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  1. Dont worry Hooleyfan, you''ll soon be back there. Norwich''s problem is they have a;ready shown they nor there supporters understand Premiership football, its not one league up from the championship, its a different ball gama altogether. Secondly you have an inexperienced and nieve manager, and his errors cost you games against MK Dons (ohh it doesnt matter i hear you cry, well can you see any of the top teams loosing like that, winning mentality its called) and being very lucky against stoke last week. and lastly - we all know you are in love with delia (was she sober yesterday) but wheres all the money going ?? When you lot were in the 2nd division you had a premiership ground, so why are they not spending money on players ? Delia (are you sober) is doing a "Chase" on you lot and youre too blind to see it - my bet is she and her lot have already calculated the balloon payment will be more than staying in the premiership. Work it out numb-skulls - Does being in the premiership mean you lot get extra income ? are you attendances bigger? is it more expensive to get in ? Think about it - They are not buying premiership quality players, they buy on the cheap, they will be relegated as its good business for the board - its not rocket science
  2. GingerPee. You are very confrontational, but maybe thats nerves so i''ll not bite, but I honestly cannot see NCFC surviving in the premiership. And even you must see that you have not had a good start, so who are you going to beat ? where is youre points coming from ? Will you get any points out of Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal,Liverpool - If you dont thats -30 points. Are you going to beat the likes of Everton,Spurs,West Brom,Bolton,Wolves - lets hope so or you are going down. In my opinion the bookies are raely wrong and the 4/5 on Norwich being relegated seems a good bet. Regarding my job, and i do not see whatever it has got to do with you, i will tell you - I monitor and report on ''Stadium Security'' - We monitor all movements of persons visiting high attendance sporting events. This weekend I am at the wigan game and later the same day at Liverpool. Now rather than make personal attacks on people, why not open youre eyes to the BIG picture, everyone has an opinion, it may not be yours, or you may not be able to comprehend you are wrong - either way ignoring other peoples opinion only serves to show the rest of the world youre own stupidity. And for the record, and i believe time will tell, I believe Lambert is out of his depth and i also believe NCFC will be relegated unless they invest in Premiership class players and a manager, they are a good championship side, but not ready for the top flight. Has it never made you wonder why NCFC''s board have not invested more, they love to tell you all how ''well off they are''. so why not put there money where there mouth is ? Or are they after the balloon payment ? You''ll tell me how well NCFC are supported, but imagine Norwich being situated in the middle of London or Manchester, would you get the crowds you do then ? Im afraid you wouldnt, and the crowds you get is due to the fact that Norwich people have no choice unless they want to travel 60 miles. PS Lying not Lieing - ?? I note you assume for everyone too ??
  3. you all jumped on my back yesterday when i (god knows why? alziemiers) wrote wigan and not stoke, but ..... Norwich have played 2 league games and got 2 points, come saturday i cant see you getting nothing at the Bridge, so that will be 2 points from a possible nine. And last night ?? I say it again Lambert is out of his depth - Last night NCFC conned everyone who bought a ticket and through Lamberts mistake got thrashed - Do the Man Utd''s Liverpools and Chelsea''s allow there players to get in a loosing streak just to try "Survival wont be Sacrificed" - Do they as heck, Lambert showed his lack of nous on Sunday, he may well like to tell the "world" he will always play attacking football" but that does not mean Premiership survival - And to put the matter to bed - I am NOT a Ipswich supporter, but through my job i get to see every team in the premiership, and have no ''leanings'' towards any side, or maybe cambridge utd !
  4. If anyone who didnt see sundays game listened to the phone in''s and read the local press, they would of thought Norwich dominated sundays match, but the facts are different - Wigan had 61% of the possession - (Mail on Sunday, Sunday Mirror, Sunday Telegraph) and is Lambert ready for the premiership ? I dont think so - Can you imagine the likes of Ferguson,Wenger,Dalglish and co playing two up front straight after the team has had a player sent off ? It was a mistake you wouldnt even see in the lower leagues let alone the premiership. And NCFC were lucky to come away with a point The sending off was the correct decision, he was the last man and wether inside or outside the box, he had to go - the penalty had no effect on the game whatsoever. Against Chelsea next week you lot will discover the reality of premiership football, and in my mind the 38 footballwriters who listed there relegated sides were right - Norwich are doomed , unless they get a premiership class manager with the nouse - and players with premiership class,experience and physical presence - Norwich are a lovely old club, years ago when i too played we used to love coming to the city, but in all honesty i do believe, especially after sundays effort that you are better suited to the championship - as saturday will tell
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