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  1. Gotta love those crazy foreign owners.Next move is sack the head of recruitment with whom your manager has enjoyed a succesful seven year partnership and replace him with a 23 year old kid whose only experience of football was paining the walls on work experience. That this 23 year old is best friends with Vincent Tans son might have influenced the decision.
  2. I am stunned.That has to be the worst song in the history of well songs really.It is dreadful yet has received 100,000,000 views.Abandon hope....
  3. Nothing wrong with my behaviour Wizard.Why do you call me mr. Pompous?You would be the first to blub about name calling.I''m beginning to remember why I stopped posting here.Double standard moderating and the resident trolls.
  4. [quote user="First Wizard"][quote user="Zak Van LegWetter"][quote user="First Wizard"] [quote user="im spartacus"]for god sake wiz where are your manners ? its Mr Pompous [:D][/quote]   Oops!! I forgot my manners spartacus.   So sorry Mr Pompous Tit. [:$] [/quote]Why is this poster given special leave to brazenly insult other posters?[/quote]   Am I Zak?   Spastic, Spaz, Flid, Cripple, Retard and ''hope the winter sees me off'' have all been slung my way, so special leave?...................I think not! [/quote]That''s rubbish Wiz you claim to have been called these things several times yet there''s no evidence of it actually happening. [quote user="First Wizard"][quote user="City1st"]"Back it up then." wiz before doing so can you state honestly that you have never made any comment regarding ''sending them back'' or outlawing homosexuality in any shape of form on this forum ?[/quote]   As you know 1st, I''ve started many risque, taboo, threads on here, including those you mention, many running into multiple pages.l....but having strong views doesn''t always mean I''m the bogyman you''ve painted me to be.   But always I''ve stated that yes, I am in principle, against imigration. That is not racist, as many imigrants here already say the same! On gay relationships, yes, I would like to see the age of consent raised, but after then, I would stop a bullet in support of gay rights.   As a disabled person myself, I have been called a spastic, flid, cripple and such on here, and yet not one damn mod, poster, plod or club banning order has come to my aid. Yet that taunting is just as illegal as the young man in question actions (Indeed, now wait for the first ''playing the disability cards'' reply)   You went strangly quiet on those taunts back then! [/quote]You see Wiz you claim to have been called these thing and not been helped by the moderators etc yet when I search for those terms there are no examples of what you claim happened. Either it didn''t happen and you''re just a confused old man or it did happen and the mods intervened and deleted everything and banned those involved.There is no scenario which backs up your claims as truthful. Fact is we knew what was going to happen last night. Same as always when that withered finger hits report.The mods on this site just delete and ban there''s no explanation ever.Mungo Lloyd was banned yet he didn''t actually swear, didn''t actually launch any personal attack, wasn''t libellous etc. etc. Seems very  one sided moderating to me.
  5. [quote user="Mungo Lloyd"]What a missed opportunity Wizzo, I reckon he''d have been quite easy to drive out. [/quote]LOL!
  6. He has a point C1 I''m not the only person who followed the board tonight, we saw what was said by who and to whom. To be fair to everyone involved it was surprisingly good banter nothing personal or insulting then off disappears a certain poster and wallop in come the mods. Delete delete delete but as Zak points out the only directly insulting post of the night was left in place, intact and uncensored. Now Mungo may he rest in peace is not nor ever was going to be upset at being called a pompous tit but that is the benchmark insult of the night. If this is the worst you must question the reason why so many other posts were removed so quickly and why the professional victims post was permitted to stay despite it being the most direct personal insult of the night.
  7. Extrapolating that form:We''re going to finish fourth and in the Champions League!! [:D]QPR, Wigan and Wolves aren''t going to score 35 points by the end of the season so we''re safe!! [:D]
  8. [quote user="Bryangunnshairline"]He has had a soft spot for us for a while now. I love this so much because when you listen to him he talks sense and has very balanced views. Most other pundits only talk about the top4 . I thought he was a Dickhead as a player but as a pundit very good.[/quote]He was a dickhead as a player and an even bigger dickhead as a person but he''s clearly confronted and dealt with his issues extremely well and gets a lot of credit from me for sorting himself out.
  9. [quote user="BW"]Goalkeepers have improved considerably [/quote] Goal keeping seems more centred on "shot stopping" today, I was watching a few youtube clips of 80''s matches just a couple of weeks back and what I noticed was that goalkeepers then rarely if ever punched the ball and only seemed to turn the ball out if they couldn''t quite reach. catching the ball in a diving save is a sight that has disappeared from the modern game, someone somewhere decided it''s better to play the %ages and tip it round for a corner. Chris Woods was an excellent "saver" as was Keelan, most of our more recent ''keepers play(ed) the modern way so I actually find it difficult to compare the eras on goalkeeping.RIP[img]http://image.shutterstock.com/display_pic_with_logo/63431/63431,1155920898,1/stock-photo-soccer-football-goalie-making-diving-save-1703799.jpg[/img]
  10. [quote user="PurpleCanary"][quote user="BroadstairsR"][quote user="First Wizard"] The late fifties, early sixties, you had proper footy, every tackle wasn''t a booking, diving was restricted to the swimming pool, crowds were huge and refs were honest, 2/6d would be your total outlay for the day, including train fare and your packet of rolo''s.   In fact............bliss. [/quote]   Nah! Proper football was when a hundred of us used to gather in a muddy street and kick an inflated pig''s bladder about for hours or until the first fatality. No need for namby-pamby referees in them days. [/quote]   Pig''s bladder? Luxury! We had to make do with half a cauliflower. And the thing is, you tell kids today that and they don''t believe you... [/quote]Pah! We needed four fatalities each game simply so we''d get something to use as goalposts.
  11. [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"]Mansell [/quote]I think anyone curious about sport from the 1980''s era would do well to watch this short clip from about 3mins onwards.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTqI2Ox3_38&feature=relatedThat wasn''t for first place or even 2nd it was for fifth, that''s what sport was like before money took control.
  12. [quote user="Gingerpele"]You know he''d keep Wolves up? And then they''d probably sack him....[/quote]At the expense of QPR hopefully.
  13. [quote user="Alan BowCLUCK"]Errr.... how about he''s not good enough?[/quote]He''s plenty good enough but he plays for the wrong team. He certainly looks a lot better this season than that cyclist who plays in goal for arsenal who people like to use to benchmark if a ''keeper is any good.Sadly Nu England seems to be the same as old England ie a ''keeper is measured primarily on clean sheets, not convinced Clemence is up to it as imo he destroyed Greeno at the World cup with this nonsense positioning mantra which caused him to think too much leading to THAT goal. Never once saw RG collect a ball in that textbook/training ground fashion playing for us, too much pressure on the backup goalies one chance, muffed it job,James, Robinson, even Seaman eventually went the same way, watch Hart wilt, then there''s the injuries, keepers seem to get injured in England training sessions  or friendlies..............Actually; come to think of it on a personal level I''m very pleased Ruddy hasn''t been called up for a meaningless friendly with all the risk and none of the gain that means he''ll not get injured, not get blamed, not get booed playing the Dutch but he''ll probably play a blinder for us against the Mancs instead and be that much harder to pass over for the Euros by the end of the Prem season anyway.
  14. [quote user="Canarygeorge"]We''ve currently got a winger and a defender with the same surname as that left midfielder, Kolin[;)]  [/quote]Thanks CG I was convinced it was Van Wijk but that I was spelling it incorrectly.[:$]
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