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  1. I would agree that no deal is more likely as it is the default position and the remainers can’t get their act together. Hence I and a lot of people and businesses have chosen to take money out of the UK and invest in the EU instead which has proved correct given the weakness of sterling and the threat of no deal brexit to the UK economy it is a sad state of affairs though that the best negotiating position Boris and RTB can come up with after 3 years is self harm. The brexiteers are thereby admitting that the UK has a relatively weak bargaining position as the remainders have always said No deal brexit is a political issue in the UK but not in the people in the EU as business and majority recognition that the EU is more important than the UK it may be that the remainders best Long Term position is a no deal brexit as the impact of no deal brexit will strengthen the argument for a close relationship with the EU subsequently The problem is that for some people the threat of and actual no deal brexit have real negative consequences However for the majority brexit is a slow puncture rather than a blow out so they are worse off but like Ricardo not so much worse off that it overcomes their ego and xenophobia The brexiteers may well win the short term battle otherwise risk destroying the Tory party short term but no deal brexit risks destroying the tories long term The best for Boris is that no deal is stopped by the remainers so he can say no brexit was not his fault but does not have to deal with no deal brexit whatever happens this will go on for years given the time it takes to negotiate deals and the brexiteers will still be miserable ignorant gits until they die out as they find out that they’re are worse off and have no practical benefits from Brexit whatsoever
  2. I was told by the breciteers on here that it was nonsense and liars that some Brits will be unable to work in the EU after Brexit yet now Boris says freedom of movement will end in the case of no deal Brexit so is Boris lying or are the brexiteers on here lying? If Boris is not lying are the brexiteers on here happy that UK citizens are losing work in hte EU becasue of no deal brexit as previously stated.
  3. Feeble attempt at humour implies that you think it is funny that you are helping to take work away from people and mess up their lives. If you think brexit is such a good idea then why don’t you pay for the losses and damage you are causing.
  4. Just been written to my ma professional association saying that members qualifications will no longer be recognised and many people are unlikely to meet the work permit requirements to work in EU in no deal scenario unless they are already established. It is the brexiteers on here you are lying and talking nonsense. Ignorant people taking away opportunities from young people. The brexiteers should really look at the facts before supporting no deal brexit but they stubbornly refuse to.
  5. I've asked the brexiteers, who said I'm lying and talking nonsense, to provide details of the arrangements for UK nationals who want to work in the EU after no deal Brexit. Of course they rant and deflect but can they provide any practical evidence? As usual, of course not. That is because there isn't any! Yes there is government advice for existing UK nationals in the EU - basically change nationality if you want to keep the same rights to move freely in the EU as before. But there is no govt advice for UK people coming to work in the EU after no deal brexit other than get an EU passport if you can. That is because brexiteers do not have any arragnements for such a situation. Therefore without those arrangements in place the Brexit "plan" in the practical real world now is not to employ UK nationals in the EU.
  6. Brexiteers have told me that I am lying and that it is nonsense that there is problem for UK people working in the EU in a no Deal brexit. If the brexiteers is correct then could the.brexiteers provides the rules, processes and procedures for a UK citizen of a non EU country to work in the EU post no deal brexit. People need to know now to make their work plans so I’m sure as they know best the brexiteers can provide details or is it the brexiteers lying and talking nonsense.
  7. Classic brexiteers. Faced with facts and reality they don’t like they don’t come up with actual arguments but just say it is fake news, lies and nonsense because they have no arguments of their own. I have worked around the world and yes people have always been able to work around the world but because I work internationally I know that the international employment law requirements have become more onerous as people have become more mobile. Yes some people will be able to work in the EU but some won’t and it will cost more time and money and some people will no longer be able to work. Principally those with less resources. My employer can afford thousands on employment lawyers to get me a US visa which was not previously necessary but many can’t. https://www.eu-bluecard.com/how-to-apply/ Here is the EU blue card visa requirements There are restrictions It costs time and money Some people who have previously worked in the EU for many years that I know don’t fill the criteria eg don’t have a university degree don’t earn more than the average and are not doing work that could be done by other EU staff The decision was made yy employers and employees but now it will be made by bureaucrats rather than individuals i know people who have lost work that they have done for years because of no deal brexit threat Clearly the brexiteers on here don’t care about people losing their livelihoods or the amount of time and money brexit is costing people in the real world There only response when faced with facts is to claim project fear, lies and nonsense because their care more about their racist ideology than the real problems they are causing for real people in the real world outside their own selfish little world The fact that some people will still be able to work does not help the people I know who have lost their livelihoods because of Brexit so what is the brexiteers response to these people ? Are you willing to personally compensate them? If I took your time and money would you be happy? I some how doubt it but the brexiteers take other people’s time and money quite happily
  8. RTB you seem to have a reading problem. I was talking about some particular UK people not being able to work in the EU because of no deal brexit and that myself and a supplier are no longer employing UK people because of no deal brexit. We employ them under EU rules and because of no deal brexit we will no longer be able to apply EU rules so UK people will not be able to work in the EU I never said that all UK people will never be able to work in the EU subject to visas I said some UK people are losing work because of Brexit But I am sure you know that and are just being deliberately obtuse because you have no argument If i am lying please provide me with the rules under which we will be able to employ UK staff as we would love to know. The work could and will be staffed by EU rather the UK citizens. Accordingly these UK citizens are unable to work in the EU as a result of no deal brexit as I said. If you were a decent human being I’m sure you would apologise just as Ricardo would apologise for his xenophobic and islamophobic comments but you are not decent people and care for nothing other than your extremist ideology.
  9. RTB I assume you are just being deliberately silly because you have no argument. You want to end free movement so that EU citizens no longer have the automatic right to work in the UK. By the same token UK citizens only have the automatic right to work in the EU because they are part of the EU single market. Otherwise the individual country immigration rules apply which are significant and onerous including given priority to EU citizens. So of course there will be restrictions on the abulity of UK citizens to work just as there will be for EU citizens. If that is not true why do you even care about leaving the Single market. I’m sure you are not stupid enough not to know and understand all this but are just denying this in classic project fear fashion because you don’t have any real arguments as the brexiteers never do
  10. RTB said I was lying because I noted that UK citizens will lose the right to work in the EU if there is a no deal brexit. I know myself and other people are not employing UK citizens to work in the EU because of no deal brexit. RTB has therefore clearly demonstrated that he has no understanding and no practical experience of dealing with the reality of Brexit so can not be taken seriously.
  11. I’ve just been doing my annual risk compliance training. The legal, tax and social security rules for non EU citizens to work in the EU are a nightmare. Therefore no deal brexit will place significant restrictions on the ability of UK companies to sell goods and services into the EU. There is no way anyone who understood the practical implications of leaving the EU would support no deal brexit. Clearly those who support no deal brexit don’t understand the implications or they are more concerned about their political career than the people of the UK.
  12. We have not left because everything that was said about it being easy and the UK being in a strong bargaining position is not true. And because every major group with knowledge and experience is telling the people that make decisions that Brexit will have damaging effects. The only push now is because not leaving is a threat to Boris and the Tory party Leaving is not the end of the brexit process. It is merely the start of many’years of trying to get back what’we will lose including the right for the UK to Work in and sell services to the EU A points system will do nothing to change the fundamental demand for immigrant workers. The Australian points system has seen a massive increase in immigration it currently looks like we will leave without a deal and spend a lot of time and money trying to get back to where we were. You can not change the tide of globalisation by leaving the EU. The world will not end but some people will suffer to varying degrees. All we do know is that brexit will cost a lot of time and money and its supporters will continue to be contrary miserable old gits whatever happens.
  13. RTB I'm am not saying at some point some people may or may not be able to work in a no deal situation under visa arrangements but that takes time and money and is uncertain. Accordingly, given this uncertainty and need to plan, my supplier who provides UK staff in the EU has decided to no longer employ UK staff to work in the EU as he currently employs UK staff using mutual recognition of qualifications and freedom of movement. This will no longer exist if the UK is no longer part of the EU or in a transition arrqangement. I am also not employing staff in lucrative jobs from the UK anymore because no one can say on what basis they will be allowed to work or not in the future given the recruitment time lag. The fact of the matter is that if the UK is no longer in the EU there is no guaranteed freedom of movement. That works both ways. It means people coming to the UK according to UK discretion and the EU will no doubt reciprocate which will mean there will be restrictions on the ability of UK staff to work in the EU:. It is a fact that investment and recruitmet is being reduced becasuse of no deal brexit as I experienced twice in one day yesterday.
  14. In the real world yesterday the threat of no deal brexit means one of my clients has cancelled investment in the UK and a supplier has stopped using UK staff as they won’t be allowed to work in the EU. No deal brexit threat causing real damage to real people. That is brexit reality.
  15. In reality 1pc of Continental EU service revenue in a major country is with the UK and10pc of UK service revenue is with EU. So yes no deal means the EU loses UK service revenue but is a ridiculous threat from the UK as the UK loses considerably more. It is also an opportunity for the EU to take over UK service revenue. Thie UK can not replace EU service revenue from the rest of the world as it is the geographical reality that it is a lot quicker and easier to fly into the EU. That is the simple practical reality that brexiteers still can’t grasp after 3 years which means Brexit is not a good idea.