an estimated 60000 excess deaths and one of the worst performance in the world This is what you get with a brexit mentality and it needs to change if the UK is to realise the undoubted potential of its people
  14. The simple truth doesn’t go away does it as much as you and others try to ignore and dismiss it because you don’t like and can’t accept the truth. It is about time that You and the public and the government needs to actually accept and deal with the truth rather than ignore and dismiss it then the truth no longer needs to be repeated because the Incompetence of the UK government and its supporters are still a deadly problem. The UK has and is doing appallingly compared to Germany and yet people still seek to deny and ignore that with the awful consequences That really is a boring and deadly truth. It is is the apologists dismissers and deniers with their glib avoidance comments who are really boring
  15. Agreed. The UK had private testing capacity and health authorities track and trace capabilities. The German authorities used and ramped up these existing capabilities. The UK decided not to. The Ventilatoren were another classic example. why not work with those who knew what they were doing rather than brexiteer mucky mates with vacuum cleaners. It is a a failure of governance and leadership. It keeps coming back to Boris and his cronies were put in place on their Brexit ideology rather than their competence. Boris and Cummings are dismissive of knowledge and experience and expertise. It was the criteria for Brexit and it is the same approach to the pandemic. Sheep led by fools. The UK has so many good innate qualities that are just being wasted because of the obsession with idealoogy over pragmatism.
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