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  1. Went on sale this morning. Prices are from £18 for Adults, £8 for 65 and over, £3 for under-18s and £1 for under-12s bargain. Should be another sellout. Hope the players can deliver to get Carrow Road rocking again. We can hope anyway
  2. Games played at lunchtime would then be prime time in China and Thailand.
  3. League cup been devalued so much over the years by teams playing under strength teams thus leading to falling attendances. Having the draw in China possibly makes commercial sense to the bods in the EFL but shows that the supporters are the way down in their list of priorities. Watching for your teams number to come out in the draw, followed by the oohs or ahhrs as to who you have drawn, has always been great but sadly money talks in football. Next will be games played midweek at lunchtime to cater for the cup''s sponsors played in front of a handful of fans? Suppose somebody sat behind their desk at EFL head office will thèn think their work is done.
  4. So many posters on here seem to relish us losing just to have a pop. At the start of the season many positives were said on here regarding the new structure, young and hungry players, getting rid of players who no longer wanted to be here. Four games in, we''re carrying more injuries than most teams, whilst trying to bed in a completely new way of playing. Anybody who thought we''d have instant success were kidding themselves. Yes, I''m not watching in yellow tinted glasses and after a dozen games we are still making continual defensive errors, I''ll join the Farke doubters but give the man a chance. I''ve supported Norwich for over 40 years now and seen many ups and many more downs. This is a whole new phase in our clubs history and it seems most would love to see it fail before giving it a chance.
  5. Angry Olive off the bench with the winner. Hugs Farke and the yellows celebrate Fingers crossed
  6. City: Gunn; Martin (c), Zimmermann, Franke, Husband; Reed; Murphy, Naismith, Vrancic, Stiepermann; Jerome. Subs: McGovern, Oliveira, Watkins, Hoolahan, Wildschut, Maddison, Tettey.
  7. Great result. Clean sheet for Angus, good game for Vrancic, more defensive minded from Josh and a first for Reed. Certainly looks promising. Up to Farke to keep it going and building a winning mentality. More of the same please at Villa Park. Could hear the sigh of relief all around Carrow Road for our first win under the Farke revolution
  8. So we''re south number 7. Non seeds Barnet 13, Brum 14, Bristol City 15, Bristol Rovers 16, Burton 17, Charlton 18, Cheltenham 19, Ipswich 20, Millwall 21, MK Dons 22, QPR 23, Wolves 24
  9. Cant be Carlisle I''m afraid. I''d rather a northern away tie but the 2nd round is regionalised like the last round. This means City will play one of the unseeded teams in the southern half of the draw, who are: Barnet, Birmingham City, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Burton Albion, Charlton Athletic, Cheltenham Town, Ipswich Town, Millwall, MK Dons, QPR or Wolves.
  10. Recently downloaded Puffin web browser from the App Store, just to listen to Canary Player on my IPad. You will need to buy the full version, only £2.49, as you can only use the free version up until 4pm. Have had no problems so far, sound quality great. One tip, go into settings/general/autolock on your IPad and change to never whilst listening to Canary Player unless everytime your IPad locks itself, it cuts offf the commentary. OTBC
  11. Leeds 3-1 down and Swindon 1-0 down. Come on boys CELEBRATION TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Home from Spain for that week. So hoping to get a ticket. Therefore come on Carlisle!!
  13. Unbelievable, equalized with the last kick of the game. Still a good day for us but could have been a lot better!!
  14. Commentary fine here in Spain but no Match Stats, Lineups or Live text Commentary. All other games seem OK though. Oh well, expecting penalties to get us through to the next round of this painters and decorators Cup. Here''s to a day out at Wembley!!
  15. Hope this will help. Has the game advertised, links will follow nearer to kick off. http://myp2p.eu/index.php?part=home
  16. 125-7 Australia need 134 to avoid the follow on. Looks like they''ll do that now. But still looking good for England. Time for Super Fred!!
  17. Interesting piece. The BBC actually knows we exist!! http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/paulfletcher/2009/08/can_lambert_teach_the_canaries.html#128894
  18. You never know that "Once in our lifetime occurence might just happen"........ After relegation from the premiership and then championship we plunder to the depths of Div 1 with record crowds. After a miraculous play off final win when when we are only a minute away from defeat after being 2-0 down, we storm the Championship to regain our rightful place back in the Premier League. The Club and board show Ambition bringing in new investment and spend over 200 million on quality players and the place is full of hope and fun being a supporter again. And then you wake up and realise that this has already happened and you are still living in hope that one day our great club ( in our eyes at least) will be fun once more. Living abroad at 2-0 last night I turned the commentary off but after 10 minutes was back listening. Is that all we have left? Forever living in hope of better times to come because that''s what it feels like right now. OTBC
  19. Strachan is a winner and would bring that mentality to this club along with a discipline we haven''t seen for such a long time. He wouldn''t take any s**t from above and would want to run it his way, as I''m sure he doesn''t need to lower himself to manage a Div 1 team. Does this board want a winning manager who could cause them problems if he was successful. Probarly, sadly No. Some cheap yes man from within then, but we live in hope.
  20. Sorry just seen earlier post. Four goals must have clouded my brain. Doesn''t take a lot these days!! OTBC  
  21. Does anyone know when the 2nd round Draw is?
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