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  1. People being infected with positivity can only be a good thing. Bring on Fulham. Do you lot fight all the time in real life?
  2. I always look forward to your insightful blogs Daniel. Not surprising that a cricket journo makes a superior footy writer. Sadly the decision to sack Hughton came just a few days too late for me, who amongst many others, handed back their away season tickets last week.
  3. I don''t post on here much because doing so often seems like entering into a bar brawl with everyone else armed with bottles, when all I want to do is share a view on a point of mutual interest (NCFC). I''ve been an away season ticket holder for years but, amid much relief (to wallet and soul) I handed it back after the Southampton game. I agree with the OP. I''m no pant wetter. I''m fed up with miserable football played by the best squad we''ve ever had. Hughton out. Please.
  4. Hi again, Some kind sir PMd me on Sat to say I could buy his 09/10 DVD, but I can''t open the email for some reason, so I can''t reply Despite fears of trolls taking over my email, please could that lovely person email me the details to azherbaijan@yahoo.co.uk Thanks again
  5. Hi guys. A friend of mine would really like the 09/10 season review DVD, which is out of print and the club have no copies. Would anyone like to sell theirs for around £25 or perhaps would kindly make a copy and send it me, and costs could be covered. A few of us, over some sariusly noice champayne, want to do 08/09 - 11/12 seasons marathon session in the close season, for lack of anything better to do, but we lack the 09/10 season DVD. Please PM me if you can help. Really hope you can. Thanks all
  6. Hi Nutty, Totally understand. It''s a battle of wills between a loud majority and a small minority who don''t want to be bullied into standing up. The only way around it is for those who insist on standing (me for example) to ask the club to give us seats near the back, while conversely those who insist on sitting asking to be sat near the front. After Swansea, I asked the club to arrange this for me, and I''ve been happily near the back, standing in no-ones way and getting involved. We must compromise so we all realise value for money and enjoy ourselves, in our different ways. As for the disabled Marvin, of course not. Disabled fans, and Norwich have a large cohort of which we can be proud, tend to be sat near the front anyway, therefore negating the problem I''m talking about. Please don''t muddy the waters on a genuine issue on which I think we all broadly agree, despite having different perspectives. This board often gets muddy with rancour and rubbish, and keen to avoid that here. As it goes, the more senior gentlemen with which my cohort has a brief verbal altercation with, have since bumped into my fiancee (at Stoke) and the air is cleared, I understand. I think we all regretted it, and, for our part, we have at least taken steps to avoid this in future by being seated higher up (behind them) in future.
  7. No away supporters party for me. Got a stag do to go on. I suspect that the club engineer it so not too many of us go, as they can''t accommodate all 700+ of us. My letter arrived, just dated "March 2012", about 10 days ago, leaving very little time to plan for it and most of us are busy. Also, they planned it after the hardest home game to get tickets for - Man City. Many away season ticket holders either can''t afford to go to home games, and or can''t get there. In this case, there were few tickets available, and certainly none by the time my letter arrived. Not hugely impressed, but will keep my social diary empty come next April. Once bitten, twice shy.
  8. Harry, you''re right. On your point about standing generally at away games, I can further elaborate on the problem. Away fans can very often spend several hundred pounds on that day on travel, tickets, food, extras and booze. Add to this, in my case particularly, that returning home full of vim and vigour after yet another big away performance, I tend to go on out and celebrate long into the night. Also, away games can take up a whole weekend. For example, I stayed with friends on Friday night in Cardiff before the Swansea game, returning to London at 10pm on Saturday. Essentially over 24 hours of travelling and planning for 90 minutes of football. As such, for 90 minutes of football we spend a fortune and a lot of time and effort getting to and fro. I, for one, make the most of the 90 minutes, singing hard and getting firmly into it. This involves standing for the duration. One doesn''t spend all that time, effort and money to sit quietly for 90 minutes. Therein lies the problem. I came to (verbal) blows with fellow, more senior, NCFC fans at Swansea when they insisted our little section should sit, whereas the rest of the 3000 away fans were standing. I regret the altercation, and my fiancee has since exchanged apologies (in Stoke), but it was unavoidable at the time. We moved elsewhere at half time and the 2nd half was immense for obvious reasons (team and fans were magnificent). Given that most of us want to stand, and in order to accommodate the many while placating the few, it could be suggested that those who need to sit through need or desire, ask to be allocated seats at the front. I wonder whether this is too much to ask though. At Swansea we were able to move as some of the Capital Canaries lot had some spare seats with them, but at other stadiums this may not be possible. I hate arguing with my own, but one doesn''t devote a weekend to 90 minutes of football, only to sit meekly throughout the game. Perhaps as I get older this view will change. I hope not. Anyway OTBC
  9. After another monumental effort from the away fans again at Spurs, I want to say to all my fellow away season-ticket holders and everyone else who has come to the odd away game: Thanks, it''s been a pleasure, and long may it continue. We''ve been all around the country in various states of disrepair, and each time there have been 2 constants. Quality performance by a brilliant NCFC side, and absolute dedication from the away support. The banter has been brilliant on almost every away occasion. At Spurs, the away fans were even louder and more boisterous than ever, and I was hugely proud to be in their company once more. I shall be renewing my away season ticket for next season without thought. OTBC
  10. Agreed Yellowbeagle. The Villa and Everton fans I met this year all seemed a little tired of having very little to aim at. While I would accept mid table "mediocrity" for several seasons, rather than away trips to Walsall and Huddersfield, I have wondered whether it would get a bit tiresome. However, I suspect at Norwich this won''t happen and we won''t turn into Villa (miserable place). And right now it''s great fun so no need to worry.
  11. Hmm, OP has a point. I love my away season ticket because of the atmos we bring and the people I see/meet at each away game. It is a genuinely fun day (apart from Stoke which was poo) regardless of the result and well worth every one of the many many pennies we spend on this commitment. I avoid Carrow Rd, because, well, I just get bored at home games. I agree with the OP, few seem to be enjoying themselves. Not a criticism, just an observation that affects my decision as to where I go to watch Norwich play. If it was more fun and less formulaic (get to ground after 1-2 pints, sit down for 90 minutes in occasionally interrupted silence, groan at half time about the queues, that Wilbraham isn''t good enough etc etc), I would try and vie for the remaining home tickets. But it isn''t.
  12. guys, grow up. If you don''t like each other and really want to tell each other about how much you don''t like each other, please, for the sake of the rest of us, private message each other. your school playground to-ing and fro-ing is of no interest to us. Back to a fallout we ARE interested in. Hmmm. There are bloggers talking about a very specific fall out between Morison and Lambo during and after the Leicester game in which he was miles of the pace and the mark of effort required. Firm money going on him not really featuring again for us. There has always been no love lost between him and Holt (some who have met Holt can confirm this). Evidence really mounting up. On the plus side, Wilbers is looking in great Nick. I hope he''s used to ruffle up Stoke on Saturday. I can hardly wait. Looking forward to seeing my fellow away season ticket holders there. We''re going to need to make some serious noise to drown them out, not that it''s ever been an issue at away games.
  13. "Not over expectation at all. More looking at the weaknesses in the squad and discussing how we can improve upon them." I have the same problem. As an away season ticket holder I''ve seen a lot of the players this season and my long drunken journeys home have been almost always happy. Including, for example, when returning from Everton. However, a good result doesn''t preclude my right/propensity to cast a critical eye. One can simultaneously be generally happy with the status quo (I''ve never been happier) and critical of the finer aspects that aren''t working so well. Even us Norwich fans are capable of this. On every single thread discussing a negative feature, you tend to get the same crap from the same people, criticising people who come up with really interesting perspectives on things that aren''t working so well. So, in the spirit of the OP''s post, I would agree. The bad result on Wednesday had been coming. In many of the away games we have been lucky, allowing us to overlook the obvious frailties. Johnson has been made to look average on several occasions this season. Only against Sunderland did it contribute to us getting drilled. Referring back to the Everton game (in which Surman was for the first time absolutely superb), Johnson was fairly "poo" in the time he was on the pitch, culminating in him falling over for the Everton equaliser. The OP is right. Johnson, despite looking excellent in preseason I thought, has neither the skill or pace required to be a decent midfield player. Us away ST holders have been saying this for a while. He''s nothing without his tackling, and on countless occassions he missed his tackles. What good is a player only good at tackling who misses his tackles? Not much. Can''t wait to see Jonny Howson. OTBC
  14. Yup, this is making me nervous. thats 3 times now Lambert has made it clear that the current squad “needs a hand” or that its “down to the club to get the players” in the last few days. Has he had a disagreement with McNally over how ambitious we are in this transfer window. Did the missing out on Frimpong pee him off? Lambert has kept his counsel on almost everything in the last 2 and a half years. I just hope that he is working the angle with the board, rather than voicing his displeasure with the reaction he got from the board when he presented his shortlist
  15. I was at the game yesterday and I saw it as a poor performance from Wessy, rather than a lack of commitment (can you imagine any Norwich player not showing up under Lambert?) He was really poor. Often facing the wrong way, not looking up to receive the ball (this might be why you level the commitment allegation at him) which i suspect was the result of knocked confidence after bad game, poor distribution, choosing wrong options etc. It also must be said that with Villa''s big defence he had neither the requisite strength or pace to better them, rendering him ineffective. He just looked really poor, giving the ball away and missing his tackles. My french girlfriend who was with me said "le quattorze il est chiant". Indeed. He should have come off for Jackson a little before he did . Re Fox, who is incedentally my favourite player, his distribution was also very poor which seems to have been missed by some on here. Low on confidence too it seems. I hope that Lambert can work his magic with Hoolahan to prevent another performance like this.
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