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  1. C Goodenough

    match ticket wanted

    If you''ve bought tickets before over the phone they will sell you some as they will have your details. I''ve done that
  2. C Goodenough

    New Head Physio

    Sheppard was a legend
  3. C Goodenough

    Arsenal away ticket help please

    Anyone have an idea of allocation?

    I''d like to get to this one.
  4. C Goodenough

    Russ v Naisy...

    [quote user="hogesar"][quote user="C Goodenough"]I get the impression they don''t like each other?.

    Also Martin seems so desperate to say and be seen to do the right thing all the time. Cringey[/quote]
    Please tell me you''re not serious.

    Am serious. Why?
  5. C Goodenough

    Russ v Naisy...

    I get the impression they don''t like each other?.

    Also Martin seems so desperate to say and be seen to do the right thing all the time. Cringey
  6. C Goodenough

    Two Months of LeoVegas.

    I bought asics trainers as a kid.

    Opened a Norwich and Peterborough account when I was old enough.

    Started to like mustard.

    Bought a phone from the digital phone company.

    That''s was cause of sponsorship.

    Ain''t bought a lotus or gambled as I don''t want to waste my money.
  7. C Goodenough

    What do you do for a living

    Construction planning engineer in London.

  8. C Goodenough

    Pinkun Football Match

    [quote user="king canary"]Hi all,

    Had an idea a while ago and wanted to sound out if there would actually be much enthusiasm for it on here.

    You can hire the Carrow Road pitch to play on for £1400 + VAT over the summer. If there were 30+ people up for it we could split the cost and have a pinkun match. Still wouldn''t be cheap but could be a great experience.

    Anyone interested?[/quote]

    Did that a few years back for a mates birthday. Great day scoring at the barclay end, pity no one was in the stand.

    Great day but the pitch was huge compared to what I''d played on before.

    Away changing rooms are awful
  9. C Goodenough


    As a casual I was there. 2nd home game of the season. 1st was Notts forest, 2 great games to have been at
  10. C Goodenough

    Westminster Bridge

    [quote user="lake district canary"][quote user="Morgan"]^ exactly

    It''s supposed to be a football forum. I really don''t give a fk about politics. I''d rather people keep their views on such to themselves or the pub and engage in posting about NCFC related sh1t instead since that''s what the Pink Un''s purpose is.[/quote]

    So it''s supposed to be a football forum, but I''ve no objection to threads like this when a subject touches so many people.  There is a section on the board for non-football items, but there was a thread about Arsene Wenger on here the other day and I''m certainly more interested in the subject of this thread than one about an aging manager of a club I have no interest in whatsoever.  The thing for me about the atrocity yesterday is that this was probably just a violent criminal first, who has then latched on to a radical extremist agenda to justify his existence.  His attempt at being a martyr or some kind of warrior for a cause has just left him looking like a sad pathetic individual who has been conned into a stupid and pointless act. 


    Spot on that. Great post
  11. C Goodenough

    Westminster Bridge

    [quote user="daly"]Enoch Powell is probably thinking

    You should have listened to me[/quote]

    Leave it out please
  12. C Goodenough

    Westminster Bridge

    [quote user="kick it off"][quote user="BroadstairsR"]"Just waiting for the inevitable tide of Islamophobia to pop up here from the usual suspects. Funny how they never pipe up about how Christianity is a religion of hate when nutters like Bissonnette go on a murder spree in a mosque."

    Bissonette. One individuaal is held up as a "religion of hate."

    Have you the slightest clue about the muslims treatment of Hindus before the partition of India?

    The slightest clue?[/quote]
    Breivik, Dylann Roofe, Robert Louis Dear Jr, the IRA, KKK etc. There''s plenty of white/christian terrorists.  Except they''re normally called ''mentally ill'' or ''lone wolves'' as opposed to ''terrorists'' by the media.In fact look at Africa and you''ll find plenty of black Christians who commit ISIS like atrocities on minority groups - beheading Muslims and the suchlike . There''s over 1.6 billion Muslims and 2.2 billion Christians. Of course there are going to be nutters in both camps. To profess otherwise is silly, purely on a statistical basis if nothing else. That''s why the "Islam is a religion of hate" argument is so stupid. Just because the media don''t shove Christian terrorism down your throat, doesn''t mean it''s any less prevalent than Muslim terrorism. In fact, the FBI state that "94% of terrorist attacks in the USA between 1990 and 2005 were committed by non-Muslims". In the EU, according to Interpol, less than 2% of terrorist attacks have been religiously motivated, and in fact the vast majority are carried out by nationalist/separatist groups. Now admittedly, this data is out of date (2005 for FBI data, 2014 for Europol) and things have changed rapidly in the last few years, but the point I''m making is that just because you don''t hear about the attacks in your media, doesn''t mean they aren''t happening. ( FBI LINK      EUROPOL LINK )
    Can''t say the Muslim treatment of Hindus Pre-1947 is something I know much about. Although I''m fairly sure the behaviour of a certain Christian in that period of time was a more pressing concern for the majority of Europe. I''m also fairly sure the British treatment of Hindus pre-partition is hardly anything to have any pride in, so I''m wondering if the ''glass houses'' adage may be applicable here?

    It happened at the houses of parliament. Of course we''ll here about it
  13. C Goodenough


    I was in London and I didn''t see anything
  14. C Goodenough

    OT Does anyone else have this issue?

    [quote user="Jamie Witherspoon"]Let''s double down.


    the New Boy

    Le Juge


    Van Wink

    Want to talk about multiple IDs?

    The "report" button is bottom right. I am just saying that for show as you know where it is.

    Enjoy your evening.[/quote]

    All them people are alright.

    Are they the same?