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    The Brexit Thread

    All extremist ideologies which seek to divide people based on race and religion are to be deplored be it Muslim extremists or brexiteers. They all have a dangerous warped view of the world.
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    We're Up!

    That is it.
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    Is the Stoke game on iFollow?

    That ifollow would not show games shown on Sky etc because of risk of illegal streaming was not buried in the small print but very clearly stated so if people have any complaints it should be with themselves for not being able to read. There are a lot less games to watch on ifollow this season because the club are doing well. Personally I’d rather the club did well rather than be able to watch overseas but I guess some people can’t read and just like to moan and blame others for their inabilities.
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    Is the Stoke game on iFollow?

    Not on I follow but is on DAZN
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    Is the Stoke game on iFollow?

    I am in the same position of not being able to watch. I have no complaints whatsoever though because the conditions were clearly stated and it has only arisen because the club are doing well.
  6. I think his comments were fair. We were late to the ground and late on the pitch. It would s rude inconsiderate and unprofessional. If you are late apologise and set off earlier next time.
  7. The current NCFC model would not have happened and will no longer work without freedom of movement so brexit is a bad thing if you want Norwich to do well as the German connections are critical to our current success i agree that overseas players did restrict UK players but now it has benefitted as the standard of UK players had to be improved to compete with overseas players. The standard of football and the premier league benefits from freedom of movement i get the anti freedom of movement argument though as i have EU27 ID and my main competitor is the UK so if they are no longer able to work in EU27 because of Brexit it is great for me personally but not good for NCFC.
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    Gone then.

    I have no problem with the brexit thread being moved or deleted. I don’t think this media or any other should give a platform for extremist right wing Islamophobia xenophobia and nationalism
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    Gone then.

    Who needs a criminal justice system when we could have trial by internet forum. What a bizarre world we live in. I think you will find the criminal justice system has evolved in order to prevent judgment being made by hearsay but that seems to passed some people by in our post evidence and truth fake news world appealing to the worst traits of humanity.
  10. Im also no longer able to watch games because my Ifollow season pass doesn’t show games on Sky due to unscrupulous people watching dodgy streams. I blame Delia Webber Farke staff and players for doing so well. and it was clear when I bought the season pass. Still coming from Norfolk you have to have something to complain about when we are playing so well. Personally I think there might be more important things to moan about and promotion might just enable me to get over it. For the avoidance of doubt I’m mocking you.
  11. Oh come on it is comical how the club we should be like keeps changing over time and to see where they are now. The majority of the clubs in the Championship and some in League one have all been in the premiership at some time. All clubs fluctuate in the long term around their natural financial position. They all have their successful periods NCFC have hardly found a long term model when it is based on freedom of movement which the people of the UK have voted to take away.
  12. The endless and ever changing why can’t we be like whatever club in is vogue pasts have always amused and frustrated me.
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    JR - top man!

    A lot of sportsman find it helpful to listen to music tö focus before sporting activity. I certainly find it very helpful. People really should not disturb players before a game.
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    Jarvis returns

    Then why do you always make nasty malicious unfounded attacks on people. Were you bullied as a child, upset about your low Level of achievements or are you just a sick bitter and twisted old man. You have always been nasty and negative. That can not be a good way to live. Your posts give the impression you have serious issues and really should get help for your own good.
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    Jarvis returns

    Crafty always comes across has a very angry nasty disturbed vindictive person. I really wish he would seek help for his issues for his own sake.