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  1. Hi, Are the Two tickets still for sale ? If so I,m in Norwich and can collect. Cheers
  2. [quote user="ricardo"]How many times do I have to say Twitter Hack[/quote] Why make a comment as a matter of fact, when you obviously didn''t have a clue ?
  3. Barclay seats 48/49 the 3rd What a horrible man you are.
  4. FACT.After the game I popped into the Bookies on Queens Road at approx 5pm Laffety was sitting down playing on of the gaming machines.ie Poker, Blackjack etcafter approx 10-15mins he went to the cashire with loads of tickets from the machine and cashed them in with the lady behind the desk for cash, he has a lovely wad of notes a few grand and put them into his pocket and walked out.Now to have loads of tickets means he must have been playing quite a while, all during the Southampton game.Now 2 confirmed sightings.Obviosuly not wanted to watch norwich play even when not playing.
  5. I,m getting fed up everytime I look on the pinkun all I get is adverts causing slow loading, talk about advertising overkill. Adverts are all over the place, think I will give up on this website .Anyone else feel the same or is it just me?I know they need revenue to keep the website free but overkill springs to mind, if it bugs me and pushes me to leave and others, companies will no longer want to advertise or reduce the rate they pay according to viewers.
  6. Having sat in all the stands over the last 3-4yrs  The problem seems to be when singing OTBC the barclays sings too fast and out of sync.
  7. I can assure you that I didn''t need a ticket. Just think you are an ass hole.
  8. Morty up his own backside as usual, he can''t see it but others do.
  9. Still can''t see the point in this thread, I bit like I,m alright,but I''ll rub salt in a few people''s wounds.Mind you a few people on this forum are so up themselves. You may not know who you are, but others will.For the avoidance of any doubt i,m sorted so don''t need any sympathy.
  10. Just wondering what sort of person feels the need to start a new thread with those comments .
  11. Tickets still on general sale, you will need a priority membership £20 and ticket £25 plus admin fee £1.50 = £46.50still quite a few dotted around.
  12. Level 14.Thank you.Yes I have tried, but no harm in trying again, bit like pot luck with ticket office, just need to ask at the time someone just returns ticket etc.If I do get one I will post on  this thread.
  13. If anyone has a ticket free for Sunday, thought I wasn''t going to be free, but due to change I now am, so would rather go rather than watch on TV.Please pm or email steve6666@btinternet.com. Can collect if nearby and pay cash.Cheers
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