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  1. Damn, that''s 30 seconds of my life I''ll never get back.
  2. I for one didn''t know that Jacko, so thanks for the info. Any details on the loan situation there? Steer and Rudd are really promising young ''keepers for the future. They just need game time now. This sounds like a sensible move.
  3. Great post unique, couldn''t have put it better myself. I''m sure the very vast majority of supporters will be right behind the team.
  4. If I was buying a top for ordinary wear, it would nearly always be a medium- I like the close fit. However, it''s different with football shirts for me as I like to put about 3 layers including a fleece under them in winter (for match purposes only you understand) So a bigger size is necessary. Anyway, back to the point, a Xara medium had plenty of room, but the Errea medium (looked fine if there was nothing to go underneath) just wouldn''t be big enough to accommodate extra layers. The thing that really swayed it for me though was just how much shorter the Errea one is. It just looks plain daft to wear tops and trousers that are too short. So, in conclusion, I am pleased I got the large, as it feels right all over. I would recommend getting the large if you were happy with the medium before. As a guide, I''m about 6''1 and 12 and a half stoneish!
  5. Open again tomorrow according to the store in Castle Mall.
  6. Now don''t let all that fame of all your recent correct revelations go to your head will you CUSDP??!!! Go on...........just a little clue?...........after all..... YOU ARE THE MAN!!
  7. How long does Cody have left on his contract? Is it a year? If so and he''s not being offered an extension, or not wanting one, then we probably wouldn''t loan him. He''d would be worth less in January and be able to walk away in a year. If this is the case we''d probably sell now.
  8. That table would do nicely Pete...........but hold on, can''t be true...................got Arsenal as champions!
  9. It''s harder than that for Cardiff. Even a draw wouldn''t be enough if Swansea won, as Swansea''s goal difference would be better. Cardiff may well have to win at Burnley to grab 3rd, which would possibly become 2nd. Phew, I''m so glad we took care of business!! It''s gonna be a long week for Q.P.R, Cardiff and Swansea!
  10. I''ve been thinking this for a while now. I just can''t decide and therefore I wasn''t going to vote. I think the club should break with tradition and give it to the team and I''m going to email that suggestion. I would urge others to do the same (if you feel the same) and you never know!
  11. I missed out in the ballot and went to the beamback instead. Still buzzing now, can''t imagine how you feel? You''ll probably sleep around........Sunday?!
  12. I agree, thank you Paul and the team for making us so proud again. Paul is so humble in his interviews, putting the success down to the players and the fans. We all know however that he is the catalyst and puts all of the parts of the jigsaw together. This is his team and he''s got them all pulling in the same direction and delivering the goods. We have witnessed history tonight. When will be the next time we walk onto our local rivals patch and win by 4 goals?! Still can''t believe it.......
  13. It was a great atmosphere and the next best thing to actually being there. I have to say the atmosphere was brilliant outside the stadium afterwards too. I don''t want to go to bed (although would probably be wise with young children), just feel so proud. Wish I could bottle this feeling!
  14. My memory is not short Pete, which is why I said the past few games. The instances you refer to were a while ago now. What I meant was, we are often discussing referees and usually for the wrong reasons. During the past few games, we have not I don''t think. Which would go to prove that the standard of refereeing has been better. Would you not agree?
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