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  1. Completely agree. Context and hope are important So is learning from other countries Forget that it is Germany but important thing here in attached article is extensive testing and getting to people early before they deteriorate and a population that trusts the government and complies with expert advice This means the UK needs to expand testing and tracing and monitoring of people Expanding treatment capacity and putting people up front who people trust. In Germany the experts are more out front than the politicians and potentially the political spin doctors who have low trust should be taking more of a back seat Merkel is not always agreed with but is trusted Trust are not words you associate with Boris and Gove https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/04/world/europe/germany-coronavirus-death-rate.html
  2. Aggy That is good information. There are c1800 deaths a day on average in the UK so it is the increase in deaths compared to the normal level which is the true impact. Another way of thinking about it would be the reduction in average age of death to show real impact. I think Ferguson mentioned that you would expect half to two thirds of those dying to die shortly in any case so it is debatable how many people are dying of Covid 19 compared to dying with Covid 19. I think it will increase the death rate rate and reduce life expectancy but it is important to see in context. The news should also be putting the numbers in context, talking more about recovery rates, expansion in capacity, the amazing speed of work in developing testing, treatments and vaccines. This is horrible and tragic but there are also reasons for longer term optimism.
  3. I do wonder if he managed to read himself given his low attention span. Lots of good information from NHS BBC and imperial College and other main sources.
  4. I just don’t like racists and punters who happily risk other peoples jobs and lives because they are so nationalistic and arrogant that they think they know better than experts. Others may think being racist, and risking other people’s jobs and lives is acceptable. As I clearly stated before it is not that I believe that some countries are generally better or worse. It is that some countries are better at some things and we should be willing to learn from them rather than this jingoistic nationalistic nonsense that has has pervaded British attitudes for the last few years. Some people seem more concerned that the comparison is Germany. The war finished over 70 years ago yet still impacts some peoples attitudes. If we can learn something from other countries we should rather than being xenophobic.
  5. For those that prefer to get their information from people who are not right wing racist cranks: Prof. Marylyn Addo, head of the Infectious Diseases section at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, on the development of a vaccine against the novel corona virus. "The first vaccine substances are already being tested, and the first efficacy signals are expected in autumn" She goes on to say that a reasonable timetable is that a vaccine could then be available for vulnerable people at the beginning of next year although she said mass vaccination timing was harder to say and would take longer. She experts results of anti viral treatment studies to be available in eight weeks and general anti body testing to be available in the next few weeks. Quite why people prefer to get their information from right wing kranks rather than experts actually working on this stuff I don't know. But then it has been shown that the majority in the UK are willing to believe any nonsense they want to believe from some charlatans. .
  6. "Davide Piffer is a racist Italian parapsychologist crank who claims to have psychic powers, including precognition, ESP and psychokinesis.Do You Believe That? Piffer also holds controversial views on race and intelligence, is associated with the alt-right HBD blogosphere and is the cofounder of the OpenPsych pseudojournals with Emil Kirkegaard.[1] In 2016 he co-wrote a paper that was presented at the London Conference on Intelligence. Piffer has a BA in Anthropology and MSc in Evolutionary Anthropology.[2] He is currently a PhD student in Psychology at Ben Gurion University of the Negev. And he blogs at topseudoscience — an appropriate name since he's a pseudoscientist himself. As of 2019, Piffer contributes to the pseudoscientific open access Psych journal.[3]" At what point do people grasp that you should always check your source before posting information on social media in accordance with expert advice.You would have thought they would learn from advising people to clean their phones with dettol. Although it would explain and confirm the attitudes of some people on here and hardly surprising that they are following right wing extremist racist cranks given the views they express on here.
  7. Perhaps if the UK Government is so great the UK nationalists can explain why Germany has 5x more ICUs, 3x more testing and no PPE problems.
  8. The range of people already infected varies enormously depending on when infections started to spread and the R0 given the exponential increase so we will not know until antibody testing is performed. Germany is doing a random sample antibody test of 3000 thousand people in Munich this weekend which should start to give an indication of infection rates compared to confirmed antigen tests. This is a laboratory testing rather than the antibody test kits which everyone is still looking to develop in next few weeks which will give a better idea and are part of the exit strategy.
  9. Could someone tell me when the great soothsayers super market crisis arrives because I’m still waiting. In fact the biggest problem Im facing at the moment is toilet roll blacking the aisles. Probably about the same rime they learn some commonsense logic and reason. Never.
  10. I understand from a bbc interview with a university professor in emergency planning that a potential pandemic was seen as a high risk but it was decided that the civil servants should work on brexit rather than pandemic emergency plan so I understand it was a problem with expert resources rather than politician time. I was always of the view that Brexit was not the end of the economic world but that there was more important things to spend time and money on like healthcare. It turns out unfortunately that I was more right than I realised but no doubt I’m still wrong and the punters still know better than the experts so I don’t fully blame the politicians who misled the public but also those who chose to be misled and are still in a state of denial. Unfortunately everyone will have to take the extra burden of this irresponsible behaviour.
  11. I totally agree that we are not alone but that doesn’t mean testing PPE and ventilator plans in the UK have not been a mess. Germany and S Korea clearly did have an emergency plan and the UK clearly didn’t. And we know that the UK prioritised populist nationalism emergency planning over healthcare emergency planning. I repeat you would not expect to have everything in place but you should have a plan to put everything in place. UK society had the wrong priorities.
  12. Germany has increased its ICUs to 40000 and ventilators to 30000. The UK is more in line with Spain and Italy. I’ve no interest in nationalistic jingoism. I am interested in why some countries do some things better. I have long wondered why countries don’t benchmark themselves against other countries to see what they can do better in both directions. Circumstances are always different so not always transferable but surely learning from other people is better than nationalism. At least scientists and medics are not so nationalistic and see the obvious benefit of working internationally. Hopefully an important lesson for the majority from this crisis.
  13. This was always going to be difficult but what I find unacceptable is Boris and Gove and their stooges trying to spin testing and PPE The public fell for this on that other topic as they wanted to believe their nonsense but this is a lot more serious. The question is what are Germany and S Korea doing that the UK isn’t. This has nothing to do with anti British jingoistic nonsense claims from those who have contributed to this problem but taking action to deal with the lack of testing and PPE which is anti British people.
  14. Some people think it is anti British to point out PPE and testing is schambolic in the UK. What is really anti Britsh people is to have a schambolic PPE and testing. Some people clearly care more about nationalism than lives and jobs.
  15. The percentage of GDP is the most relevant. Heathcare in the US is horrendously expensive. I’ve seen the figures in medical businesses and the NHS is one of the most efficient at purchasing and the US is the worst as they just past the cost in v expensive healthcare insurance.